A letter to a denier of environmental disaster.

Dear Denier,

you seem to live in your own little world where you can forget what is happening elsewhere and claim firstly to have no knowledge of it (that everyone is lying) and secondly to be ignorant of the impact you do have.

I presume that you do consume energy, have possessions and do some travelling. You do have a carbon footprint and utilise materials. What you don’t care about is the ethics of how all this is being done in your name and the impact it is having on nature all round the globe.

What you don’t seem to care about is the impact of the rest of the 8 billion people on the other creatures that live here on this planet with us.

And what you are in denial over is the impact all that is going to be having on your life and particularly the lives of your descendants. You don’t seem at all bothered.

Who cares if there are no elephants, chimps or hedgehogs? Doesn’t bother you. You’re not killing them (directly). But you are.

You won’t be bothered until such time that the impact arrives in your house.

The fact that the mass immigration is already affecting you does not seem to register.

What happens at a distance will come home to roost.

The palm oil in your shampoo is killing orangutans.

The CO2 from your electricity is changing the climate.

But you simply deny all the evidence, call the scientists liars.

10 thoughts on “A letter to a denier of environmental disaster.

  1. Its a sad reality! The notion of environmentalism has quickly become a party line issue – ideological. No amount of information is going to convince people to acknowledge they were wrong and change their view. And, better yet, change there actions. You need only look to the current climate change “debate” to see how voraciously people will defend an ideology in spite of mounting evidence to the latter 😦

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