Some Views over Richmond and surrounding countryside from Richmond Castle – Photos

Richmond is a beautiful market town presided over by the majestic ruined castle. It is set in the midst of some gorgeous countryside.

Here’s a few photos:

10 thoughts on “Some Views over Richmond and surrounding countryside from Richmond Castle – Photos

  1. Don’t stop there Opher, you must show Jennie some photos of some of our larger towns and cities. Allow me to suggest these, most of which aren’t too far from you.
    I’m sure other viewers will be stunned with the variety of chicken and kebab take-away shops that populate these town’s shopping centres in ever growing numbers. A true reflection on the wonders of cultural diversity and the quality of integral integration programmes.
    It must be said though that they don’t tend to offer a smorgasbord – in the true sense of the word, rather than your highjacked insinuation as used above – in some of these areas. I wonder why?

    1. Yes I’ve got friends living in Bradford. Been out a few times to some good gigs – the Strypes was the last one. Had a great time. I would love to do a photographic shoot around those places. A lot of historic sites that I would be interested in. I think you just have to look with an open mind. Or was it a racist point you were making about immigration?

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