Education and Health Service now falling apart!!

Starved of cash with seven years of pay cuts causing staff shortages, the National Health Service, Education and Police are beginning to fall apart.

The entire staff of one school resigned together.

The number of unqualified teachers has risen by 60%. Do we really want every untrained Tom Dick and Harry teaching our kids? They are surely worth more than that.

As the rich take their kids to private school and buy their health care the public sector is being hung out to rot by the Tories. They are robbing the poor and public servants to give tax cuts to the rich and big corporations. It stinks.

Crime rates are rising steeply for the first time.

The Tories are creating a crisis.

We are the fifth biggest economy in the world. Where is the money going?

We know where the money is going, don’t we? We only have to look at George Osborne’s income to see that. They are feathering their own nests at the expense of the poor, sick, vulnerable and our children.

How much longer are we going to put up with it?

49 thoughts on “Education and Health Service now falling apart!!

  1. We must not forget that 90% of income tax is paid by the top 50% of taxpayers , while more than a quarter is paid by the richest 1%.
    To my uniformed mind the problem is solved by using the taxes we are collecting in a totally different way. I think the National Health Service and the police force must have considerably more funds . In my opinion higher education is over heavy and too expensive especially as we have enormous shortages of tradesmen. I think it would be well to put Mr Macrons idea of cutting parliament by one third into effect It seems he intends to do that in France. The House of Lords needs to be abolished its is a hang over from past generations.
    I’m not competent to budget for the nation but I’m sure lots of unnecessary money is being used for nonessential things.
    Many years ago one parliament ran the nation now we have the expense of three and all it has done is create dissent.

    1. Kertsen – it is right that the top half should pay and should pay more. The inequality is staggering. The salaries for those at the top is ridiculous compared to the hard working ones at the bottom. People on two million pound bonuses with salaries already in the millions do not deserve that level of money. Ironically I was reading about Rooney and his massive income. He has apparently set up his own PLC and used tax scams to pay only 10%. I bet that is standard. Successive governments threaten to stop these tax loopholes but fail to do so.
      There is no doubt that our public services are heavily underfunded. There is huge waste but it isn’t here. When I ran my school I was pinched to the bone. I was laying staff off. It has got worse in the last six years.

      1. Inequality is staggering within the rich countries like our own but even more staggering if you look at it globally. Twenty million Indians defecate outside ; the poverty in developing countries is unbelievable. We are born by good fortune into rich nations that have made their wealth from the poorer ones that’s how life works and it always has been that way. Rooney has a special skill and an enormous following so he gets his income from that situation. Look at the exposed BBC top salaries but as has been pointed out its the market that those men and women move in that pays them. In the desert water is worth a fortune . I do not believe corruption is worse at the top than at the bottom its just larger in size .

      2. Kertsen – you are right. The inequality around the world is truly grotesque. That is what needs addressing.
        Rooney is merely a skillful footballer. He deserves a fair reward. What he receives is obscene. It is out of proportion. Here’s where tax should step in. He should not be able to access loopholes to pay less of a percentage tax than me.
        Corruption at all levels needs rooting out. It destroys lives.

      3. Opher I could say their are far less footballers with Rooney’s skill than top physicists working at Cern and use this as an argument to pay Rooney more that they are paid. At the moment market forces dictate private sector wages and you are saying that those forces are obscene.
        How can we replace market forces? supply and demand is a world wide principle and has been from the year dot. In most countries direct taxation is used but it has limited powers because of its popularity. Just look at the prices fetched by memorabilia from the past in the auction rooms again supply and demand just why should a letter written by John Lennon be worth so much. Now here comes the sixty four thousand dollar question , what would I do with such a letter? tear it up or benefit from market forces? I think you have joined the ranks of the idealists in thinking we can put the world to rights: we can’t but we can be generous and considerate towards others and speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

      4. Ah but Kertsen – I wouldn’t mind if Rooney was paid the same as scientists at CERN. I bet they are not on a fraction of his wage. I wouldn’t even mind if he was paying fair taxes. He’s scamming the system, isn’t he? That shouldn’t be allowed. My contention is that we address the inequality with a fair progressive tax system that nobody should be able to circumvent. Why should Rooney only pay 10% tax when people earning a fraction of his income are paying 40%?

  2. There is a lot of Mismanagement in todays education system. Funds are being misused, and students, Parents are paying a heavy price for it.

