Goodbye Paul Dacre and good riddance!!!

Paul Dacre the editor of the scandalous Daily Mail for 26 years is finally stepping down.

He will be missed!! The air may well be more breathable without the xenophobic stench he brought to one of the worst tabloids on the planet!

Under his editorship the Daily Mail has been drip-feeding its poisonous brand of populist nationalism, anti-Corbyn propaganda, anti-immigrant rhetoric, anti-EU lies and anti-Muslim nastiness in a constant sewage flow into the homes of gullible British working class.

The worst of the scurrilous disgusting misleading Headlines include:

ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE (with pictures of the 3 JUDGES)



APOLOGISTS FOR TERROR (with photo of Jeremy Corbyn)




It set out to promote its agenda of undermining the EU, spreading rumours and lies about Jeremy Corbyn, spreading scare stories about Muslims and immigrants and generally misleading people, stirring up hate and fear and creating doubt.

Well as far as I’m concerned its the end of one of the nastiest editors! Now we have to get rid of the editors of the equally obnoxious Sun and Daily Express.

23 thoughts on “Goodbye Paul Dacre and good riddance!!!

  1. Since when was the purpose of a newspaper to seek the popular mandate?
    Leave that to party political propaganda or idiots like the petulant Owen Jones and his fifth form level column as printed in the Guardian.

    I see you chose to exclude the Mail’s identification of the five thugs who murdered Stephen Lawrence and were the only newspaper to do so.
    Also the identities of child raping, gang member Pakistanis.
    Jimmy Saville.

    The Mail didn’t need to spread any rumours or lies about Jeremy Corbyn as the photographs of all the trash that he’s associated himself with already exist and the anti-jewish tweets exist on record. Corbyn provided everything by his own actions.

    The Mail really doesn’t need to undermine the EU as Guy Verhofstadt does a very good job of that all by himself already. In case you don’t know, he’s Juncker’s propaganda minister (ring any bells?) and the current EU parliament representative for Brexit negotiations. A more pig-headed fool would be difficult to find. He’s also another of these typically greedy bastard EU egotistical megalomaniacs and he held investments in companies that took over the Greek Public Services.
    He’s good friends with Richard Corbet, MEP & EU Commission stooge with whom he colluded to concoct lies.
    The Mail had to tread through knee deep in shit in order to report the truth out of that.
    And you’re complaining?

  2. You’re being most disingenuous indeed. Your biased persuasion outweighs your powers of rationality.
    The second portion of my post on the EU was nothing of that kind.

    1. Corbyn shares stages with some obnoxious people from all walks. I think he does it for the right reasons just as the Thatcher government dealt with the IRA. He didn’t win peace prizes for nothing.
      The vitriolic drip of lies about the EU was the poison that was fed from Dacre’s vile mind into the homes of gullible people. It was disgusting. While we have such biased gutter press we will never have democracy.

      1. Corbyn was at IRA Troops Out rallies. Corbyn invited the IRA to parliament a few days after the Brighton bomb. For years Corbyn engaged in online anti-Semitism. I’ve told you this a week or so ago. He was advised by his PR to stop that when he became party leader. Hanging out with Hamas and the hard-line Hasidic Jews. What have they got to do with him? He’s all over the place and no wonders he only gets 30% of party support. He should spend some time finding the missing 70%.

        It wasn’t the Thatcher government that dealt with the IRA, but the fact that the MI5 infiltrated to such a degree that their game plan was up.
        People do win peace prizes for nothing as it’s all part of the same political machine.
        Obama for example got the Nobel, then went home and spearheaded a trillion dollar Nuclear Arms race programme. It’s all bull.

        The EU is poison. Even Corbyn will tell you that.

      2. Opposing the violent actions and stupidity of the extremist religious elements that make up Israel is not being anti-Semitic. Some of their actions are outrageous.
        Sharing a platform with people does not mean you support them, their aims or their actions.
        The EU has faults but shooting yourself in the foot doesn’t solve them. It was Churchill who was the biggest supporter of the EU. He was right. It needs reform not leaving.

