Global Warming is real and threatens us severely.

Science is based on accurate observation followed by hypothesis and testing.

As is obvious with testing we do not have a control group for the planet.

We have observed the heating of the planet very accurately. It is heating up.

We have looked for reasons.

In previous tropical ages there were natural phenomena. In ice ages there were natural phenomena.

These changes were brought about by things outside our control – solar output variations or volcanic activity.

We have not observed any such activity.

What we have observed is that the greenhouse gas CO2 is building up in high levels due to human activity through burning fossil fuels. This correlates.

The greenhouse effect of CO2 has been verified using scientific method, with controls.

The global warming is having a marked effect on weather patterns and rises in sea level. If the temperatures rise much more those changes will increase dramatically.

Intelligence says that if you have a problem you look for a way of fixing it. Global warming is a hell of a problem.

We could put mirrors in space to reflect heat.

We could put my water into the air to form cloud to reflect heat.

We could reduce CO2 levels.

You know what – I think CO2 reduction is the easiest and best way to solve the problem.

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