Populism, Conspiracy theories and Antivaccers – Debate

I think the whole movement of anti-science, anti-experts and anti-vaccination is a nonsense.

This all started in America with a bunch of religious nuts who refused to believe anything in science from evolution to the Big Bang.

Then it was fuelled by all of that conspiracy garbage – we never landed on the moon, the holocaust didn’t happen, the CIA blew up the twin towers. The list goes on. When we had the flat earth society we used to think it was a bit of fun but there are millions of Americans who actually believe that stuff.

The Populists have been exploiting all this in their mad divide and rule. They’ve been feeding it. First they were pumping out all this undermining of government establishment and big brother scare – drain the swamp – and that all the media pumps out fake news (they are the only ones who can be believed) and that experts always get it wrong, so their is no global warming, no overpopulation, no species diversity problem (so they can continue to pollute and chop down trees to make more money). The irony is that these populist dorks are  the Big Business establishment that they were warning everyone about. Talk about irony.

The end result is that nobody trusts government, they think all politicians are lying, cheating, greedy bastards – in it for themselves (some are) and we do not trust any expert or scientist – which is plain daft (the average person has limited knowledge – as can be seen with Trump advocating taking useless dangerous drugs, injecting disinfectant and using UV inside your body to kill the virus – nuts).

I have a cynicism of politics and always keep an eye on how the Big Companies use science but experts know more than me on subjects, I don’t think the earth is flat and I think we evolved and weren’t created.

I think Big Business is using politics, the media is a propaganda machine and the establishment rules. But we do have to keep things in proportion. I don’t think the government is trying to micromanage us or follow our every move. It’s not Big Brother. The establishment is people like Trump.

What do you think???

4 thoughts on “Populism, Conspiracy theories and Antivaccers – Debate

  1. There is a theosophical question as to the primacy of goodness or the primacy of the Lord, or as to which one comes first. But, belief in the Lord necessarily means a belief in goodness, so I would side with the primacy of the Lord. But, science does not come first since most people are not scientists, like most of the artists you like.
    All you have to believe in therefore is goodness and the Lord…

    1. Well Barath seeing as how I think the Lord is a fiction of man’s imagination, a superstition that holds us back from developing, an attempt to explain the impossible to understand, and a castrating prison for the imagination, I’ll settle for striving for goodness.

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