Wilko Johnson at the Cottingham Folk Festival.

It certainly stretches the definition of Folk when the likes of Wilko Johnson, with his quirky R&B Pub Rock, and Chantelle McGregor, and her Power-Blues, are on the bill.

Wilko, ably supported by the magician on bass Norman Watt-Roy and the superb percussion of Dylan Howe, gave his usual powerful performance. We had it all – the intense stares, lunges across the stage, robotic movements, machine gun sprays and even the playing behind the head.

The set was a bit looser than normal with a lot of prolonged improvisation.

The crowd loved it and the old favourites were met with cheers – Roxette getting the loudest of all.

So good to see him looking well and touring after his pancreatic cancer.

Great stuff.

7 thoughts on “Wilko Johnson at the Cottingham Folk Festival.

  1. He was very lucky in that his cancer was not the more common adenocarcinoma killer type but of the much less virulent neuroendocrine variety. When they cut it out of him it weighed an astonishing 3kg.
    Rumour has it what Wilco is the first man to ever have a baby…

    1. Really? I must have missed that – well I did evidently – as I used to love Alice Cooper.
      I still love all his 70’s era albums, still play them and still love them.

      Me thinks him being there (although why not, adds some spice, innit?) was maybe something to do with people on seats. There’s only so many Fairport fans, and evidently not nearly enough. I would bet that at least half the tickets sold for that day were Cooper fans.
      I don’t go to Crops anymore, sadly, because they introduced all this seating malarkey and what you get is people not watching and listening, but sitting chatting and quite loudly about it too. The last time I was there these two couples next to and in front of us didn’t stop talking throughout Nick Harper’s set which bugged me off no end.
      Not that I was hanging onto every word from Nick Harper – I wasn’t cos he ain’t that interesting at all really, but it was the principle of the matter. I overheard one woman discussing needing to buy a new ink fill for her printer. Enough already!

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