The Whole World is rapidly becoming an historical theme park for tourists!

We’ve just come back from Turkey and the wonders of Cappadocia!! It was wonderful to see the fairy-land beauty of Cappadocia but I cannot help noticing that the whole world is being dressed up to satisfy the tourist market. Every country is dusting down it’s national treasures, tarting up it’s historic sites, rebuilding it’s monuments, investing in new refurbishments and advertising its wares.

They want our money.

the whole world is becoming phoney! The lions are trained! The pyramids are getting built! The cafe’s offer panoramic views of the erupting volcanoes!

We have consumed Turkey. Ticked it off. Taken our snaps. Bought the local produce and flown home!!

Perhaps you would enjoy my book about the way we are trashing the natural world!! It’s quite scary!