Who is Tommy Robinson?? Why was he locked up??

Tommy Robinson isn’t Tommy Robinson at all. He is actually Stephen Yaxley-Lennon the son of Irish immigrants. He is also known as Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris. It seems he changes his name often. Tommy Robinson assumed the name of a prominent member of a Luton Town football hooligan crew. The Men In Gear MIG were notorious football hooligans. Why would anyone want to name themselves after one of their leaders?

In 2003 he was imprisoned for thirteen months for a drunken assault on an off-duty policeman.

In 2004 he joined the BNP – a British racist/fascist party.

in 2012 he set up the British Freedom Party – a far-right political group whose rank and file had many football hooligans.

In 2015 he was involved in Pegida UK – a chapter of the German far-right nationalist anti-Islamic group whose leader posed as Hitler and made racist statements on facebook – shades of the Nazis here?

He wrote for The Rebel Media – a Canadian far-right media website.

Now he has been jailed for thirteen months for contempt of court. He was deliberately filming and broadcasting Muslim defendants entering court at a rape trial contrary to reporting restrictions. Was he attempting to incite anti-Muslim hatred? Quite likely.

So what does this tell you about Tommy Robinson?

Was he justly imprisoned for defying the court and deliberately breaking the law?

Has he been inciting hatred?

Does our concern about immigrants and Muslims justify supporting racist fascist groups?

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  1. Can’t you bother yourself to tell the truth? Here you are moaning on about the Daily Mail and what do you go and do yourself? FFS!
    Robinson wasn’t filming defendants. He was filming people who had already been convicted and found guilty. They were attending court for sentencing, hence, why most of them were carrying their “prison bag” with them. You will also find if you bother to watch the film, which you very obviously didn’t and are making a slew of comments without any knowledge, that Robinson repeatedly asked the police on duty if what he was doing was against any regulations and was repeatedly told no.
    You would also have seen a number of people passing by walking up to Robinson and stating their support for his activities.
    You would also have heard every one of these convicted Muslim’s upon entering the court building, shouting insults of a sexual nature at Robinson, such as “go fuck your mother” etc. so obviously matters of a perverted sexual nature were still top of their personal agenda’s. Such fine upstanding (excuse the pun) model citizens they are.
    Robinson, as you fail to mention in your poorly researched post, formed the English Defence League (EDL) in Luton, his home town. This was in reaction to seeing first hand his home town being taken over by Muslims. He is no longer associated with the EDL and now works as a freelance journalist.
    He was one of the first people to bring to the attention of the authorities the serious problems with Muslim gangs grooming and raping young vulnerable girls in Luton. The authorities took slight to that fact and have targeted him ever since.

    There are always two-sides to every story and seems you have swallowed the establishment’s protectionism of Muslim’s to the nth degree. You are not in the majority and may care to take note of the forthcoming demonstrations on the 9th.

    1. He had been warned and chose to break the law. The court decides on what can be put out and what cannot. He was there to incite and is a long-standing Islamophobe. His relationships with neo-Nazi groups is well documented.

      1. Please Opher, understand what an Islamophobe really is. You’re only letting yourself down here with such loose conjecture. TR wasn’t inciting, he was reporting on his own. He was on his own simply talking into his phone outside the court before session commenced. He was interfering with nothing. Anybody could have asked these very same Pakistani rapists the very same questions, ie. “got your prison bag, then?”. That was not against any law.
        He has relationships with all sorts of groups, his closest personal friend is black. He has had pretty much the same sort of exposure to different groups as Jeremy Corbyn. But what he doesn’t do is tweet about them. He is certainly not anything of a neo-Nazi. That’s an ignorantly stupid comment. You should know better than that.
        Actually, the exact circumstances of his arrest are thus:
        The judge running the trial case watched him from his upper floor window. and slightly later seen again this time in discussion with the police. The next thing is that TR is arrested for “breach of the peace”, despite there not being any such breach for the simple reason he was being watched by the police on the ground for the last 70 minutes or so, basically ever since his arrival. Later that charge was mysteriously dropped and he was charged with contempt of his bail conditions.
        For a very good analysis there’s an excellent well thought out a delivered YouTube posting that is worth a watch, just type in:
        Tommy Robinson’s arrest: judge’s clear lack of impartiality

        There’s a lot more to this than you might think. But hasn’t it occurred to you that it’s absolutely fine and dandy for you to say what you like about Christianity in public, but were you to do the same about Islam, you would land yourself a three-month mandatory jail term? Something’s really not quite right.

