The Trump Ad – the one that went viral!

I don’t like the guy. He’s a billionaire populist pretending to be a friend of the downtrodden but really soaking them for everything he can squeeze out of them.

His policies on the environment and work conditions are appalling.

Trump certainly makes a case for being thought totally incompetent, stupid and out of touch.

Just an unpleasant guy in every way.

2 thoughts on “The Trump Ad – the one that went viral!

  1. I keep myself on the ball by thinking Is it me, though? Am I too biased?
    Doesn’t do to get cosy in our opinions.
    He is not stupid, that’s for certain. He can outrun a lot of his supporters, – maybe that’s what they want, someone sharper than them.
    But that’s not the same as being a rounded person – he’s oddly missing in certain personality-areas. Off kilter always. That’s maybe why the opposition cannot handle him, he doesn’t react how they expect.

    Isn’t it odd how one strong person in power somehow sucks all energy out of the opposition.?I’ve seen it here.
    Biden, well, what can you say about him. Very little.

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