There’s Enough – a poem about fairness

I’m treading water a bit at the moment trying to do up my new house and finish my two latest novels. So this is a poem I wrote while in Australia.

There’s Enough

There’s enough

For me and you

To share

If we are fair.


There’s no need

To grab too much –

To snare

More than our share


For if we truly care

And help our fellow men

And nature too

They’ll be more than enough

For me and you.



There’s Enough


I yearn for fairness and equality, an end to arrogance and selfishness.

I crave a better world where a tiny minority are not exploiting everyone to cream off more than they can ever be worth.

I want a world built on sanity where nature is protected, where everything is not up for grabs and run for profit.

I want a happy world.

There’s enough for us all and nature if we only learn to do it better.

There’s nowhere near enough if we continue to destroy it all with impunity. We will destroy ourselves.

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