  3. Clarification, please, Opher. If the rich are opting to buy their health care, does this mean that you have a two-tiered health care system in the UK? That idea was squashed in Canada – although Alberta fooled around with it.

    1. No we don’t but we have what is called “Choice” and if someone is prepared to pay for Private Healthcare or Private Education that is their business. Even I, right now am considering seeking Private Healthcare not because I can afford it or not but because of incompetence/neglect by NHS so called Professionals has left me in a right mess.

      1. You can pay for private schooling in Canada, too – but not healthcare. Liberal governments here outlawed it because it would likely lead to a stampede by the best practitioners to the private sector. Is that what happened in the U.K.?

      2. Suppose the private schooling decides to radicalized its students doesn’t that put a whole new light on the attitude you can do what you like with your own funds. At the moment you can get preferential treatment in the NHS if you have the cash and we must not forget that many surgeons and doctors work outside and inside the NHS for extra money. It’s the job of the state to interfere with what it sees as dangerous trends in any area, turning a blind- eye to the activities of the rich would be more dangerous than overlooking the lawbreaking of the poor.

      3. Yes we do John. There are many people who opt out of the NHS and go private. They can go to private clinics with preferential treatment. Often the same doctors do the operations but get paid for doing so – on top of their NHS money. The rich buy preference. The NHS is doing great but is starved of money. As a percentage of GDP it is scandalously low.

      4. That is because it is underfunded Anna. I do not agree with choice. Why should the rich receive a better care than everyone else? If they had to use the same schools and hospitals as everyone else it would magically be properly funded, properly staffed and there would be better facilities.

      5. That is happening to an extent. The chief surgeons are going private to get more money. The same with schools. It is time we stamped it out and funded public services properly. This two tiered system is grossly unfair and to the detriment of most people.

    2. No I don’t agree. The waste is all at the government end with gimmicks like Free Schools, Academies and Grammar Schools – all drawing funds out of mainstream. I ran a school and the budget was so tight I had to lay staff off. The amount spent on education in this country (and police and NHS and Social Services) is way too low. We haven’t got our priorities right. If you want quality you have to pay for it.

  4. So Opher, your answer is Corbyn and those behind him, and you think they would solve this Country’s problems do you. Come on face the truth or don’t you like that, everytime Labour have formed a Government they have left us in a worse state remember Blair and the message left on the day of Blair’s departure by Campbell “NO MONEY LEFT”. I am not saying the Tories are doing a good job, I voted Tory because I could not trust Corbyn he’s shown himself for what he is. If in the future Labour had the right man for the job and he had something to offer I would Vote for him. I Vote for whoever I feel this Country would be safe with and its not Corbyn and his pathetic band. Don’t say only the rich people pay for Private Healthcare or Education because they do not there are others who will save or be prepared to do what they have to for the good of their Children or themselves, their rights. Stop running down this Country and making it look so bad to foreigners, have some pride in your Country and if you hate all that goes on here then leave, I understand your Daughter has just come back from Europe, what Brexit I thought this Country was no good because we left Europe????

    1. Mr Cornyn is an idealist and a very convincing and likable one into the bargain . Idealism believes we can all be one big happy family and at the same time please ourselves. It is a fallacy and runs contrary to human nature which is tribal. Tribalism is not something we have acquired over time but it is part of the nature of survival , our primitive evolutionary baggage that enabled humans to inhabit the globe. Ghandi another idealist believed Hindus and Muslims could live in harmony , he was wrong, and that is why we have Parkistan today. Religions preach anti – tribalism suggesting we should all be one big happy family but even our politics is tribal but we do not admit it.

      1. Kertsen – I don’t think Corbyn thinks we can be one happy family. He despises Tories as much as I do. They are making a right mess of things. Corbyn wants fairness and more equality and has the policies that will bring that about. He will protect worker rights and fund the Public Services properly. That’s far from the idealism of Ghandi (which I admire greatly). Ghandi wasn’t responsible for partition. He tried his utmost to stop it happening. Probably nobody could. The British leaving left a vacuum and the religious groups rose to fill it.

      2. Your post confirms tribalism. What we have , and have had throughout history, is a pyramid of wealth , the elite at the top and the destitute at the bottom. Each layer is fighting to climb the pyramid it’s called competition and is highly praised. Growth is worshiped and must continue even if it destroys the planet . Bigger airports more cars more roads and railways . If you look at the site ‘Limits to Growth ‘ It is explained in detail. Nobody could stop partition because it is human nature our tribal instinct at work . George Owell had the thing regarding politics summed up in his masterpiece ‘Animal Farm’ a strong socialist at heart he realised that when one government was removed another often proved no better.

