Long Ago

Long Ago

Long ago,

                Man fought man,

                                Face to face

                                                With sword and spear.

Bravery and strength

                Skill and tactics,

                                Were the things

                                                To fear.

Now, a young skinny wimp

                A thousand miles away,

                                Guides a drone,

                                                Presses a button

And you’ve had your day.

Opher – 3.4.2022

Once we had a need for strong, brave, macho men; now they’re an embarrassment, a threat and a nuisance.

Nowadays we need intelligence, not brawn, empathy and compassion not violence.

In a modern world there is no room for the violent.

Poetry – Once


Once the land lived.

                It hummed

                                With a trilling of wings.

A rustle of green leaves

                And the thud of many hooves.

Now it is only the wind

                That hums

                                And rustles brown leaves

And the only thud

                Is that of tree trunks.

Opher 1.5.2019

I truly despair at the massive destruction we are causing all over the world as we casually cut down the rainforests for profit.

Places so full of life are reduced to deserts.