      2. Don’t give me that. He was deliberately trying to incite. Everybody knows that. That’s why he was there. He wasn’t talking on his own; he was broadcasting on his phone.
        There was a court order and he broke it.
        He was simply trying to stir up antiMuslim hatred. You know it. You’re not a fool.
        The police need to get their act together and arrest all the raping bastards and the courts decide if they are guilty and lock them up. It’s called British justice. What we don’t need is a lynch mob.
        Tommy Robinson is an ex-criminal, with links to football hooligans and a right-wing fascist. He’s a racist Islamophobe with links to the vilest neonazi group in Germany.
        Who is it that you’re defending?

      3. I know that as I was watching his live broadcast. He started with 5,000 and closed with 10,000 viewers. All he was doing was reporting and asking these raping goons if that was their prison bags that they were carrying. That was not inciting anything.
        That happens outside every court in the land every day.
        The court should not decide what people do outside of courts. Inside yes, but outside, never. That makes a mockery of freedom of movement and free speech. Very basic rights removed from you because some legal knob says so. I don’t think so.

        This was a mockery of the law as abused by that judge in collusion with the police. When did you ever hear of a judge colluding in person with police, raising charges and then trying without a jury and sentencing the person all in four hours on the same day. That’s what’s called a set-up.
        What happened to the breach of the peace charge that the police arrested TR with at the time?
        Why can’t you answer that instead of stating the obvious.
        We all know, the whole fucking world now knows what happened here and what he did and why he went to jail. But that isn’t the point, it was the outrageous circumstances of the whole rough justice deal.
        And you don’t have a problem with that? You? Mr fucking living human rights?
        That’s means you’re a fraud and a chooser. You choose who qualifies for rights and who doesn’t. That’s disgusting. You are nothing more than a prized hypocrite.
        But you’ll see the world’s reaction to this on the 9th.
        There’s been demonstrations as far wide as Australia and Peru about this this week and countless hundreds of thousands of on-line posts of contempt about this.
        You’ll find yourself very much out a limb on your own with this with all these obnoxious, faceless bastards running the establishment, who’ll lock you up for so much as looking at them.

        No we don’t need a lynch mob. But they’ve already put him in front of one during his last prison stint – for mortgage fraud charges, not his house, but a friend’s he was doing a favour for and got caught up in something.
        In prison he found himself alone in an area with some very nasty Muslims, lifers for wicked barbaric crimes and they very nearly killed him. The prison people had done that intentionally.
        They may make a martyr of him yet and they will regret it as millions are waiting for the right moment. There will be very serious and prolonged violence and there’s no way short of martial law that the police and authorities will cope with it.

        Lots of people are ex-criminals. But sentence served they are normal citizens. Or do you tar people for non-violent crimes as “criminals” for ever?
        So what when he was younger and he had a punch-up with an off-duty cop. I’ve given a few off-duty plods a clout as well in my day. They want it they’ll get it as they too can behave just as obnoxiously as the next guy when off-duty and out on the town drunk.

        I’m defending his right to speak out on matters that are controlled and should not be.
        I’m defending his right to report on matters of public interest that everyone else is too scared to go near.
        I’m defending his right to free speech.

        I implore you to watch TR’s film for yourself and resist from reciting what you read as written in the Guardian by that stupid little prick, Owen Jones. Has he reached puberty yet? Imagine that, a man of your senior years persuaded to think like a stupid little prick like Owen Jones. I bet he’s still a virgin among other things.
        Btw, his Guardian piece took an absolute slaughtering on social media.
        How much more can you let yourself slide?

        He has supporters all over the world. He doesn’t pick and choose. They come to him.
        It’s just the same as politics and people choose how they swing. If it’s right-wing (a overtly used term as there’s no such thing as it’s just football fans) groups in Germany, then that’s what it is. But he isn’t hanging out with them. He might visit once, but they pay for him to appear.
        Opher, wise up man. How can you have a right-wing fascist, when fascism is an aberration of the left-wing? That’s extraordinary.

      4. Don’t be daft. I saw his broadcast. He’s a twat. He had no right to be there. All he was doing was trying to highlight that Muslims had committed rape and using it to stir up Islamophobic hatred. It was confrontational and broke the law.
        Contempt of court is dealt with in precisely the way Tommy Robinson was dealt with. The judge was within his rights.
        You can’t want all hate mongers to be dealt with if they are Muslims but condone hate mongers like Robinson or whoever he is this week. All neo-Nazis should be locked up too.
        Rape is a terrible crime and those scum who were abusing those young girls needed locking up. Good riddance. The police and courts sorted them out. We don’t need neo-Nazi scum trying to make capital out of it.