      3. That is true. The question remains – how do we improve things? Does everything have to follow the same patterns? As an idealist I say no. We can learn from the past. We can find a working model. We have the internet now. We can move away from tribalism and create a fairer society. I’m an idealist Kertsen.

      4. Tribalism is a primitive process that we either get over or die by. We have to improve in this as we have done in other areas.

      5. Opher we cannot get over what we are we can learn this from Christian History redemption is not possible for flesh and blood . The Catholic Church has confession because it knows we are failures , even among the elite ranks this has been exposed. The nature of idealism is the belief that we can perfect the world but a perfect world needs to be inhabited by perfect people ; where are they?

    2. Anna – I think Corbyn is a breath of fresh air. It is the first time I have read a manifesto that addresses the problems square on and funds the necessary changes. The only thing I don’t agree with him on is Europe.
      Blair did a great job for the country – throughout his tenure we did better than any other time – look at the stats; we were in the black. He funded public services properly and regenerated inner cities. His two big mistakes were the war and following Thatcherite economics. The crash in the world economy cannot be blamed on Labour. I suppose they caused the crash in the USA, Japan, Germany, France and the rest, too? There was no money because the world economy went through the floor.
      The rich have private health care. Other people, like us, can pay to go private if we can scrape the money together, but we shouldn’t have to if it was funded properly.
      My daughter’s contract ran out and she is going through a divorce. She had to come back to get family support for the children. Nothing to do with Brexit.

    1. Heaven knows Cheryl. They will either be sent elsewhere or a new team will be drafted in. Things are dire at the moment. We have teachers leaving in droves. They’ve had seven years of pay cuts while the bankers have increased their bonuses. It stinks. Crime is on the increase. Police numbers have been slashed, NHS is in crisis. They can’t recruit enough nurses and doctors. Firefighters have been slashed. The Tories have a vendetta against public services while cutting corporation tax and cutting taxes for the rich. People have had enough.

      1. Hey Opher,

        A Government should live in fear of its people not its people live in fear of the government. Social revolution arising at the fundamental level is desperately needed in the UK. Trust, respect and regard for politics/politicians have all long gone amongst the UK electorate. In an information rich age one doesn’t need to spend long online to taste something of the contempt and growing disquiet amongst people who have had enough of austerity, egocentricism, lies, dishonesty, deception, and the perfidy of politicians. People are dying on the streets of the UK, dying waiting for hospital treatments, social disorder is rising, racism is rising (as too is nationalism) and society is crumbling. The UK government must listen to its people. I have faith the electorate will vote correctly this time and remove the Tories from office…in fact I hope the electorate will put those that survive the cull on a spaceship and send them to the far reaches of hell, but that is only my personal opinion.

        In regards to Kersten comment above; ‘We must not forget that 90% of income tax is paid by the top 50% of taxpayers, while more than a quarter is paid by the richest 1%.’ Nor should we forget that tax-breaks for this specific group of individuals is afforded by robbing the poorest in society like those claiming welfare benefits as a means to survive. Depending on one’s perspective such deliberate mismanagement of public funds suggests at a form of social cleansing. But money has now been weaponised and will continue to be used to stratify society, maintain power structures, and suppress the masses. You are correct that expenditure of public funds must be better appropriated and transparency in that expenditure made evident, and I would also like to see firm methods of wealth redistribution being made policy by the incoming Labour Government when they get here. Grass roots expenditure to rebuild infrastructures that Tory austerity has ripped apart is essential to progress.

        Thanks Opher, rant over for now. But I will; be back…

        Enjoy a peaceful and prosperous weekend. Loaf long and prosper 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


      2. Dewin – I see you share my views. The Tories are always despicable elitists who exploit the poor. I too hope they get voted out forever. Have a good weekend too.

      3. Indeed I do Opher and we are certainly not alone, although where we may differ is that I would also welcome Welsh devolution as part of a package of social reform: a campaign not led by nationalistic pride or foolish arrogance but one that will allow greater control in managing policy ‘locally’ in concordance with specific needs and funding those needs as required. Wales still bares the social scars born at the loss of mining and heavy industry and does so amongst geographically dispersed and isolated communities across a large area. Wales needs a government that will identify with its history, its traditions, and its people, and invest to resolve these long-lasting and highly affecting issues quickly.