      3. Opposing violent actions does not include inviting terrorists to lunch in parliament some 72 hours after blowing up a hotel and killing and maiming innocent people.
        He should have been hanged, drawn and quartered for that. The MI5 should have taken him out. He would have deserved that.
        He shared a stage on quite a number of occasions with the IRA Troops Out rallies. It wasn’t a one-off. He was a regular stirring it up for who? for what? And you support that? That’s perverted.
        You obviously never read any of his daily tweets against the Jews. Did you see the Palestinian actions last week? Works both ways and always has. You’re not in any position to be picking sides and neither is he other than harbouring a basic hatred for moderate Jews, similar to that of the nasty and bullying Hasidic Jews whom also hate them. He knows where his bread is buttered does that Corbyn. There’s no flies on him when it come to scalping up some badly needed party funds now that the unions (the previous collection zone for party funds) have dried up. He’ll take support from any body that can pay. He’s almost running a cash for questions scam. But what he runs is cash and votes for your protection. He’s basically running a protection racket for blacks, Muslims, Hasidic Jews, Hamas terrorists, IRA terrorists, illegal immigrants and any other disgruntled, disenfranchised malcontent that falls into his orbit.
        He’s a political rubbish collector.

        The EU did not exist in any shape or form as it does today in Churchill’s day.
        He would never in a month of Sunday’s ever consider the remotest possibility of there being any kind of EU wide armed forces, either. That would be anathema to him.
        How do you reform something that’s fundamentally run by the Bundesbank? You need to find out a lot more about that and that wicked little fucking cripple in the wheelchair than runs things.
        Reform the EU? You live in cloud cuckoo land. You are so far off the mark that you may as well be talking about knitting patterns.

      4. Well I do not agree with your take on Corbyn at all. It’s fanciful. You don’t like him. Corbyn is a principled person who has always stated quite clearly what he stands for. He wanted a united Ireland and an end to the Middle East problem. So do I.
        The EU has many problems and is far from ideal but……….. you gloss over all the many benefits:
        It has brought European countries together
        It has kept the peace (and don’t give me that NATO shit) – being brought together to talk reduces tensions and enables diplomacy; that is superior to brute force
        It has brought prosperity
        It has raised up some of the countries that were backward
        It has opened up freedom of travel
        It has created huge opportunities for the more adventurous to travel, study and work
        It provides greater strength for negotiations
        It is outward looking
        It has funded joint projects that could not be achieved alone
        It has linked possible enemies in joint economic projects
        For me all these things outweigh the negative sides. We are now being thrown into a xenophobic, narrow-minded, isolated country with petty nationalistic views. It’s brought out the very worst in us. It will make us a lot worse off and the ones that will pay are the ones who are paying now – the ones at the bottom.

      5. Yup, that’s why the Labour Party have fallen over themselves in support.
        No Opher, you need to find out a hell of a lot more about his pro-Palestinian activities. “wanted an end to the middle-east problem”? Eh, who is he, what is he? He’s a bloody nobody. Why doesn’t he go sign up for the WHO or United Nations, instead of pissing around incognito and getting caught out sharing platforms with dangerous psychopaths? He ain’t right in the head.

        The EU is the most non-democratic bullying monster since Nazism. It’s cons out weight its pros. It proved not to be too healthy for us. We watched what it did to Greece, Spain, Portugal, Eire and now Italy. We don’t take that kind of shit from anybody, never mind some sons and bitches of the Nazi’s. They’re on some mental guilt trip and want to completely eradicate every last morsel of their national and cultural identity for reasons best known to themselves. Let them get on with it but not at our expense. That’s why the door is closing on Europe.
        We need no more. We haven’t the infrastructure or the space. We are the fifth richest nation in the world so let’s keep it that way.
        We need to urgently adopt a Malthusian edict and get our house back into good order.
        We could never do that when others make the rules.