      5. Yet you support Naz Shah for telling the girls who were raped to shut up, but accuse TR for reporting outside a court?
        That’s some level of logic that you apply. Is there a name for that?
        Apart from hypocrite?

        He didn’t need to try and highlight Muslims doing anything. The whole world knew.
        Have you not questioned why this situation had been classed as so sensitive as to prevent reporting?
        Yet the CPS in collusion with the Police and the BBC (ffs!) can send in seventy people to tear apart Cliff Richard’s home without a shred of evidence about anything?

        Yet the woman who used to run child protection services in Oxford, where she and her council cronies all knew about the child sex abuses on young vulnerable girls but kept it quiet. They had to pay her £250,000 to leave her job. She now is team leader of Visit Oxford.
        Can’t you see what the fuck is going down here?
        The establishment are smashing the underclass for small tittle-tattle yet rewarding the middle class for heinous crimes.
        And you’re all OK with this? Fuck me!

        And again you could not have watched that film. Maybe two minutes but not all seventy. Because he was not arrested by the Police on the ground level who watched him all these seventy minutes. He was arrested by another lot and charged with breach of the peace, charges that did not stick and were later dropped.
        You really don’t have any understanding at all of what went down here. You should apply for a job with all these wankers at the CPS who haven’t much clue either.
        You also fail to understand that the Police also have a duty to protect TR and technically should have advised him before that his actions could go against him. They did not yet hastened to arrest him on charges that were non-applicable.

        I suggest you call in that lawyer guy that sometimes posts and ask him for the rights and wrongs on all this.

      6. What are you talking about? I don’t support what Naz said. I support Naz. I don’t support the police and BBC raiding Cliff on spurious grounds. They were wankers.
        I don’t support the stupid way the rape cases were shoved under the carpet. Too much silly PC. It never should have been ignored.
        You are just looking for excuses.
        As for Tommy Robinson – he’s a sleazy Nazi slimeball who was asking for it. You support some strange people don’t you?

  2. I forgot to reply to your very last question.

    I would suggest whatever it takes to counter Sharia Law. It usually does take violent action to kill a poisonous snake.

      1. Please Opher, understand there is no possibility of integration. That’s only possible with a very small percentage that are extremely moderate. They are few on the ground. Sharia Law doesn’t integrate with anything. Integration can only be possible if we ban all Islamic practices including Sharia Law. Short of mass deportation, they would never accept that.
        Isn’t integration a little too late already when there are 450 odd mosques in London and some 1,400 + country wide? Their seed has been well and truly planted and rooted. They are already on their own Islamic path and it does not include you. They could care less about you.
        You know what happened in Iran in 1979. So you very well know what could happen here in 2038. You cannot argue with madness and that’s exactly what you are up against.

      2. That sounds uncannily like Enoch’s twenty year prediction.
        I do not share your pessimism. We do have to get on the ball and do a lot better than we have done. Why we have allowed any sharia law is beyond me. We need to integrate and secularise. But while this government is promoting more religious schools and allowing them to remain segregated in schools that reinforce the wrong rules we won’t make progress. We need to shut down indoctrinating madrassas and police mosques – kicking out radicalising imams. I agree we need to be both tougher and have better, more consistent policies, but I still think that they will become secularised and integrated and that in twenty years time things will be better.
        The Middle East is the festering sore that needs to be lanced.

      3. So you don’t share my pessimism despite as of today there are 50 million Muslims within a total European population of 742.6 million, with 511.5 million within the EU.
        That’s 10% of the EU already, without Turkey, and you can’t see a problem?
        Good grief. Have you asked your children, the parents of your grand children what they think? I do know that mine have very grave concerns for their children.
        I’m alright Jack, I won’t be here, but that’s a very heavy burden for you to so easily shrug off. You talk of integration etc. What bleeding planet are you on? For every move we make to secularise, they will make a surreptitious move to benefit them.
        They will never ever assimilate as they obey the Islamic Caliphate, not some legal bonce Brit. FFS, wake up!
        Your Enoch comment confirms my previous thoughts that you really don’t yet have the remotest inkling of what he was talking about.
        If it hasn’t slapped you across the face like a a wet kipper, then it doesn’t exist.
        You have to wait until that spot turns into a festering boil before you pay it any attention.
        This has always been the problem with neo-liberals, they talk and talk and talk, meanwhile the fox has eaten all the chickens and then they wonder in open-eyed bewilderment why there isn’t any dinner left for them.
        These people drive the cognitive among us friggin’ mental.

