Education and Health Service now falling apart!!

Starved of cash with seven years of pay cuts causing staff shortages, the National Health Service, Education and Police are beginning to fall apart.

The entire staff of one school resigned together.

The number of unqualified teachers has risen by 60%. Do we really want every untrained Tom Dick and Harry teaching our kids? They are surely worth more than that.

As the rich take their kids to private school and buy their health care the public sector is being hung out to rot by the Tories. They are robbing the poor and public servants to give tax cuts to the rich and big corporations. It stinks.

Crime rates are rising steeply for the first time.

The Tories are creating a crisis.

We are the fifth biggest economy in the world. Where is the money going?

We know where the money is going, don’t we? We only have to look at George Osborne’s income to see that. They are feathering their own nests at the expense of the poor, sick, vulnerable and our children.

How much longer are we going to put up with it?

Public Services to be decimated by Tory Cuts – £70 Billion planned cuts will destroy the NHS, Schools, Policing, Social Services, Fire Service and Council.


This is terrifying!

The Tories are planning to decimate Public Services in what is an unprecedented attack.

The services are still reeling from the £30 Billion cuts they brought in during their first term. To do another £70 Billion on top of that is unbelievable. It will destroy our services.

Safe in their hands? I’d prefer Atilla the Hun or Ghenghis Khan.

This is nothing to do with austerity. This is Tory viciousness. They simply do not care about ordinary people, the needy, sick or the poor. This is the application of Tory dogma.

So it is Tax Cuts for the rich, more bonuses for bankers and misery for everyone else!!

The Nasty Party is exceeding its own crass standards.

See what a real ex-Headteacher thinks. This very readable book tells how it is in education. You don’t have to be a teacher to love it.