Some Views of Swaledale in the wonderful Yorkshire Dales.

Yorkshire is a beautiful county. The countryside is so majestic. We stayed in a little pub and went out for some walks through the countryside.

Here’s a few photos:

28 thoughts on “Some Views of Swaledale in the wonderful Yorkshire Dales.

  1. Wonderful pix of a beautiful area. I once made several visits to Swaledale for a project I worked on. The property owners several mile boundary was the River Swale, full of wild trout, I think it was the only time I was a little envious of the wealth of our clients

  2. Take a good long look folks because in twenty years time that little pub will have the black flag of Islam flying over it and that sheep with be in a kebab on the menu.
    There’ll be a massive building with a huge golden dome spire right in the middle of that field and tarmac car parks everywhere for worshippers. The End.

    1. Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it will creep.
      I’m sure that in twenty years time the 5% Muslim population will have taken over – just like the Blacks did in 1980 (according to Enoch Powell).
      It must be terrible to live your live in such fear.

      1. Opher, I’m one of these silent creepers. I live in dark shadows, watching, pondering on the vacuous lack of knowledge as expressed by far too many of these so-called social commentators of our time. In many cases they have political agenda reasons. Therefore, they are not worth passing the table salt to.
        But this sort of avenue, where basic normal people talk and exchange should never be subject to such idiotic constraints as that of political agendas. I consider myself, and therefore, by association, others to be also.
        On that note I have this to say to you about your perceptions.
        I will omit any commentary about the brilliant Enoch Powell as he deserves an entirely separate forum discussion page in his own right.
        But I will say at this juncture that I fear you had/have completely misunderstood the the context of his 1968 speech, but we can deal with that at a later date if you so chose and I would be willing to educate you.
        You as an educator yourself will of course naturally understand that I should be at liberty to educate you, and you would of course not take that to be any slight upon your inherent intelligence.

        Back to your comments above contained within your previous post.
        You are somewhat naive. It’s nothing like 5%. What you have there as 5%, is an estimated figure based on arrivals – NOT subsequent birth rate increases.
        Increases that have been substantial particularly since 2001.
        The UK had a population of 65.64 million at end 2016. Add on another 300,000 for 2017 and another 200,000 for to date two-thirds of 2018 and we have a current figure at approx 66.14 millions.
        This 5% figure I do not believe to be accurate. What we have to understand are the processes of calculation.
        Also were one to walk around many of our major cities and visit the high density residential areas and examine the shops and other types of social community amenities, I think one may become genuinely perplexed at the sort of figures being translated down to general public level with regards exactly what these figures constitute.

        In UK 2001 – 2016 the UK population rose by 6.6 million people. 82% of that 6.6 was attributed to immigration. The remaining 18% as domestic births.
        Therefore, that is a 5.4 million person increase, with an approximate increase of 1 million every three years.
        During the last 5 years in UK, our road system has seen an increase of an incredible 2.5 million cars.
        As we can all so obviously see from our cities, the immigration problems are abject. Conditions through lack of adequate housing are appalling. We do not have nearly enough adequate housing for the hundreds of thousands of Muslim households with a tally of eight family members and more. Naturally through the passage of time these family numbers also increase.

        If we as a nation were 100% serious about solving our population crisis as it stands today – and only up to today – with no allowances for from today and the future, we would have to do thus:
        Build one house every 5 minutes, every day and night for the next three years.
        That building schedule would only house those migrants that are currently without housing.
        This explains in absolute terms why we have insurmountable problems with inadequate housing, hospitals and schools.
        We have turned onto a new leaf where in many areas it is frankly untenable and the authorities have given up. In fact given up completely.

        In the last year alone London crime rate increased by 11% up to a total of 5.5 million reported crimes. A tidal wave of crime.
        Crime is only actionable in a free society at very low rates. Once it reaches a high enough rate, the sandcastle of civilisation can only withstand a tsunami of crime for an instant.
        Prosecutions and out of court disposals have collapsed by 7% to the lowest total numbers since records began in 1970.