      4. No I don’t share your paranoia. There’s a big job to be done and they will be assimilated. Even on your assessment only 20% are a problem (I’d put that a lot lower).
        I do not subscribe to this view that we are all be swallowed in a tide of rabid Islam. That’s just unfounded fear.
        We have to tackle the problem of radicalisation and not be radicalised by it.

      5. The 20% figure includes all radicals and religious leaders of all levels worldwide.
        It’s a given figure used by every country in the world invested in arresting further radicalisation on their territories. I didn’t just make it up and you will find were you to engage in as much research as I have, thousands of applications of this percentage figure.
        Correct, we are not doing any radicalisation. A Caliphate modus operandi does not require radicalisation. It just happens by natural osmosis. Eventually as numbers increase it prevails over everything else. Ask yourself what happened to all the Christians in Lebanon? They couldn’t take it anymore and dispersed. They were effectively forced out and that is what will indeed happen here in our grandchildren’s prime of life.
        It’s simple application of Arithmetic.
        If X has so many now and X multiplies by X over a given period of time and Y has so many now and multiplies by Y, etc.
        How many does each have?

      6. Lot of assumptions in that. If X goes on behaving in that way for instance. I think it will take quite a while for 4.6% to reach over 50%. Then you have the issue of whether that 80% of Muslims (your figures) would want sharia. I reckon not.
        No all rather paranoid and unreal.

      7. OK, Arithmetic isn’t a natural attribute of yours. No worries. You’ll never see the end results anyway.
        No matey, the 20% is United Nations estimated figure. Do you ever read any international journals of any kind, such as Newsweek, New Scientist etc.?
        I recommend that you do so and stop pissing about revising eons old books that you wrote one Sunday in 1971 and mean nothing to anybody. You really need a thorough education on how this world works. Just knowing a little about the Labour Party and a love for Hull, poetry and nature just ain’t going to cut it in this instance.
        Why don’t you know this stuff. How can you enter into discussion with anybody when you know fuck all?
        How can you be a Muslim if you don’t adhere to the strict guidance of Muhammad?
        The Quran dictates the belief structure, not another non-Muslim countries laws!
        The Quran does not assimilate into another school of thought. That’s anathema and completely untenable.
        FFS, Opher, you don’t even understand how Islam works.

        “Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those that can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape.” – William S. Burroughs.
        We are right in the receiving end of “folie a plusiers” and the contrast between the life affirming generosity of spirit and vile and destructive, resentful and self-regarding hypocrisy could hardly be starker.

        As the great Hillaire Belloc once said, ” danger doesn’t come from the educated and the uneducated. It comes from the half educated.
        Beware of the shadow.

      8. Your rudeness, arrogance and pedantry shows no signs of improving Andrew. For a supposedly educated person it is inexcusable. The sign of a poor upbringing.
        There’s nothing wrong with my maths thanks.
        Strangely the same thing happens with a lot of Muslims the same as Christians – they pay lip-service to religion and get on with their lives. They become secularised.
        I would have thought you’d understand that!

    1. Is Andrew an imaginary friend or something? I’ve seen you shouting out to him before but can’t quite follow what’s that about. Is it a place you go to when under stress or something? Funny thing that as I was reading again recently a biog on Keith Moon and he apparently had a secret imaginary friend call Mr. Singh. Never would have equated Moon as best friends with a Sikh.

      What’s rude about throwing some pointers into the ring? What’s arrogant about knowing something of the subject? What’s pedantic about not accepting any of your wooly liberal hog-wash that just doesn’t stack up in any shape or form? There is no such thing as any Muslim country that allows freedom of expression with another religion to the same degree. They simply never permit the same set of values as expressed with human rights and liberty. Freedoms are severely limited.
      I had an absolutely fantastic upbringing. As I already told you, I lived in Cairo until I was 11. I used to wander around all sorts of places and saw the strangest of stuff that no white person could ever imagine and for that matter get to see. I couldn’t even begin to explain it to you. It’s a completely alien world to a person with your background. That’s why you can’t grasp this subject and I already did as a child. It’s an unfair debate as you are simply not equipped. I supply knowledge, examples and pointers but they sail well above your head. I may as well be talking to Mr Singh myself.
      You get informed and pulled up for lack of knowledge and you go into the defensive with outcries of “rudeness, arrogance, pedantic”. FFS! Act your age, not your fucking shoe size, man. Seriously, get a grip of yourself.

      Tell me, how do you propose to de-Islamify Bolton, Bradford, Burnley, Luton, Southwell, East London etc.?
      How are you going to bring these areas back into something resembling England? Where is this imaginary integration and assimilation into our culture?
      How is that possible with Sharia Law on one hand and the Quran in the other?
      How does that figure when the vast majority always consider themselves to be Muslims first?

