Support Nick Harper – join the Crowdfunder – get a CD, Vinyl album, handwritten lyrics!

Last chance to support Nick, buy a CD, a vinyl album or a handwritten set of lyrics!
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T-minus 24 hours…
Well with one day left to go for the crowdfunder, I just want to say thanks so much to everyone who’s supported so far – your faith in me and your generosity towards the Phantastes project have been overwhelming…
If you haven’t gotten around to checking it out yet – or want to get a few more folk on board – the link below is active until 5pm UK time tomorrow (Saturday 12th). Though the album will appear via the usual channels in due course, for now, it’s only available via the crowdfunder – along with the exclusives like the lyrics and the audiobook…
Thanks again folks – and I hope we can meet up soon in a room and play a few tunes, it’s going to be a hell of a celebration…

Today’s Music to keep me SAne in Isolation – Nick Harper

For some obscure reason, in 140 days, I do not seem to have done a Nick Harper day! I have corrected that!

The guitar maestro, wizard of the strings, master songwriter, showman extraordinaire and singer marvelloso, will adorn my turntable!!

I have watched Nick’s career blossom over these last twenty years but nowhere as much as it should have done!! He deserves recognition on the world stage.

Today I play:



Nick Harper – Crowdfunder

This is a plea from Nick for a crowdfunder for his new album.  Let’s do what we can!

Hi Folks,

I probably owe most of you money already but once the autumn tour was cancelled on top of the Edinburgh fringe I knew I’d have to get creative.
So, I’m doing a Crowdfunder – it’s for the new album that I would have been taking on the road.
I’m sending you this e-mail before the campaign is officially announced to get the ball rolling.
Even if you can’t donate I’d be really grateful if you could get the word out to anyone you think might be interested.
Thanks pals
Love Nick

PS Lily did a great job on the vid I reckon.

Thank you all for your great reviews of the Nick Harper book.

Thank you all for your great reviews of the Nick Harper book. Just to let you know I have received another batch. If anybody would like a signed copy directly from me they are available. BTW they do have a few photos of Roy and a bit about him as well. Cheers!

email me for the address:

Otherwise they are available on Amazon.

For those who missed it – The link to Nick Harper and Native Harrow for the Railway Inn

For those who missed it last night – here is the link.

I’ve never heard Native Harrow. I enjoyed hearing her.

I was great to hear and see Nick. He is such an amazing performer. It was interesting to hear his choice of Bill Withers covers instead of his own material. Interesting.

Tantalising to get such a short snippet but nice to make contact in times like this!

Nick should be such a superstar; he is so talented.

Nick Harper at the Borderline 2014 with Jakko Jaksyk from King Crimson – photos

We went to see Nick play in a small club the night before going to see Roy at the Royal Festival Hall. The Borderline is a great place and Jakko Jaksyk from King Crimson joined him for a jam. That was special!

Nick’s gig was brilliant (though the lighting was low).

Henry and me before the gig!

Jakko Jaksyk

Nick Harper Gig – Live on air – Weds 13th May!!

Greetings Harpernauts – hope you and yours are well…

Yes, the rumours are true… I’ll be playing an online set from deepest Harperspace this Wednesday night (13 May), in support of my friends at The Railway Inn at this difficult time for all venues. Visit their Facebook page from 8:30pm UK time to watch me, and Native Harrow… and click ‘going’ on the event page for reminders…

Donations to their crowdfunder are not required to watch but are very much appreciated…

#LiveMusicMatters #LoveIsMusic

Nick Harper – The Verse Time Forgot – a poignant song

Nick Harper – The Verse Time Forgot – a poignant song

Nick said that he thought this was his best song. I think that is because it is so special to him. He wrote it on the day his mother died. He said that it came into his head in one go as he was driving home.

It is a beautiful song with lilting melody.

I couldn’t find a brilliant version of it but this is OK.

The Verse Time Forgot – Nick Harper

fitting for her so
i’ll visit her here where the bells never toll
in a place that is no place
in an age that has no clock
where the years wont touch her face
my beautiful girl
in the verse time forgot

and my friends are all here laughing
in strangely familiar scenes
they pour onto the page
like happy babbling streams

but there set in the middle
she glitters like gold cannot
my beautiful girl
in the verse time forgot

there’s a circle around her
one family
they trickle round my heart
like happy babbling streams

and at last i meet myself
a boy at play
we pick ourselves out a perfect spot
but i must be going
though I’d love to stay
with the good hearted boy
in the verse time forgot

and he’ll stay here playing in my song
the funny little boy
still in love
loving her