        Governments are puppets for global corporations, banks and financial institutions who play with them at their leisure whilst dancing them around in the media for our entertainment. The cabals that run the show have little concern for the electorate, just an evil wicked propensity for the acquisition of wealth and power. I once had pity for them now that to is gone.

        Anyhoo…sorry to digress and babble 🙂 Best wishes for the weekend, keep it real 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


      4. Money has always been weaponised that has not changed regardless of politics , the rich exist in every nation and place, except perhaps in a few monasteries. Russia has plenty along with China and North Korea. In the animal kingdom we have a ruthless pecking order and that is our origin. Steven Pinker in his book ‘ The Better Angels of Our Nature ‘ claims we are less violent than ever before in history . It is a monumental work attempting to analyse warfare throughout history. The reason Mr Pinker gives for our new benevolence is not they we have improved characterwise but that war no longer pays.

      5. Hey Kersten,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Nature does not kill indiscriminately but humans do because we define ourselves by the manner in which we are nurtured not by what was intended in our true nature. Money capitalises on our fears by replacing the ‘survival’ instinct with a social conditioning extended to us at birth that ensures our ‘reptilian mind’ learns to accepts money as a reward and means to survive…and thus in this one this act is promoted a never-ending cycle of dependency to the point where other than gravity and fresh air everything else in life either costs money or is centred around money. Money is not a Naturally occurring entity, it is man-made, a sugar for the child within. As such we are all given to believe that wealth defines us and our success in life. That is until one either awakens to the reality of contemporary life or awakens to a more elegant truth.

        I agree with the essence of Pinker’s thinking but might add that war no longer pays because to many countries now have nuclear capability and there would be nothing left of god’s beautiful planet to govern after global apocalypse. It is far easier for governments to operate covertly by buying political favour than it is to instigate a military campaign to execute regime change…and yet, I have heard video commentary on a fellow blogger’s site alleged to be from a leading adviser to the Obama administration openly declare that it is ‘[now] far easier for governments to kill a million people than it is attempt to control a million people.

        The Better Angels of Our Nature is a mantra to have on the bathroom mirror and be read everyday 🙂

        Enjoy your weekend.

        Namaste 🙂


      6. Thanks for your answer. Humans have not always delt in money early on goods were bartered but we still had the rich and the poor. Women were part of those goods , the chief may have many wives and more property and land. There is no true nature or intended nature only the nature that developed over thousands of years. Mr Pinker called them the better angels because his study forced him to admit there were the worse angels . We have a dual nature due to our self – awareness ; a conscience and an ambitious desire both often in conflict. Freud declared we are at war with ourselves and he was correct. In his book ‘How the Mind Works the brilliant Pinker shows how we carry a huge evolutionary baggage and declares we are not blank slates but have a built in propensity to violence and evil. Religious thinkers have known this for centuries but Mr Pinker and others have translated it into scientific language. The public reacted violently to ‘ Lord of the Flies ‘ which suddenly presented children in a totally different light: they were not the innocent beings we believed them to be. Social conditioning can only work on the raw material of humanity . Civilisation is often a veneer covering thousands of years of evolutionary development. If we look at the world in its chaos and lunacy we can see the results of those things which are beyond our control. Because of our intelligence we chose to believe we are in control of our actions and often ignore under lying forces that are at work in us.

      7. Hey Kersten,

        Nature has one sole intention: to survive. We are a product of Nature. Our survival instinct has not evolved (we have not had to adapt to a new world etc..) but we now present this aspect of our psychology through the mechanism of money. Money has come to satisfy the reptilian mind’s desire for security, safety, shelter, and food: the basic foundations of Maslow’s hierarchy. Beyond acquiring these fundamentals are opportunities for personal self-expression using higher faculties than those that bring about violence and war. Leaders of the world are not enlightened souls with higher faculties; they are spiritually, morally and ethically destitute, and endlessly soulless promoting base ideals and degenerate thinking. It is as I suggested, ‘we’, and they specifically, remain Earth-bound angels still waiting to become fledglings aching to fly. When our Earth stops stuttering on an axis of fool’s gold and begins to spin freely on an axis of Love, then perhaps human-kind is ready to advance.

        Namaste 🙂


      8. Dewin – I don’t think that is quite true. The first intention of nature is to reproduce, the second to survive and I reckon there are a number of other intentions – enjoyment, fun, adventure. Many animals consume alcohol if they can. Many animals, particularly young ones, play. Maslow’s hierarchy applies to all?

