Today’s Music to keep me sane in Isolation!! – The Kinks!!

I love the Kinks – particularly their social songs with clever lyrics like Well Respected Man.

What sparked me off today was to get my copy of the Kinks Transmissions 1964-68. It’s basically all their live stuff from the BBC. Fabulous.

The Kinks were one of those fabulous acts that came out of the mid sixties – you know – Beatles, Stones, Who, Smallfaces, Yardbirds, Animals, Prettythings, Downliners Sect, Them, Smallfaces …………….. It seemed back then that there was a new band every week!! All fabulous.

They really got me!!

They always take me back to my school days – playing those Kinks singles and albums on my old dansette.  I loved that first R&B album! I’m a Lover Not a Fighter!

I particularly used to play ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’. I can’t play ‘Tired of Waiting’ without thinking of Meriel Lloyd, one of my early girlfriends! She sent me the track before we started going out! She later dumped me! Things were so intense back then.

So today I’m revisiting my youth and blasting out some Kinks (this time it’s my wife and not my Mum shouting at me to turn it down!).


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