Back Home!!

We’ve just returned from a couple of weeks in Cornwall and Devon. It has been great. Meeting up with old friends, walking through fabulous countryside, visiting Neolithic sites, castles and places of beauty. Sharing food and drink. Reaffirming old friendships. Life affirming.

As you become older some things become more important. Friends that you have shared thoughts, ideas and experiences with are part of you. Friends that are no longer with us are still there in our hearts but their absence is felt.

Back home we are unpacking, picking up the pieces, weary but glowing. I’ll share some of the thoughts, photos and dreams of our roadtrip with you over the coming weeks. It’ll be nice unpacking them.

How much we change over the years. I’d love to meet with my young mad idealistic self. I sometimes catch glimpses.

Poetry – Loss and Gain

Loss and Gain

Every step is loss and gain.

Progress is never painless

We always leave some things of worth.

Choice is often brainless.

Relentless drive towards a future

Losing respect for the past.

Grasping out in one mad rush

For things that will not last.

Opher 29.7.2018

I wrote this in response to the madness of Brexit – people lusting back for an age that never existed when everything was wonderful.

Yet there are things in the past that were valuable and have been lost. Progress is never all for the better. But nostalgia never sees the terrible reality of the past either.

Today’s Music to keep me nearly SsSSAaaaAnNnnneeeee in Isolation – 60s Beat Groups

I thought I’d go back to those heady days of 1964/65 when I were but a lad. Those were the days when bands like The Who, Kinks, Smallfaces, Yardbirds, Birds, Poets, Them, Nashville Teens, Downliners Sect, Measles, Animals, Pretty Things, Others, Paramounts, and, of course, The Stones and Beatles, were all starting out. Every week it was like a new sound exploded on the scene. I was fourteen/fifteen and I loved it.