The Corona Diaries – Day 50

Fifty days in isolation! That seems a lot! But I’m used to this pattern.

I watched the performance of the government yesterday. It seems they are straining every sinew, working around the clock and a variety of other clichés. I would suggest a few other clichés are more relevant – as lazy as a sloth. As useless as a chocolate teacup. As truthful as a crooked mile.

Today I’ve been playing Leonard Cohen. Such great poetry. Always inspires me.

This morning I spent sorting my books. For some reason my wife thinks we should get rid of ones we do not want to read! She wants to get rid of a few hundreds.

Books are sacred things! It does not seem right to dispose of all those thoughts, lives, ideas and adventure, that knowledge, philosophy, history and skills.

Reluctantly I culled a couple of hundred. It’s a bit like cutting off your arm!

Then we went for a walk. It rained on us – but the scents of Spring were invigorating!!

Back now to finish the books!! All part of this Spring clean/decorating idea!!

When will this end??

Stay safe!!

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