Should a man or woman have the right to be a consceintious objector??

Should the State have the right to order a person to kill against their moral or religious beliefs?

In the First World War conscientious objectors, who refused to fight on religious or moral grounds, were imprisoned in Richmond Castle. They were then shipped out to France, which was the battlefield, because if they were on a battlefield they could be shot for continuing their moral stance.

Can this be right?

Not all women were out there handing out white feathers to get men killed. There is a pacifist view. It isn’t about cowardice. It is about morality.

Many of them left writing on the wall. This is what one man said and it is true of most wars. The people of a country rarely have a problem with the people of another country. That hatred is drummed up by politicians for their own purposes.

Some of these may be hard to read. Click on them to enlarge!

So what do you think?

9 thoughts on “Should a man or woman have the right to be a consceintious objector??

  1. Everyone has the right to their opinion, especially when it comes to their conscience and going to War. What they did in the First World War, the War to end all Wars! When they shot those men who were accused of being cowards, those men were murdered. Probably the majority of those men shot were physically or more likely mentally ill. I admire those that Fight for Our Freedom, and we should support them but I have no problem with anyone who prefers not to kill another human being.

    This October/November, Jonathan is playing a part of a Sergeant in a First Word War Play, who has a deep Faith. Its about a group of young men from the same Town that go to War.

    1. I agree. I think people do have a right to conscience and that’s not cowardice. Shooting them was murder! It disgusts me.
      Good luck to Jonathan! That sounds good. A brave thing to do!

  2. There were two types of Conscientious Objectors. The first were those that simply refused to fight at all. They refused to join after receiving call up papers. It should be noted that in WW1, call up papers were not introduced until the Military Service Bill was introduced in January 1916. These men were subsequently imprisoned.
    The second type were those that had already seen active service and seemingly could not tolerate anymore. Many were indeed ill as Anna above refers and many suffering the effects of shell shock, where their nervous systems were shattered. Many of these men were actually identified as such and seconded out to recovery hospices. However, many whom simply refused were in fact shot at dawn, as the phrase so accurately describes.
    The authorities could just as easily carry out such similar atrocities today if they so chose.

  3. This is horrifying. Anyone should have the right to be a conscientious objector. I am against all wars. They do no good, never have and never will. “The War to End All Wars” ? How did that work out for us? It brought on more wars. In the infamous words of Edwin Starr, “WAR?! What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN’.” War is only good for top of the chain politicians, as it gives them the ability to cheat people, instill fear and bring about more control, not to mention decrease the surplus population.

    There’s my rant đŸ™‚

  4. I should like to make the case for the just war , the war to eliminate evil , the war that is sometimes forced upon us when we meet evil face to face. Should we have fought to eliminate Hitler or allowed him to take over the world ? There are times when we must take up arms to protect our interests and property .
    There are some religious objectors who will not even allow self – defense taking their stand from the pure madness of turning the other cheek.
    Yet those same persons expect the police to protect them , and sometimes the police have to use violence to keep order , imagine what would happen if the police turned the other cheek.
    I’m not advocating that we should carry guns or weapons but the body of law enforcement must carry such things to protect the public.
    Conciencious objectors live in a society held in place by the law , and in a country maintained by weaponry , the question we should put to them is : are they entitled to live in peace if they object to those who maintain that peace?
    For the religious believer I would quote ‘ My kingdom is NOT of this world otherwise I should fight ‘ .

    1. Very well put and argued Kersten.
      Yes there is a case. But who decides what is a just war? Would everyone agree?
      Aren’t there better ways than war?
      Couldn’t Hitler have been prevented without resorting to war? If the world had united to oppose his madness in the early days, to strangle his doctrine and prevent him arming we would never have had to fight.
      I would like to see the UN given a mandate to deal with Hitlers, Mao’s, Pol Pots and other tyrants and despots who abuse human rights.

      1. You are right ISIS believe they are conducting a just war on infidels and Mr Blair believed he needed to remove Saddam. Luther believed he was quite right in burning the houses of Jews , Cromwell slaughtered the Irish without mercy since it was God’s will.
        Do these facts mean we should give up war and become pacifists?
        The above demonstrates the world has not yet united with a common moral purpose and we know morality is subjective.
        Steven Pinker believes we are more peaceable because peace does not pay and not because our general nature has changed.

      2. Kersten – I’m not sure he is right. I think that we are more civilised. We have many who haven’t been traumatised by war and death. I think that war psychologically damages people more than we acknowledge. Then we have education to take into account. Modern education is not so traumatic as it used to be. People are gently socialised and caring, empathy , respect, tolerance and responsibility are actively encouraged.
        It has an effect.

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