      Strangely bullshit. Complete bullshit Opher. If Muslims did fall by the wayside then we wouldn’t need some 1400+ mosques and counting. Arithmetically, that’s one mosque for every 3,285. Considering the women don’t get to use them in any significant numbers, we do know that the male take-up is very strong indeed.

      Opher, let’s cut to the chase with this once and for all.
      Why don’t you plan your next trip and go to somewhere like Egypt or Turkey. Don’t go to the beachy touristy places like Sharm el Sheikh and actually go and see around properly. Then come back here and tell us all that everything is hunky dory with Islam and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

      1. Give me a break Andrew. Do you think I’m a complete idiot like you?
        I’ve just come back from Egypt last year and the year before was in Turkey.

      2. You were in tourist attractions. Visiting pyramids and day trips. Everything you did was touristic. Don’t bullshit me.
        I’m talking about NOT doing that. I’m talking about going elsewhere and seeing the real country.
        Not fucking statues and mosques and some fruit market tables etc.
        That’s not seeing a country, FFS!

        Or is that your level? “Ooh, we saw Egypt and the Pyramids!”
        The truth is you saw fuck all.

  3. How dare you, do you think you are telling NEW news with the names you have said, we all know Tommy Robinson’s real name, that he changed legally. Where do you get off calling him FAR RIGHT and Racist. Tommy Robinson has so many Black Friends and supporters, one of his closest friends is an Inman, he has Jewish friends too, something you lot in the Labour Party HATE especially your dangerous Leader Corbyn. So Tommy Robinson is Far Right and Racist, thats why his Best Man at his Wedding was Black, Racist, right?? When they arrested Tommy Robinson that Friday, a week previously a Reporter from one of the Nationals did the same thing, where were these vicious coppers then, nowhere of course. Tommy repeatedly checked with the coppers there was he breaking any laws “NO” they said. We all know Tommy Robinson is targeted, he has been for years his best friend when he was a lad had a muslim girlfriend they were out one evening, they were attacked by muslims and she was Raped, and you wonder why some kids in Luton turned to hate the muslims, Luton is muslim land, but you won’t have that, not the truth. That scum on that Friday Tommy was arrestested that muslim gang rape scum were there for sentencing, they said the most disgusting sexual things to Tommy did the coppers do anything, NO. I would never years ago have thought of supporting Tommy Robinson, but now he has shown us we do have a Right to Free Speech that the Government/all politicians/coppers and the judicial system are trying to silence us. London Violence out of control, coppers around, of course not. Saw pictures the other day, of fighting on the streets and the coppers standing back arms folded, these out of control coppers need to realize the Taxpayers pay their wages, you know that you have three isn’t it coppers in your family. The police are so busy, thats why “orders high up” as they told Tommy Robinson as they followed him for a whole day and night as he went from one Town to another, causing trouble ofcourse, yes right – he was collecting flowers and that evening went out to dinner with friends. The coppers even changed to the night shift. Police Resources stretched, looks like it. We are the same age, but unlike you Opher I care about my Country, all you do is knock it, you hate it so leave, you took a FREE Education from it, be greatful. I care to have back all that the powers that be are taking from us, Freedom of speech, and I for one will not keep quiet. If nothing else Tommy Robinson has put the fight back into the Hearts and Souls of those of us in this Country who REALLY care about our Country. Look at the protests that have been held for Tommy the World over, here you will see Indian people, Black People, even muslims, who are as scared as the rest of us, and support Tommy Robinson. The English Flag is waved, unlike Labour Rallies where Corbyn stands in front of the Hezbollah Flag, Corbyn the Anti Semite, he gets in all the Jews will leave. You call Tommy Robinson a racist, look at your own. FREE TOMMY ROBINSON.

      1. You don’t tell me anything, who do you think you are Opher, I am not some stupid little woman that you think you can tell me who I am supporting. You criticise me on an American Blog and you got your response back from that blog. I do not support Fascists, I support people who I believe are fighting for our Freedom of Speech, fighting for our Country. There are as many muslims/Indians/Blacks who are as scared as the whites of what is happening to this Country. You think the answers to the problems is an Anti Semite Corbyn and his gang of thugs. There are Soldiers there are coppers who support Tommy Robinson but can’t come out publicly they would lose their jobs, as did that Fireman. We are living in a Dictatorship Country, Russia probably has more Freedom than us. The Government/Politicians from all parties suck up to these dangerous groups of muslims and you know as well as I do who they are, members of both parties have their fingers in too deep. All that I said as ever you had no real answers, you can never answer only come out with what you did above. I never mentioned the BNP never would you believe about them what you want. I support Tommy Robinson, and will continue to I Love my Country unlike you. FREE TOMMY ROBINSON

      2. What are you on about? I criticised you on an American blog? You’re getting paranoid.
        Tommy Robinson isn’t fighting for freedom of speech. He’s working to stir up hatred and fear of Muslims.
        Corbyn is the last person on the planet who is racist. You have obviously been reading the trash press and fascist weekly. Tory propaganda has been working overtime because the establishment is scared that he might upset their gravy train.
        Sad state of affairs. Too much fear.

