Richmond Castle – a Norman Castle built to Quell the English!

Well Richmond Castle is a good example of how the British became French.

Following the conquest in 1066 there was a rapid establishment of power all over the country to quell any possibility of an uprising. What better way was there other than to build imposing castles all over the place – visible bastions of power.

Richmond Castle was a typical example. It’s politics. It’s power. It is reward.

Huge amounts of land were given to those who had supported William. Richmond was just part of the lands given to Rufus.

Richmond literally means rich, or strong, hill and the castle was built on an imposing hill!

Northerners were an unruly lot and it was felt that they needed sorting out. So Richmond Castle was the second to be built after the invasion. It was started in 1071 ad.

It worked. We were quelled and that’s how we ceased to be German and became French.

6 thoughts on “Richmond Castle – a Norman Castle built to Quell the English!

      1. Some are mongrels. Some of us are not. It very much depended upon where one lived back then and to what extent subjugation was a dominant force. The further north one lived the lesser disposed one was with being infiltrated with any German and French blood, in particular Norman blood.
        I am as it’s bloody obvious from my name, completely Norman.

      2. An interesting concept – as to how one could avoid being a mongrel. I guess you’d have to be 100% African to achieve that – and even then……..
        What percentage Neanderthal?? (If European).
        Who among us has no German, Indian, French, Danish or Norwegian genes?
        I think we’re all mongrels – of the best kind.

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