2016 was the hottest year on record-CNN

Deregulation is open season for businesses to cut corners, pollute and reduce safety levels. It is maximum profits and a disaster for everyone. BSE was the direct result of Tory deregulation policy in Britain.



The new administration about to take over in the United States is all about deregulation.  Most of the cabinet picks are not qualified for the positions they are about to hold.  President elect Trump has stated he wants to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  Not only does this not bode well for the United States, it affects the planet as a whole.

More than half of the voting population in the United States did not vote for Trump. He’s cozy with Vladimir Putin, and U.S. intelligence has shown that Russia interfered in our election.  I can only hope this buffoon of a president elect swiftly gets impeached.

I love my country and my way of life, but I’m afraid all of that is about to change drastically. We as Americans must stand up to this fascist regime about to take over our country.  I have lived too long…

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10 thoughts on “2016 was the hottest year on record-CNN

  1. Of course, these farmers had no responsibility whatsoever to do with the outbreak of BSE.
    By simply blaming the Tories is a bit like blaming Swan Vestas for arsonists.

    1. It was nothing to do with the farmers. The Tories brought in deregulation of cattle feed. The companies producing cattle feed used protein from dead sheep in the feed. The feed had to be thoroughly heated to kill off all microbes. The companies cut corners to maximise profits. They reduced the heat. Protein prions from scrapies in sheep brains were not denatured by heat. They passed into the herd and caused BSE (some people eating contaminated beef developed CJD). The result of this was the decimation of the British herd. It was a direct result of legislation not farming practice.

      1. Suggests otherwise when some stood up in a court and plead guilty as charged.
        I might not have done so had I been set up.
        Let’s just say there was a catalog of abuses from both sectors.

        I’m reminded by what Pig farmers would have been feeding their animals with. I used to have a deal with one, where he would take away all the food waste bins for free and in return give me back all my cutlery that casual waiters had carelessly let fall in during banqueting jobs. We did conferences feeding 600 people 5 days a week. That stuff can’t have been too pleasant by the the time it saw his pigs.

      2. Yes but feeding pigs swill from food waste from restaurants is not in the same category as putting dead carcasses of sheep in cattle feed.
        I’m sure there were a few farmers who were guilty of various breaches but BSE was caused by not heating cattle feed to the right temperature – nothing else.

    1. This denial of climate change, deregulation and wish to put finance before the environment is very disturbing to me. It is pretty much an ecological disaster if it goes ahead.

      1. Yes it will. But a lot of the damage to ecosystems will be permanent. It distresses me to think of all those animals destroyed.

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