  4. “Sleazy Nazi slimeball”, who were you referring to Corbyn, he is the one who is Anti Jewish, in fact Hates them. You know very little about Tommy Robinson, you pick up the bare facts listen to coppers and pick out the bits you can twist.

    1. Anti-Israel is not anti-Semitic is it?
      I know enough about Tommy thanks. Bare facts – BNP, football hooligan and AntiIslamic. What does that tell you?

      1. You only know what the Guardian and Channel 4 news have spoon feed you. Facts….he received a conviction for GBH, do you know what for Opher? Let me tell you, FOR HEADBUTTING A NEO NAZI who turned up to an EDL meeting and was not welcomed. The BNP, it says a lot when Nick Griffin detests him more than you!.

  5. I watched the Tommy Robinson arrest and it concerned me. I could not see from the clip how he had breached the peace although the offence of breaching the peace has a very wide scope, too wide for my liking. I did comment online at the time after he was sent down for 13 months. Clearly I was not in possession of the full facts at that time. I did not know that the trial judge had imposed reporting restrictions on the trial. Those restrictions can apply even if some or all of the defendants have been found guilty. The reason for that is that there may be other related trials pending, the fairness of which may be prejudiced by the reporting of a prior trial involving the same defendant/s so reporting is restricted until such time as all the trials are over. It’s a basic rule of law that everyone is entitled to a fair trial. The identity of complainants may also have been a factor since likely they were young girls.
    I did not know either that Robinson was subject to a suspended sentence of 10 months imposed at Canterbury Crown Court for contempt of court. A judge is under an obligation to deal with contempt of court immediately so it is different in process from the trial of a standard charge. The judge therefore was right to deal with the matter immediately. What concerned me then was that the judge imposed reporting restrictions on Robinson being sent down for contempt for 3 months and given an the term of the suspended sentence on top. I could see no justifiable reason for the imposition of reporting restrictions on Robinson’s sentencing and in my view all it did was to provoke protests and rioting on the streets of London for the perceived injustice. Subsequently some national newspapers got the reporting restriction lifted and we were able to know why Robinson was sent down.
    I don’t know that much about Robinson although I have watched some material connected with him. I do know he has changed his name but that is no surprise since his life has been under threat. I do know that he resigned from the EDL some years ago and has been working with the organisation Quilliam, headed by a former jihadi Maajid Nawaz. whose basic aim is to tackle Islamism in the UK. He has also received payment from that organisation. Maajid Nawaz has often appeared on television in debate tackling apologists for Islamism and Sharia like Anjem Chowdery. I doubt Robinson would have been entertained by Quilliam if he still held extreme anti-Islamic views.

      1. Opher, he was convicted for contempt of court for reading out the names and charges against those on trial. If you think that’s fine then surely you’ll be demanding the editor of the Huddersfield Mail to be placed in the next cell? Because Robinson was only reading word for word what that newspaper had already printed!

      2. I know nothing about the Huddersfield Mail – maybe they were in contempt. I don’t know. I do know that if you deliberately and provocatively disobey a court order then you should be prepared to suffer the consequences. What he was doing was wrong.
        If someone was outside the court filming the abused girls going into court and putting it on line, harassing them, there would be a different tune wouldn’t there?
        The courts decide the punishments that are appropriate after hearing all the evidence not some neoNazi.

  6. What are you talking about “he was there to incite”, so now you are inside the mind of Tommy Robinson, I’m sure he would be interested and have a good laugh to hear that. You don’t even know what youre talking about, did you actually watch what happened, I doubt it. You are one of those who never forgives the past of anyone, you yourself fought the Judicial system when one of your own had to go to Court, what if there were people who didn’t believe he was innocent and spread that around, how would you feel, anger? You were not born in Luton or lived in Luton you have no idea how it was, nor do I. That was Tommy Robinson’s past, get over it be more concerned about the Anti Semite Corbyn and his love for Hezbollah, Terrorist Group, and the rest of the Extreme Far Left Marxist Labour Party.

