Music to keep me SANE during this Isolation!! – Joni Mitchell

As we head into this seventh week of isolation I think I need something soothing.

Joni does that for me. He laughter and beautiful voice cool me down. But more important is her music and poetic lyrics.

I used to play Blue endlessly. It was such a wonderful album, so intricate, lyrical and melodic and her words are superb.

I only ever managed to see her perform once – but that was with Crosby Still Nash and Yong and The Band – so not a bad gig. I wish I’d seen her on her own though in a small club – just her and her guitar.

So I shall play Joni all day and relish the notes as they waft over me.

22 thoughts on “Music to keep me SANE during this Isolation!! – Joni Mitchell

      1. the harder you try, the harder you die

        the waste of words and days and lives continue with a stunning regularity as the waiter runs carrying the loaded tray for the fat boys who laugh at nothingness
        no matter. no matter.
        as long as your shoes are tied and nobody is walking too close.
        just being able to scratch yourself with nonchalance is victory enough.
        those constipated minds which seek larger meanings will be dispatched with the other garbage.
        ease off.
        if there is light it will find

      1. Me too! Big Brother was playing in Beverley about ten years ago. I had a school event that I had to do. I hoped to get there for the second half but got delayed. I arrived when they were packing up. But I did manage to have a chat. Such a shame about Janis.

      2. You actually had a chat? Wow! I would have been devastated to miss the concert. Yes, what a shame about Janis. I think her big mistake was returning to her 10 year high school reunion, hoping that she would finally be accepted and loved, now that she was a star. What was she thinking? That was never going to happen, so the reunion closed the door of hope and love. Southern Comfort became the replacement. So sad.

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