Is the DUP the achiles heel of Theresa May?

In politics it is often something that comes out of leftfield that causes the biggest problems.

In Eire the huge Yes vote in the abortion referendum has put a timebomb under May.

Northern Ireland is rightly pressing for the same rights. They have been left in the wake as Eire surges ahead, breaking free of its religious shackles. Northern Ireland is now the backwater that is left behind. It flounders in an outdated religious dungeon of outmoded thinking with the flat-earthers and creationists of the DUP setting the agenda.

We might ask why the people of Northern Ireland do not possess the same rights as the rest of the UK?

Why should the backward Neanderthals of the DUP deprive women in Northern Ireland of their rights?

What is May going to do about it?

Well she’s fudged it so far. She’s said its up to the Irish assembly. But there is no Irish assembly. The DUP scuttled that. We have direct rule from Westminster. So it’s in her court.

Except false-feminist May cannot act without sending the medieval DUP into a terminal spin. And she relies on them to hang on to power. If she concedes to the rightful calls of the Northern Ireland women she will lose the DUP. She can’t do that can she?

So – will the voices of the Northern Irish be listened to? Will they receive their rights? Or will May once again put her lust for power and party in front of the good of a nation?

Hopefully the Northern Ireland women will gain their rights. The DUP can put aside their billion pound bung and drop out. Then we can have an election and get rid of this heinous bunch of extremists and their divisive obnoxious policies of austerity and hammering public services!

Good riddance May, may the creationists put an end to your greedy doctrine.

Long live the DUP – every last loony one of them!

12 thoughts on “Is the DUP the achiles heel of Theresa May?

  1. Thanks to Labour’s sudden about turn and march towards the centre-right with all things Brexit, the DUP have just lost pretty much whatever ground they may have temporarily gained. Someone should tell them to get their collective act together. I’m also very surprised that Sinn Fein are keeping so quiet about all this.

    I feel the beginnings of a very slight degree of warmth towards Jeremy Corbyn in this instance. Never thought I’d be saying that.

      1. Easy now, little step by little step. If he got rid of Diane Abbott, I may even agree with him on a couple of points. That bloody rail company up north for a start. But he’s too palsy-walsy with these Muslim creeps.

      2. Particularly when the entire country is laughing at her. The joke has run thin and has become very embarrassing. Her performance on Question Time two weeks ago (the Chelsea/Kensington edition) was once again terrible. The BBC has arranged for her to get first reply to the first question – Grenfell, no less and that was the end of her as she had nothing to say about anything else. When asked another direct question by an audience member, the ex-chief of police (forget the name) stepped in on her behalf. It was painful. She doesn’t know the two times table.

      3. Yes – I’d put her as low as bumbling Boris and hapless Davies. Boris is the overeducated fool who likes to quote Latin but can’t find his arse. At least she wouldn’t be worse than him.

      4. I’ve never liked Davies, but Boris has a lot going for himself. At least he’s able to laugh at himself. He is intelligent and has the ability to talk at all levels. You know that a few words in Latin is worth a paragraph in any other language. I don’t remember even half the Latin I learned way back but it is useful when appropriate.

  2. Boris can laugh at himself. That is true. He is intelligent. But he is also a fool with too high opinion of himself, a show-off, an attention seeker and someone who speaks off the cuff without thinking and puts his foot in it. Some of the stuff he’s said is cringeworthy. He’s a dangerous loose cannon.

      1. I think I detect some fibs there as I read your blog post about yourself and you went to a school that would never have offered Latin on the curriculum.
        Best not to tell tales because it would be very easy to find out.
        Ignosco tibi, et non faciunt illud.

      2. You are always on dangerous ground when you go calling people liars. I went to a bilateral school – Rydens County Secondary School. It had Grammar and non-grammar – a bit like an early comprehensive school. I failed my eleven plus but want put into the Grammar section on the basis of my IQ test. There is a whole story of that which I will not go into.
        I took Latin. I was interested in taking it because I wanted to be a Biologist and the names of animals are all in Latin. I was not very good at languages and failed both my Latin and French.
        You can believe or not. I don’t care. I do not tell lies.
        But I forgive you this once for doubting as long as you don’t do it again. I don’t do silly tests. You either believe it or you don’t.
        BTW – it is exceedingly rude to call someone a liar.

  3. Correction! I specifically used the term “fibs”.
    Not very good? To have failed means that you were useless at languages.
    Did you see “not very good” printed on your exam results or Fail? Lol.
    Are you sure that all these Latin names for animals were part of your school curriculum an not perhaps later on? You did not get any of that in the Latin curriculum. You only studied Latin literature and some social history, nothing else.
    So, again I say I don’t believe you. That’s a terrible reason to come up with, besides you had no knowledge whatsoever of the details of the curriculum, so how could you second guess the contents? Again, I don’t believe you. I wasn’t born yesterday and Latin was completely off your radar and/or orbit. Delete as appropriate.
    A latin scholar can recognise another and you ain’t one, matey.
    I didn’t get any of that in Biology either although I only did Biology for four years up until O-level.
    I found Latin quite easy although I hated French and didn’t try at all. But learned quite a bit shortly after leaving school as I was in France and picked it up quickly. In one summer I learned more than four years at school.

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