      6. No – he’s never been a nobody. He’s been a member of parliament.
        I did see the Palestinians last week. How many kids with stones did the Israeli’s shoot?
        You might not like Europe but I do. I reckon we’ll be back in before too long – I’ve not ruled out a 2nd referendum. I reckon the Tories are presently imploding as the rabid right pulls it apart and hapless May desperately tries to hold it together. They’ll be an election soon. Labour will get in and then we’ll see.
        The EU may be a number of unpleasant things but its a lot of good things too. We’ll never be a Greece. They brought that on themselves.

      7. But he’s the most unpopular Labour leader since…?
        He’s regarded as a nonentity.
        How can there be any 2nd referendum? That’s unconstitutional!
        Now Labour have joined forces for the common good, things will race along at haste uninterrupted. A prime example of the beauty and the beast in close harmony.
        May is now in a position of far greater strength than she’s ever been. What bit don’t you get about that? Thank Labour for it.

        That 2nd referendum was the one comment of one idiot and look what happened – it fell right into your orbit. LOL.
        Trust me, there’s only one answer to that suggestion – f*** off.

        So you didn’t see the Palestinian kids firing guns? Ah, so you watched the censored, “nice and non-upsetting” news. That’s useful to you. Carry on.

        Oh, I like Europe.
        I don’t like being dictated to by the sons and bitches of Nazi’s.

      8. You sure do pick and choose – you don’t like being dictated to by the sons of Nazis but you are quite happy to support a real life Nazi? Makes no sense.
        Who cares if he’s popular or not as long as he wins and has the right policies!
        How on earth can a referendum be unconstitutional? It’s the will of the people. They surely have the right to change their mind? When they look at all the cost and stupidities they are in a better position to make a sound judgement. The first referendum was not binding. It merely informed. The narrowness of the result, the amount of lies and illegal interference from many sources brings it into question.
        And you think May is now in a stronger position? What planet are you on? Held hostage by her rabid right nutters, relying on the loonies of the DUP and desperately trying to keep her moderate wing on side, really secure. Roll on the election! She’s walking the tightrope and she’s going to fall off! Roll on Mogg!

    2. Well I guess it’s all you’ve got to crow about – another party other than your own.
      Labour of course, utterly extinguished on all sides and completely forgotten in what used to be it’s strongest territory, that of Scotland. Heavens, who’d have thought it!
      I don’t know why you waste your precious breath on them.

      Real life Nazi? What’s the difference between Nazi’s and a real life Nazi? Prey tell.
      You don’t know what Nazism is. We don’t have Nazism in this country because if we had you’d have been picked up and taken to the camps a while back I reckon.
      Do you have to pretend that you’re fifteen all the time?
      Can’t you just speak for a guy your age just for fucking once?

      Of course a referendum is unconstitutional if it is a referendum on a referendum we already had. You can’t keep stringing out referendums until you get the result that you want. The stupid bitch, Sturgeon suggested that in Scotland again for yet another leave UK referendum and she very nearly got thrown out for it.
      There won’t be any such thing. Regardless of how stupid and ill informed you may have been at the time of the vote, that cannot be helped now. What you want is like when under exam conditions and you forgot to tick a few boxes on a paper and after times up go to the adjudicator’s office and asks to fill in the blanks. Sorry matey, no that’s not how it works. You got one shot and one shot only. You sorry assed Remainers will forever be crying. It must be bloody awful to be a leftie-libtard sorry assed remainer all at once. I think they call that a “living hell”. Just be thankful that you’re also not a black Muslim. Christ, maybe you are. Sorry about that Tommy. Excuse me, you’re not Tommy, are you? I was getting so confused about all the people you hate there, but like here, I just can’t keep up. I just don’t operate like you. I don’t harbour instant and natural hatred towards anybody that simply doesn’t have the exact same political views as myself. I actually couldn’t give a fuck. But you leftie-libtards always carry such a fucking heavy weight of hate around with you all the time and spouting defamation at him and vitriol at her. that fuck me, no wonders you never have the time to fucking learn anything. No wonders you have really no idea which side Fascism actually originated from. Nazism wasn’t too difficult, albeit a left-wing socialist ideology, but the fact that it had nationalist in the name immediately catapults it straight into the far-right. Yup, logic prevails albeit in an extremely bastardised flux.