      9. Surely it’s true that the process of natural selection has no intention or purpose as pointed out by Mr Dawkins . It is claimed to have started with reproducing organisms but how they arose is speculation. So from a self replicating organism we’ve got to a man over two billion years or so. Each step of the way is due to change brought about by adaption to circumstances and we see it in the fossil record.
        I’m had never heard of Maslow’s hierarchy and it’s not easy for me to figure it out but I will have a try. I’m busy at the moment trying to make some sense of artificial intelligence but once again a tough nut for me. I have considerable difficulty with mathematics which is used a lot in these fields. Do you think that leaders of the world are especially degenerate ? If so how did they get to be leaders? Perhaps they are amongst the 1% of the population who Robert Hare claims to be psychopaths. What about the French and Russian revolutions ? What sort of men and women started them? Perhaps they were started by circumstances due to excessive pressure on the poor. Do you suppose revolution is instigated by repression ? Thanks for Mr Maslow I shall investigate his ideas.

      10. Dewin – I fully concur. The cabals and multinationals are ruling the game. The politicians play by their rules because they have the money. We’re at the bottom. But I don’t want to see the break-up of the UK. I think we are stronger together. Neither do I want to see the break-up of the EU. I want a more global approach. My ideal would be a federation, on the lines of the USA with its collected States. It would provide autonomy for regions while having an overarching globalised system that would control the multinationals and cabals. We need universal laws on tax evasion, pollution, conservation, deforestation……….. We can’t operate as small countries without devastating inequality and environmental devastation.

      11. Hey Opher,

        Thank you for your impassioned reply. The beat at the heart of your thoughts concerning a federation of states is something that I do agree with. No single economy could operate independently and meet the expectations of the electorate. I wondered when I wrote my last reply if I should expand my thinking and suggest that my thoughts of devolution for Wales would coincide with a proposed reunion of the seven ancient Celtic speaking nations beneath one umbrella. It is a suggestion I made hint of in a poem called 7-Nations on my Blog…albeit disguised within a story involving Merlin:

        I was in discussion with John Fioravanti (commenting above) who reminded me that Canada extended an olive branch of friendship to Scotland, UK, when they had intention of devolving. I applauded that and would welcome a ‘super-power’ supporting and helping to form an overarching body of governance promoting trade and financial investment for all Celtic nations forming under one banner and bound by one tongue. I do believe that a country has a right to self-governance at the local level and should have adequate and far-reaching flexibilities sufficient to fully support their people. I also accept and in principle applaud the idea of evolving a localised federation of states into a global phenomenon…it is a very exciting proposition indeed to even conceptualise and envisage world governance and to sense it being a possibility…but I fear so direct a change would dissolve into extensive fractured argument and discussion (think Brexit fiasco) without forward progress being achieved. My preference would be to establish Wales and its Federation as a working model guiding the world towards ultimate solidarity and union as they progress independently through developing federations of their own. When successful, all federations may then come together as one. Humanity must evolve in stages whilst embracing non-violent fundamental change and understanding how best to utilise the wonders of technology to progress our global civilization. If the world was already in union human-kind would have colonised other worlds by now. But I think it right that we haven’t yet spread our dualistic nature any farther than the end of our garden paths. When human consciousness evolves to accept and embrace ‘difference’ then ‘we’ may be ready to journey beyond the stars. Until then we remain Earth-bound angels still waiting to become fledglings waiting to fly.

        Namaste 🙂


      12. Kersten – there has always been that inequality throughout history – that is true. We have becom,e less violent and more civilised. That’s good and about time. We now need to take it a stage further.

      13. Dewin – the frustration is that these things all take too long. I’m frustrated by the slowness. Yet I do understand that things have to evolve slowly. We so desperately need an overarching body capable of dealing with the international dimensions that beset us. I think federations maintain the local culture. I am always amazed when I travel around the States and find such distinct characters in the different States. That is the way forward on a global scale for me. That is the main reason why I think Brexit was a major step back. There is much wrong with the EU but I would have preferred we fixed that rather than withdraw into isolation.

      14. Kertsen – while it is true that natural selection has no purpose the end result is complex. It produces change by random mutations which are then selected by circumstance. However, I think the evolution of consciousness has produced ramifications. We are no longer merely existing, surviving and reproducing. We have a consciousness which has spawned other interests that I do not see as being totally connected to survival. We get bored and require entertaining, we wonder and explore, we have imagination, we like to create. And humans are not alone in this – other animals do similar things – and who knows about plants? Are they conscious?
        Maslow’s hierarchy is basically simple. There is a hierarchy of needs. It forms a pyramid.
        The highest are the most pressing – the need to eat, drink and find shelter. Then sex. Once we’ve got our basic needs out of the way we can begin to think of other things.