        Yes there are budget cuts and why, because you have to pay for mass migration, for welfare, for healthcare, for additional language services in health care, for education, and you name it. A hundred and another more you name its.
        There are these massively complex crimes that take huge amounts of resources to prosecute like child grooming, sexual exploitation, child rape etc., and these are expensive and time consuming and have been going on since the eighties. People have avoided trying to prosecute these for many decades for fear of being called “racist”. A two-syllable trumps the survivability and mental health of hundreds of thousands of little white British girls.
        Police Federation boss, John Apter, recently said, quote, “We are moving into an area where some crimes will not be investigated whereas as two to five years ago they were. In those cases we are failing the public, the public are already suffering and they’re going to suffer more and more.” He said it didn’t he?

        Back in the day of free-range childhood, there was never any fearing any manner of attack possibilities. Our parents taught us not to speak to strange men and not to accept sweeties from strangers and that was about it.
        Today Moped enabled crime is up by an estimated 2,138% in some parts of London over recent years.
        24,294 reported offences, 643 of them were resolved over a rolling 12 month period. That’s less than 3% resolved. These include very violent crimes.
        Acid attacks in 2017, 465 of them recorded. Up from 395 in 2016, and 255 in 2015.
        Acid attacks have increased over six fold over six years. Where does this go?
        See, when they said diversity was a strength, I don’t think they were thinking about the strength of psychological damage that mass crime can do to communities and to society in general.
        The Murder rate in London is now higher than the murder rate in New York. That’s the reality. London is dying in the same way that Paris is dying.
        We now have third worlders scooting around knifing people and throwing acid.
        This experiment was a disaster. We all know it was an experiment. This experiment to import the third world, for what, for why, who wants it, who voted for it, who likes it?
        Of course, people from the third world like it.
        But there is no magic soil. The cultivation of the British character took thousands of years.
        It cannot be replicated by simply burrowing your way into the country.
        It is a strange lack of empathy that is driving this illusion. Imagine if you were suddenly transported for some reason into some sun-baked African village in the middle of nowhere.
        How long would it take for you to become fully absorbed into that culture?
        Can you imagine how long that would take?
        It wouldn’t happen in your lifetime. It might happen a little bit more in your children’s lifetime.
        But especially if you are a different race there’s always going to be some kind of barrier that way in that village. You can see this. Albinos in Africa are killed as ‘evil’.
        Diversity is a strength for those that wish to destroy a culture, destroy a country, destroy a people’s history, destroy the integrity of a nation.
        Diversity is a strength because third worlders who come to first world countries and vote overwhelmingly for the left, for socialism. So it is a strength electorally.
        It is a strength if you hate freedom lovers. But for the countries that have been so labouriously and bloodily forged from the furnaces of history it seems worse than a weakness talking about London. It seems like diversity could do what war could not Maybe even vanish it completely.

        You still think I’m paranoid? With these extremely accurate facts?
        Sorry, it’s you who should have very, very serious fears for your beautiful grand children. They really do not deserve the abject misery that is in store for their future.

      2. Yes I do still think you are paranoid. What you are looking at with crime and the failure of courts is the direct result of Tory cuts to police, youth services, councils, courts, schools, NHS and social services. If we were not totally consumed with the stupidity of Brexit we would be having headlines about Tory ineptitude.
        Yes there has been too much immigration. Yes Islam is a nasty religion. But no – turning to fascism and the nationalism put out by the loathsome bombastic Farage is not the answer. It is what the Nazis did, what Trump did and what the populist fascists are doing all over the world – exaggerate, create fear and hatred and reap the rewards.
        Fascism stinks and so does racism.
        The real problems need dealing with. Fascism and nationalism are never an answer to anything.

      3. Opher, that’s an incredibly naive claim to be making. There is no such exaggerations made with any of these figures or events. Were one unaware as to the full extent of the situation today I would suggest that they are completely cut off from it.
        Do some research for yourself. Then repeat to yourself that it’s of any kind of exaggeration. You have your head buried deep in the sand.
        Come to Hanover and see what we are having to deal with.

