Vault Finding #9

The most exciting act I ever saw! He could play the guitar, feedback and audience all at the same time! Thanks Dave.

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The dark heart of 1960s flower power was Vietnam. The anti-war struggle changed pop-culture into counterculture and there was no more striking embodiment of that shift than Jimi Hendrix.

Where my previous post showed the gentle side of Jimi, below are two clips from my unused archive which reveal an underlying pain and anger – crash-and-burn pyrotechnics that spoke more vividly than words ever could of the intense horror and violence of modern industrialised warfare. His towering achievement was to place all this sonic dissonance alongside moments of melodious – even transcendent – beauty and thereby attain, to my ears, a profound degree of poignancy. Easy listening it ain’t and there will always be some who find it disrespectful – but hopefully many more who can recognise its bold artistry and brave sincerity.

Between the clips is the best description of Jimi’s playing technique I’ve ever read. If anything this…

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8 thoughts on “Vault Finding #9

  1. Yes Dave – as we see every day in this society – having overabundance does reduce the value of everything.
    Thankfully I have many, many hours of Jimi noodling away in the studio and live. Always a delight.

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