Tribalism – the scourge of our times


Tribalism is primitive. I look for something a lot more inclusive. In a world where there is instant communication and multicultural realities tribalism is extremely divisive, fear-ridden and extremely unhelpful. It leads to separation, fear, distrust, aggression, defensiveness, violence and antagonism. It also leads to the kind of thing we are seeing in Britain and America where people are separating into different factions, not engaging, labelling each other and becoming aggressive and violent towards each other.

How can that be a good thing?

If we want a fair and just society we have to include a full range of people. We have to listen to each other and be tolerant of differing views. We have to find a way of accommodating different people with different views.

If we don’t we end up with huge dissatisfaction leading to a sense of injustice and a feeling that they are outsiders.

Racism, sexism and arrogance need to be countered with fairness, justice and equality.

Society is becoming grotesquely unequal. Some have huge amounts and some have nothing and it is getting worse. It is set up to favour the top 1%. They are a tribe unto themselves.

Tribalism stinks. Just caring for your own stinks. We should care for everyone. It is called empathy. There seems very little of it around at the moment. Nobody seems to carry how the other side feels. Nobody is prepared to compromise and find a solution that is acceptable to everyone. They just want to win at all costs and smash the other side to the ground.

I think that is unintelligent and plain stupid. I also think it will end in tragedy.

Trump and Brexit exploited that tribalism for their own ends. they incited fear, violence and division. This lack of rational thought and total intolerant is the result. Now everybody is doing it.

I don’t like it.

I think that we should be able to listen, understand and discuss intelligently.

I want a world based on tolerance, empathy and respect – not winner takes all and sod everyone else!

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