Poetry – Once



Just chance,

Making matter talk.


Pure fluke,

Making matter walk.



Out of thin air.




Exploding awareness

On a mad spiral ride.

Civilised stupidity

That cannot be denied.

We were arrogantly


From the cosmic thread.

Now we pay the price

For not using our head.


We were

All together.



In hostile weather.

Opher – 17.10.2020

Out of inert matter chance unleashed thought, life blossomed. Just once. Just here. We were part of it. Breathing the same air. Sharing the same DNA. A marvel.

But we became separated, thought we were somehow different, that we were superior.

We destroyed the very thing we are part of, the web of wonder that gives us life.

Now we put ourselves in danger.

24 thoughts on “Poetry – Once

      1. I don’t care what you call it. The people the Jews displaced, who had been living there for two thousand years, are Palestinians.

      2. Bull shit, your ignorance its pathetic. Stateless Arab refugees are post 1948 and 1967 wars. Both of those wars Arab started. 2000 years! What a load of absolute shit.

      3. So. Duh. Arabs lost their wars to throw the Jews into the Sea. Had the Jews lost, the Arabs would have exterminated the Jewish people. Idiot.

      4. Noise the UN has never condemned Arab countries for attempting to exterminate Jews. Name the UN Resolution dumb ass. Ya can’t cause no UN Resolution ever condemned Arabs countries for attempted genocide.

      5. The Jerusalem Post suggested that Hezbollah had stored massive amounts of weaponry in Lebanon that were part of the terrible explosion in Beirut. Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said, “Iran has taken Lebanon hostage through Hezbollah.” Moreover, in August Prime Minister Netanyahu warned Hamas (who controls the Gaza Strip) that Israel would respond forcefully if the terrorist group did not stop launching incendiary and explosive balloons into Israel.

        What is currently happening inside Gaza? Hamas military prosecutors on Thursday charged three Balestinian activists in the Gaza Strip with “weakening revolutionary spirit” — a charge that could lead to years in prison — for holding a video conference with Israelis.

      6. One has to ask what is behind all this. Instead of confrontation and allowing terrorist groups to gain credence and support, reparation and a long-term settlement would pull the rug out from under terrorist groups.

      7. Noise. Right after the President crushes the DemoRATS in the coming election, with Pelosi and her slime support group lose their majority in Congress, Saudi Arabia most probably shall continue the trend and make peace with Israel. This the crown jewel of the OPEC states will most probably bring in the rest of the OPEC countries.

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