      15. Kersten – (Do you think that leaders of the world are especially degenerate ? If so how did they get to be leaders? Perhaps they are amongst the 1% of the population who Robert Hare claims to be psychopaths. What about the French and Russian revolutions ? What sort of men and women started them? Perhaps they were started by circumstances due to excessive pressure on the poor. Do you suppose revolution is instigated by repression ?
        That’s a lot of questions.
        Yes I do believe a good number of our leaders are psychopaths and sociopaths. Those people have no conscience or empathy. They do not care who they injure. They get to the top through ruthlessness where caring people have empathy and doubt. They present things in clear black and white terms with simple solutions that appeal to people. In reality nothing is ever black and white, easy to solve or clear.
        Idealists started those revolutions but the ideals got lost when they were exploited by psychopaths. Yes I do think revolutions come about through repression.

  5. Politics is indeed a well paid profession with many perks and links to other well paid professions throughout the nation. Rubbish collecting and stacking supermarket shelves is not so good but I’m sure many migrants would be glad to do even those poorly paid jobs. I remember hearing wealthy MPs declaring how despicable the practice of cash in hand jobbing was, it made me smile as an example of do as I say but not as I do.
    Politicians have an endless source of income, the tax pot which they even control supposedly for all our benefits. The private sector has no such pool of wealth unless it can persuade the government to subsidise its business.

      1. They have, and those of all persuasions take advantage of them. Mr Osborne was called six jobs George when he was in government but he claimed he could handle all of these jobs. It reminded me of builders who while working for a company receiving an hourly wage squeezed in private jobs to boost their income , I expect George would have been outraged at such behaviour. Mind you it goes on in all sorts of jobs it’s human nature at work the one thing that Marx forgot all about in his expansive theory . Often the cry is ‘ I’m not being dishonest just following what every one else does’or perhaps how do you think the rich make their money. Now suppose I swindle a bank of a large sum I could argue they can afford it so it’s not really dishonest. By these means we justify our own actions to relieve the guilt that pricks our conscience.

      2. They disgust me when they exploit their position. Greed is one of the most dangerous aspects of human nature. It needs controlling.

  6. How happy we would all be with Corbyn in charge with his extreme far left policies. How nice to have a Home Secretary, God forbid she ever will be that, stupid obsessed with ex lover Corbyn, Diane Abbott MP for Hackney who says it is understandable why they rioted in Dalston last night. So the Blacks rioted and threw Firebombs and then complained at the RACIST POLICE, agree Opher when you have a Son/Daughter in Law in the Police? Some of those Police were Black, the rioters complained when the Police used their Dogs and Horses, what we need are the Canons of Water fired at them like they use in Europe. They want to riot they don’t like this Country then Get Out. That prick at Cambridge Uni look him up “all whites regardless of what they are what they have they are racists” thats you former middle class deputy Head of a school you were, thats me thats every White person. Makes me sick that in this Country we tolerate Shit Like that thing. Sooner the people, regardless of colour or belief in this Country stood up to be counted said what we think what we really think, call us Racist, call me Racist I don’t give a f..k. Passionate, hell I am passionate about this I have had enough of these rioting bastards and all those that complain and complain about this Country, simple answer – p… off out of it. Corbyn panders to them and just imagine what this Country would be like under him, good, no like a dumping ground for all the shit that wants to live off the Taxpayers. Thank God I have less years ahead of me. This is Great Britain a Proud Country who needs to fight, to maintain all we have, all we believe in, we are a Christian Country that I know you object to but we are Christian and despite those that are trying to destroy that we will remain Christian. Kick Out the likes of the Black Rioters and followers.

    1. Calm down Anna. It’s not worth it.
      There is no excuse for rioting. But there are concerns when someone gets killed by the police and there is suspicion of racism.
      There is no excuse for being a racist whether someone is white or black.
      Too much anger and hatred. It’s all pent-up. The politicising of the police by Thatcher was the start of a lot of it.
      I’m certainly not Christian and while this country has a tradition of Christianity it is fortunately secular.
      I don’t know why you dump things on Corbyn. He’s the only one making sense.

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