    The Government/police/judicial system are after Tommy Robinson. They all made themselves look absolute fools over his “arrest”, the Worlds protests, what anger the Government/police/Judicial system must be feeling. If anything were to happen to Tommy Robinson, (like the “White Car and Diana”) then this Country will really see Protests, and I shall be one of them out there. “Fascist as I am” so you say

    1. Anna – Tommy Robinson had a 10 month suspended sentence for contempt of court. He was warned. The court had reporting restrictions. He was there recording people going into court when he was clearly not allowed to. He was broadcasting that in a manner that was geared to stir up people against them. He was doing that because they were Muslim.
      He has a long history of being associated with far-right-wing groups in leadership roles.
      He was clearly in contempt of court.
      The far-right are an abomination.
      You’ve let your fears of immigration run away with you and jumped straight into the hate.

    1. Well you think you have Anna. What you have in fact done is fallen for the right-wing propaganda. They prey on people’s fears, exaggerate and promote hate and division. Not quite the same thing.

  7. I think it is stretching the truth to say that Robinson was there to incite hatred against Muslims. The defendants on trial were there primarily because they were alleged paedophiles not because they were Muslims. Quite rightly most citizens find paedophiles abhorrent and a threat. Robinson had a right to be present as does any other citizen. The argument circles around whether what he did breached the reporting restriction order. I doubt his mere presence outside the Courthouse did. It’s of interest that at the same case some Sikhs, there to view from the public gallery, were told to leave the Court on the directions of the Judge. I don’t know the reason but in general all criminal trials are open to the public. Without seeing the order it’s impossible to say. Ordinarily reading our the names of defendants would not breach a reporting restriction order. Your assertion, Opher, that Robinson is nothing but a neo-Nazi does not sit well with the fact that he has worked with the anti-extremist organisation, Quilliam, in recent years. I can’t imagine that organisation tolerating the input of a neo-Nazi. Maybe you should ask Maajid Nawaz about it rather than someone like Owen Jones.

      1. Opher, the act of simply asking a person if they are carrying their prison bag is not inciting. I fail to see your difficulty with this. Had he been shouting anti-Islamic insults then that would be clear cut yes. But that did not happen. Yet the Police did not intervene at the foul expressive insults coming from the guilty Paedophiles entering the building for their sentencing. Their language was first and foremost a breach of the peace.
        The legal technicalities of whether he should have been there or not is another matter. Perhaps the Police should have closed off the street, but that would have imposed inconvenience of those living in the adjacent flats. The question does arise as to why the Police on the ground were operating to a completely different set of rules to the Police in the company of the Judge.

        That’s three separate sources that have all given you information. Why don’t you add it all up together and see what you come up with?
        At least you now know a lot more than you did then when you had typed up this post having done all of 30 seconds worth of research.

      2. Opher, only you can defend your confused logic. Nobody else can help you there.
        Three people tried to convey the bigger picture for your perusal, but that all seems to have been in vain. LOL
        Mr 30 seconds of research. Well done.

      3. You are being so very silly, to accuse Tommy Robinson of being no different than he was as a youngster living in LUTON which was bad enough then in those days full of muslims its even worse now. To you everyone, including ME who supports Tommy Robinson, that is all the Black people that do, all the decent muslim people that do, all the Indian people that do and every Country that is supporting him and having protest marches, (not ignoring the 20 or so drunken morons yesterday who gave people like you what you wanted). They are all Racists and they are Fascists as you called me yesterday.

        You know nothing about Tommy Robinson only the garbage you have read from your paper, you have no idea what this young man is about, Tommy Robinson is a very brave young man who is standing out for Freedom of Speech, Russia has more Freedom than we do. I told you that years ago I would not have supported Tommy Robinson, but now he has my full support and millions of people the World over that are supporting Tommy Robinson are all WRONG according to you and are all Fascists, you are the only one that is right.

        You never never answer any questions posed to you, because you can’t you just come out with glib statements. Just read your comments above from all, they are all wrong too are they Opher and they I assume are Fascists as well. At least you have not called me an Anti Semite yet, thats Labour’s perogative and Corbyn’s.

