Poetry – Once


Once there was hope.

Now we can cope.

Once there was impetus.

Now we don’t make a fuss.

Once we could dream.

Now it’s what it seems.

Once the music meant something.

Now the music’s for the dustbin.

Once there was no spin.

Now we can’t believe anything.

Once we had the world.

Now the trees are felled.

Once there was much to learn.

Now there’s a world to burn.

Once things looked bright.

Now there’s excuses to cite.

Once we knew we could.

Now we’re busy playing god.

Opher – 8.10.2020

Perhaps it’s age, perhaps it’s the zeitgeist. But has the world become more cynical?

It feels to me that we are swamping the planet with our vast numbers, destroying nature and poisoning everything we touch.

It seems to me that there is no wisdom, that we are out of control, and heavily controlled.

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