The Crisis with Teachers! There’s not enough of them!

This is the week that schools go back and it highlights the terrible crisis that has been created by this government.

There is nothing more crucial a child having a good teacher.

It is a travesty for a child to have a poor teacher.

Teaching is an extremely difficult and exhausting job. It has changed greatly over the last decades. The skills required are enormous. Long gone are the days of chalk and talk.

This government has piled on the work, increased class sizes and made an enormous increase in demands and changes. This has made the task of teaching almost impossible.

At the same time they have made detrimental changes to pensions and had a nine year pay freeze.

You pay peanuts you get monkeys.

Is this what we want? – A substandard service?

In my view poor teachers damage children and damage their future.

Instead of attracting quality staff we are losing them at an alarming rate. The end result is that our children and grandchildren are increasingly being taught by poor quality teachers who are exhausted and demoralised. They are teaching curriculums they do not support and having to teach syllabi that they do not agree with. Education has become prescriptive and stifling.

As our children go back they are facing a crisis in teaching that is many faceted and needs highlighting!!

Our children deserve better than this!!

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