      What’s with your DUP fixation? Who gives a flying fuck about them. Are you deaf and blind? Corbyn just joined the Tory ranks on Brexit. It’s over, you fool.
      You really don’t understand a fucking sausage, do you? FFS!

      1. You certainly don’t give a fuck that’s why you keep on ranting away. You neocon numbskulls can’t help but keep crowing.
        You might think it’s over but it’s got a way to go yet. We’ll see. You obviously don’t know what a Nazi is. The NSGWP were right-wing, nationalist fascists. Don’t be fooled by them slipping the socialist in there. Or are you going to argue that Hitler was a left-winger now?
        You ought to give a flying fuck about the DUP. They’re the tail that’s presently wagging the dog that you support.

      2. Yes, I got that bit Opher. The Socialist was a problem for the lefties, eh? Who ever heard of a Socialist Workers Party being extreme right-wing? Just goes to show, it like a beer with lemonade on the top is no longer a beer.

        You are the ranter. You bring no information, no examples, just leftie empty conjecture based on sweet fuck all. You have nothing to say about the abuses of human rights yet you profess to be a firm believer in them. Here’s a case right under your nose and you’ve nothing to say. It’s as if you work for the establishment and want to impose your fucking hard-line moral code served with a hard whack.
        I wholeheartedly despise you one hell of a lot for that Opher.
        You’re nothing but a ponsed up hypocritical fraud with hippy leftie egotism.
        You’re a disgrace to your cause.

  3. No – you missed – the sons of Nazis are not Nazis. That’s the difference. Tommy is.
    If they ever got into power that is exactly what would be happening. Fortunately it’s only the football hooligans that support them.
    Nothing wrong with having referendums if circumstances change and there’s nothing unconstitutional about it.

    1. Don’t you think for a second that it’s just football followers that support.
      You’ve really no idea what you are talking about.
      You even can’t help claiming that football supporters are hooligans. That’s bullshit.
      I told you before, there are thousands upon thousands of all kinds of social media communiques going down over this. I’ve watched YouTube postings by women in Peru, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Mexico, Nova Scotia, all over Europe.
      Jeezuz, Opher, you have not got a fucking clue here of what you speak.
      Understand that this has gone global in the truest sense.

      Take a look tomorrow and see what sort of people are demonstrating all around the world.
      You’re a luddite and absolutely out of touch with the scale of this.

      1. No I’m talking about the neo-Nazis like Tommy Robinson. I’m sure there are lots of unpleasant people supporting neo-Nazis. We’ve fought many a war against them.

      2. You need to do some homework on TR. As I already told you, his best mate is black.
        Therefore, by Opher’s Logic (a rule unto itself) anybody that speaks out about Pakistani rape gangs raping young vulnerable white British girls, is a Neo-Nazi?
        My word man, you are completely off your rocker.

      3. No – people who lead Neo-Nazi groups and try to incite race hatred are Neo-Nazis. Simple. Don’t try and wriggle and twist it round. The BNP are a Nazi party. Contempt of court is contempt of court.

      4. You seem to prefer that everything is in a neat tidy square box, with a label.
        Obsessive compulsive disorder does not make for an easy transition towards a multiplicity of permutations and different combinations. It’s no wonder your powers of perception and logic are so screwed up.

        TR has absolutely nothing to do with the BNP! ffs, what are you on?
        OK, contempt of court is contempt of court. And?
        Couldn’t he have been advised of that at the time of his arrival?
        Is it OK with you that there were two sets of Police operating to a different set of rules from each other?
        Is it OK with you that the Police forgot about the other half of their job?

        I have to say that you do seem to possess a really poor ability to analyse with prejudice. That’s a pretty shitty personality trait to have. Thank fuck I’m not you.

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