A Reinvention of Self.

For the past decade I have been amusing myself with my writing. I have been writing new books like mad, writing up my old books, and generally having fun self-publishing all the books that have been in my head for forty years.

I have written in excess of 50 books and have published some 40. I’m quite proud of that. They say everyone has a book in them. Seemingly I had in excess of 50.

I have used my art and photography as the cover-work.

Presently I have 4 books written awaiting redrafting or lay-outs:

Ruminating on Roy Harper

Nick Harper – The Wilderness Years

Bodies From a Window

The Gordian Fetish.

But I am at a crossroads and in need of some re-evaluation.

Cheryl kindly told me that she thought the Artwork did not help. My wife told me that I had too many books in too many genres and it was off-putting. She thought my presentation and blog was not professional enough.

I think they are right.

So I am having a relaunch of myself as a writer.

I am setting up separate blogs for my Sci-Fi, ReligionĀ and Rock Music. I am changing my name and writing under a pseudonym for each genre. I will take my best books, review them in depth, change the cover, change the name and relaunch them. I want a serious presentation to reflect the seriousness of my work.

We’ll see how this goes.

In the meantime – thank you for buying my books. Please leave a review if you have enjoyed reading them.

I will be glad to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.

I will keep you informed.

8 thoughts on “A Reinvention of Self.

  1. Hi, Opher, I’m not a big fan of pen names – but to each his own. My only concern with your plan is that it could lead to confusion with books republished under a pen name. However, I’m no expert. Good luck with the process!

    1. Hi John,
      I’ve been thinking about this for a long while now. I think I need a bit of a breakthrough and it’s not coming.
      I have too many books published and some are better than others. They were great to do for myself but I do need a readership or else it seems pointless.
      I think people are right – the name, covers and blog do not come across as professional enough. Having so many is off-putting.
      By selecting my best books and presenting them in revamped in genres. I believe I will remove the confusion and project the seriousness of the work.
      I will shut down the old books as I revamp them. I do not think there will be too much confusion.

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