      4. Yes, I watched the episode online live. I didn’t see Robinson inciting anything. He was having a dig at some of the defendants eg. asking them if they had brought their bag for prison. That’s not incitement to commit a crime which is the essence of the crime of incitement. It’s instructive that he was not arrested for incitement to commit racial hatred or indeed for contempt of court but for an alleged breach of the peace, which mysteriously was withdrawn when he appeared before the Court. I didn’t hear any police officer caution him either in compliance with the regulations under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, 1984. He was not resisting arrest so there was no excuse in my view for failing to caution him prior to his arrest.
        If the jury was still out considering their decision then Robinson would likely to have been in contempt of the reporting restriction but not once the decisions were in. I don’t know at what juncture the trial had reached. The fact that some of the defendants were carrying bags suggests that they were expecting to be sent down. Simply publishing the names of the defendants would not in itself be in contempt of court. Their names would have been published when they were first arraigned in the Magistrates Court then again when they committed for trial together with details of the charges. I think the relevant newspaper would have been the Huddersfield Examiner since I have never heard of the Huddersfield Mail.
        Reporting restrictions are not always imposed when a defendant is facing another trial in the future. When I was convicted for kidnapping a police informer in York Crown Court in October 1982 the details were splashed across the press both locally and nationally and on television but two weeks later I was tried at Leeds Crown Court for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Of course the jurors in the Leeds trial would have been aware of my conviction in York two weeks earlier but no reporting restrictions had been imposed. As it happened I was acquitted in the Leeds trial.
        Tell me what was Robinson inciting in your view? The defendants were on trial for allegedly having sex with underage girls etc. not for being Muslims. You have completely overlook my comment about Robinson working for Quilliam since he left the EDL. Why is that? Is it because it doesn’t fit well with your narrative?

    1. Someone standing outside a court to have a dig at people to provoke a reaction and broadcasting it live is incitement in my book. He knew what he was doing.

  8. I can’t ever recall the police sealing off a street near a Courthouse to prevent the public venting their anger at a defendant/s arriving at Court. Think of the trials of Hindley/Brady, Peter Sutcliffe and many others on trial for horrendous crimes. There were banks of protestors shouting abuse etc. at the police van carrying them. We have a criminal justice system which, rightly, is open to public scrutiny. Defendants are afforded a fair trial but the public is entitled so far as is reasonable to witness that trial. Trials should be held in camera only when there are issues of public security at risk such as national intelligence of a sensitive nature not because of the nature of the alleged crime or the personal attributes of the defendant/s.

    1. But they weren’t were they Bede. There were reporting restrictions and he deliberately broke them in order to incite hatred by broadcasting it. I am sure the court was open to the public wasn’t it?

      1. I’m not sure the Court was open to the public. I witnessed a Sikh who had been sitting in the public gallery say he and his Sikh friends had been told to leave the Court room on the instructions of the Judge. Why I don’t know. Only the trial judge knows that. Neither of us know what were the exact terms of the reporting restrictions. I don’t believe it would have included reciting the names of the defendants since as I have already pointed out their names and the charges against them would have been published earlier when they were committed for trial. There was no justifiable reason for reporting restrictions in the committal proceedings. Defendants are not entitled to have their names and the nature of the charges they face withheld from public knowledge. It is likely the names of the defendants and the charges they faced were printed on the court list inside Leeds Courthouse. That’s the normal procedure. The purpose of reporting restrictions is not to protect the defendants per se. The purpose is to ensure that defendants are afforded a fair trial and a process not coloured by prejudicial judgement formed from public reporting on their alleged guilt or otherwise, something you appear to be reluctant to afford to Robinson.

  9. Well Opher, it’s clear you are not a lawyer and Robinson, so far as I am aware, was not arrested for incitement to racial hatred nor has he subsequently been charged with that offence. Stating that he would not have been there if the defendants were other than Muslim is something you cannot support with any evidence other than your speculation based on your prejudicial standpoint. It’s not a crime to confront a defendant verbally who you believe has committed some horrendous crime.

    Still you have failed to deal with the issue of why Quilliam would employ Robinson when they are an anti-extremist organisation and, according to you, Robinson is a neo-Nazi and a hater of Muslims.

    1. I make my judgement on what I see and hear. He has a fascist past history and is Islamophobic. Why else do you think he was there?
      I have no idea why Quilliam would employ him. Do you really think that he has not been involved in all this stuff?

      1. Well why don’t you do some simple research then instead of jumping in with a standpoint already formed in your mind? That sounds like bigotry to me.
        I’m not denying Robinson has been involved with some far-right organisations but people change their views. It’s a fact that he resigned from the EDL some years ago. Diane Abbott openly supported an IRA victory against the British State some years ago (and has publicly admitted that in an Andrew Marr interview) but now says that she has amended that viewpoint just like she has changed her hairstyle. According to your reasoning she must still be a supporter of a former terrorist organisation so why is she on the shadow front bench?

  10. I’d have done a lot more research if I were you. There’s so much wrong here on so many levels and beggars the question as to where do we as individuals stand today regards any objections to anything.

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