  3. Opher, you probably live in or near the countryside. You are not affected. You live in what is a depopulated area. You haven’t got fights at the bottom of your street every other night at 3 AM. You haven’t got your car vandalised with acid chucked all over it.
    Your words tell me that you have absolutely no personal experience or involvement with these issues in your personal and home life. You are a retiree who potters around the countryside taking pretty snaps of idyllic scenery and has buttered scones and tea at the same time same place every week. I have friends just like you. All of whom are completely oblivious to the actual state of affairs. They too talk of Tory woes and they need to do this and they need to do that. And he’s a so and so and so forth. All very useful were it a BBC Three play on the The Archers. But it’s not, it’s real life and its truly bloody horrible out there.
    We have done some bonkers nuts damage to so many of our communities. We have swamped them into third world wastelands of utter devastation, where any cultural significance has been wiped off the face of the earth.

    It’s got nothing to do with Tory cuts. It has everything to do with immigration.
    We are still paying off massive Labour Party incurred debts which really isn’t any help to anyone. So much vast sums of money just lost. Gone.
    I haven’t been talking about fascism, nationalism – that’s all the machinations of your leftist ideology which has no place here – I told you that from the outset.
    This is about what affects peoples lives and why. This is about cause and effect.
    It’s a social science study that I fear you have no correlation with otherwise you would be perfectly able to withstand the facts and not stoop to left-wing tirades of words ending is “ists”. It’s got beyond a joke with some people on this. They wear their intelligence in their underpants. They have zero lateral thinking skills or powers.
    They boil everything down to likes and dislikes – you with comments of “loathesome Farage” – what’s your personal opinion on any particular individual got to do with any of this? Why guides your thought process to engage that micro detail as a major point of issue for you regarding any of this? Only you can answer that I’m afraid.

    You need to read my text again. Read it again properly. Understand what happens when limitations are forced. We cannot deal with crime levels now. We cannot deal with such massive increases in crime which have escalated out of all proportions in such a short space of time. As I tried to explain earlier – and you didn’t take it on board – there are limitations and then society at large starts to collapse.
    This has nothing to do with any Nazism or whatever.
    Tell me, don’t you people have any original thoughts?
    Can’t you people ever come up with some major level understanding of cause and effect?
    Our insurmountable difficulties dealing with out of control immigration, out of control crime have nothing to do with Brexit. Brexit is merely a post-event reaction to a problem. It is not a problem solver in itself in as much as dealing with the issues of today. It will however contribute greatly towards a rapid decline in immigration numbers and therefore, crime level statistics.

    I find your naivety somewhat galling. It’s so much more complicated an issue than worthy of handing out a few loose canon expressions of castigation. That’s not going to help anybody really.

    1. And I find your exaggerations and paranoia really irksome. I have friends and relatives living in London, Bradford, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and numerous other places all around the country. They have the usual problems you get in any big city but they do not suffer what you describe – none of them. When I go to stay I don’t see anything resembling what you describe. You must live in the worst hell-hole in Britain. I suggest you move. The rest of the country is so much better.
      Because you exaggerate so much you undermine your argument.

      1. All my facts and figures are completely accurate.
        Nothing is in anyway exaggerated.
        What is irksome to you is your inability to digest them. How can you debate something that you have not enough knowledge of? I don’t expect you to, but I can tell you the score. I can convey the whole scenario is simple descriptive terms as I have done.
        Everybody who reads this blog already understands your limitations. That’s not the point. The point is the truth of the matter.
        When you’ve got Police chiefs – as I quoted to you – with their hands in the air saying there’s nothing we can do anymore – there lies a problem.
        We all have friends. We all maybe have friends living in other areas. I do too and probably many more than you due to the nature of my work. All my London based friends – I left London five years ago – tell me what a hell-hole it is becoming. It’s saturated with free loaders from god knows where with not a hope in hell of ever getting a job or integrating. It’s now a desert of third world hopelessness.
        You really need a wake-up call on a lot of things to do with this.
        Are you honestly going to tell us that your friends in Bradford and Birmingham have not been affected in the least?

