Poetry – Once


Only once!


In eternity,

                Out of nothing,

                                Into something!

From mineral

                To animal!

From mindless

                To conscious!


                Of how


There was nothing!


Opher 12.5.2019

There are the usual amazing things that boggle my mind – Like how a whole universe of zillions of stars came out of nothing – or how a bunch of minerals on a tiny planet in a minor galaxy all came together to form something that we describe as being alive – or how that life evolved to create feelings, consciousness and was even able to contemplate the wonders around it.


But hey – I don’t feel the need to create something even more fantastical to explain it. I’m content to be boggled.

Poetry – Once


Once the land lived.

                It hummed

                                With a trilling of wings.

A rustle of green leaves

                And the thud of many hooves.

Now it is only the wind

                That hums

                                And rustles brown leaves

And the only thud

                Is that of tree trunks.

Opher 1.5.2019

I truly despair at the massive destruction we are causing all over the world as we casually cut down the rainforests for profit.

Places so full of life are reduced to deserts.

Poetry – Once


Once grasshopper jumped with every step

And ponds were full of frogs.

Once there were stag beetles

That lived in rotten logs.

Once there were huge flocks of swallows

Wheeling through the sky.

Now they are all gone

And we’re left to wonder why.

Once great forests covered every hill

Bears and wolves hunted the deer.

Once people lived in harmony with nature

And the seasons of the year.

Once there was a balance

Full of bounty for the gleaning.

We lived a natural life;

An existence full of meaning.

Opher – 23.1.2021

We live in the Anthropocene, in a landscape designed by man. The wilderness has gone. Nature is tamed.

All that lives only does so through our benevolence; vestiges of what once was.

The forests have given way to green fields of crops, sprayed with death.

Now we life an artificial life and search for meaning.

Poetry – Once



Just chance,

Making matter talk.


Pure fluke,

Making matter walk.



Out of thin air.




Exploding awareness

On a mad spiral ride.

Civilised stupidity

That cannot be denied.

We were arrogantly


From the cosmic thread.

Now we pay the price

For not using our head.


We were

All together.



In hostile weather.

Opher – 17.10.2020

Out of inert matter chance unleashed thought, life blossomed. Just once. Just here. We were part of it. Breathing the same air. Sharing the same DNA. A marvel.

But we became separated, thought we were somehow different, that we were superior.

We destroyed the very thing we are part of, the web of wonder that gives us life.

Now we put ourselves in danger.

Poetry – Once


Once there was hope.

Now we can cope.

Once there was impetus.

Now we don’t make a fuss.

Once we could dream.

Now it’s what it seems.

Once the music meant something.

Now the music’s for the dustbin.

Once there was no spin.

Now we can’t believe anything.

Once we had the world.

Now the trees are felled.

Once there was much to learn.

Now there’s a world to burn.

Once things looked bright.

Now there’s excuses to cite.

Once we knew we could.

Now we’re busy playing god.

Opher – 8.10.2020

Perhaps it’s age, perhaps it’s the zeitgeist. But has the world become more cynical?

It feels to me that we are swamping the planet with our vast numbers, destroying nature and poisoning everything we touch.

It seems to me that there is no wisdom, that we are out of control, and heavily controlled.