Asia Bibi and the Pakistan Blasphemy Laws – sentenced to death for drinking water!

There is a war going on in Pakistan regarding the insane blasphemy laws. Hard line clerics have called out masses of people to protest that the laws are being diluted.

Diluted!!  They need chucking out!!  The blasphemy laws are barbaric!!

Asia Bibi is a Christian. She was out harvesting berries with a group of Muslim women. They protested about her drinking water from the same bowl as them and accused her of insulting the prophet. In 2010 court found her guilty and sentenced her to death by hanging.

She is still in prison awaiting death. Violent fanatics have threatened her family and say they will kill Asia if she is released.

This is the madness of fundamentalist religion!!

13 thoughts on “Asia Bibi and the Pakistan Blasphemy Laws – sentenced to death for drinking water!

  1. You’re right, of course, my friend. It IS the lunacy of fundamentalist religious wingnuts — all different brands. But we must remember that not all folks who a hold a religious viewpoint are fundamentalists. There are billions of religious/spiritual individuals and organizations who do amazingly good things for the world. But like scripture says, they try not to advertise what they do. Gaining notoriety is not their goal — unlike the fringe groups you’re talking about who are after their 15 minutes of fame. You don’t see their productivity and love for others splashed all over the news media for the simple reason it doesn’t “sell papers.” We are turning into a world coliseum of modern-day Romans swept along by the crowds to our seats. And by God we don’t want to miss ANY of the bloodshed. Even when it involves villainizing traumatized high school and elementary school kids. THAT is the same as offering them up to the lions — in my opinion (pardon my metaphor). How about do some research on the good things people of faith do? 😉 (I DO like to play devil’s advocate, you know! It’s gonna get me kicked out the church someday! LOL)

    1. Cheryl, I’m sure there are many good things that people do and that not all religious people are nutters. It is just when I read about things are vicious and barbaric as this it makes me mad.

      1. I know. It does make me angry, too. You know we had a discussion at church last night about the Parkland School shooting. People were really needing to decompress. I think a lot of folks who did NOT come expected others to make gun owners the bad guys. Funny thing is, that didn’t happen. The discussion was very well balanced with people recognizing that some folks like owning guns for the challenge of sports with them. Besting themselves at ranges and what not. Or truly for hunting meat which they eat. I think that’s the way all discussions MUST go if they are to be fruitful. We have to learn to look at things from both sides — but not necessarily agree with them. I think it’s our ability to reason that way that sets us apart from other species.

      2. I think you summed it up Cheryl. I hate the idea of hunting but I have a good friend who loves hunting. He goes out shooting and fishing. We discuss it and agree to differ but both respect each others point of view.

  2. If we withheld our overseas aid until the Pakistan government overturned this law this would be a positive step. Isn’t it time we stopped supporting legalized discrimination like this.

    1. I agree with you Peter. That’s a good idea. These extreme fundamentalists have far too much power. They need controlling so that ordinary people can lead their lives.

      1. Sorry – that’s a typo. Shooting and fishing is what it was meant to be. I don’t know what happened there. But shooting fish, with the problem of refraction in water, would be quite a sport!

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