  4. Matthew Crighton -: I would very much like to offer my appreciation for your central piece as presented above. It is very seldom where I read such succinct and detailed descriptions of current affairs and your narrative is an appraisal of where things do indeed stand today. Your piece was simply excellent.
    It would seem the best the blogmaster Opher could do with all of that information was simply to make claims of paranoia. Not a lot of effort involved there was there? Lifted a pinky and out came that p-word. Oh, the effort. Oh, the wherewithal. Oh, the integrity. Oh, the skill of debate.
    I would therefore have to ask if that is his opinion of anybody, any medium, any source where he also fails to take on board the severity of detail appertaining to any one particular issue.

    This isn’t anything of the kind of any “let’s be judgmental” contest. It should be an open discussion as to the severity of the facts. Not whether one likes or dislikes somebody completely disconnected to the actual text details to hand.
    This is what happens to so many people these days – they get so used to Twitter and Facebook and the inane style of chat that goes with these outlest, that they begin to make complete twits of themselves in the process without realising it. Of course.

    I would suggest also that this 2,000+% rise increase in runaway scooter aggravated assaults, muggings and acid attacks are in fact nothing at all to do with the Tory Party and are in fact everything to do with the sort of people – of distinct third world mentality – that we have permitted to enter the country. I have no idea what sort of immigration this is supposed to represent or to what advantage it can possibly have to the culture of our society when it brings with it crimes of a nature that were seemingly unheard of before such wanton free for all open border policy.
    These are crimes that we simply did not suffer from.
    Yet there are those that consider such objections as paranoid, nationalistic, fascist, fear mongering.
    Beam me up Scotty.

    Suspected of being a shoulder surfer
    But he didn’t know shit
    About challenge response systems

    1. Well there we are. I totally disagree. The gangs presently running the scooter thefts and acid attacks have nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with cuts in policing levels. You are just using it for your own racist ends.

      1. I really have to correct you on that point. You are entirely wrong.
        The vast majority of acid attacks have been committed by who?
        Who is committing the thefts in gangs on scooters?
        This isn’t white collar crime.
        This is imported crime and has all the hallmarks of Pakistan.
        You should already know this.

  5. Lefties can’t do sums. They don’t understand facts and figures. They do understand meaningless conjecture, guilt trips, victim syndromes, race card flag wavers and anything to do with the unimportant, such as transgenger sexualisation rights within pyramid tier systems of economic representation. Basically, a transgenger male who is unemployed should get more money to buy his make-up with, if you like.

    1. Well this leftie ran a multimillion pound budget with great success. I took my school out of a black-hole into great success and financial surplus. What a silly thing to say.

      1. I think he was referring to Labour run county councils and the last Labour government who make a total mess of it.
        You in your school? You mean your school with county council guidelines?
        Are you trying to insinuate that you had total control, no hands tied, unrestricted control over large sums of money?
        That’s not how schools work. I know that because my firm fits schools out with furniture. All you have to deal with is what’s called “petty cash”. Your county council has already spent most of your money for you. You don’t do salaries, that’s the educational appointments board, you don’t do contracts, that’s the county council.
        So what multimillions are you dealing with?
        Multimillions in a secondary school in the provinces? LOL.
        You’re a scream aren’t you?

      2. Well you obviously do not understand how schools work. I had total control over a budget of £3,000,000. The LA had not input into how that was spent.
        Selling furniture to schools hardly gives you an insight into how they function financially does it? Obviously not.

  6. … with your feet in the door of the deepest abyss
    which is underneath the black cloud of Islam.

    “The Black Cloud Of Islam”
    Roy Harper, 1990

    Find it on YouTube, says it all really, and easily rcognisable because it’s already here in all its glorious virtues. Oh aren’t we lucky.
    Always a party favourite round our way.

    1. As you well know I have multiple copies of the brilliant track. Yes the black cloud of Islam – it is indeed. Like the black cloud of Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. Indeed all religion is a stifling black cloud of indoctrination and archaic superstition. Time we dumped them all.
      Islam is a particularly pernicious religion.
      But Muslims are not pernicious and Britain is far from being flooded with Muslims and I do not buy into this Islamophobic hatred and exaggerated threat.

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