The Corona Diaries – Day 97

The big debate on schooling rages on. The government obfuscating by trying to blame the unions – but with a two metre rule it is impossible to run most schools. Corridors, toilets and classrooms cannot accommodate that number of students. My old school had major overcrowding issues without the added social distancing.

It’s a nightmare.

Apart from that teaching is about relationship. Having a class spread out over a large area is impersonal and defeats the object. It makes schools into factories. Teaching and learning should be fun. This is simply not education – it’s rote learning for exams.

Until we have a vaccine or abandon social distancing in schools we do not have proper education.

If the government had only sat down with teachers at the beginning to talk about the problems we might have got somewhere. These dictats, directives and grand statements are not the way to go about it.

The extra money put in to ‘enable catch-up’ is a joke. Given the needs (twice the number of teachers and classrooms) this is a drop in the ocean.

Today we went down a level. I’m not sure why.  We’re still running at over 1300 new cases a day and deaths are 173. The virus is still out there and only a fraction of the population has immunity. It’s not much different to what it was.

With the government’s dithering I don’t think anybody really knows what they are meant to be doing. We’re all just using our common sense.

The good news is that things are opening up, quarantines around the world are ending and we are developing new ways of dealing with the disease and treating the symptoms. That’s a glimmer of hope. Perhaps foreign travel will come back on the agenda soon?

We were going for a social distancing meeting with friends but the weather threatened rain so we postponed. To cheer myself up today I’ve been playing the jaunty Huey ‘Piano’ Smith. We went for a two hour walk and finished decorating the bedroom. I’m knackered.

It’s football tonight! I’ve got a beer ready!

Stay Safe everybody!!

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