Donald Trump comes in on a wave of hot air!

Worrying times!

This last year was the hottest year on record!!

CO2 levels are the highest recorded.

Sections of the barrier reef are dying due to the warming process.

Seas are warming.

Sea levels are rising.

Low lying islands are in danger of disappearing.

The ice-caps are melting.

Weather patterns are changing. We are experiencing droughts, floods, hurricanes, storms, freezing temperatures, record high temperatures and changes in sea and air currents.

Donal Trump denies any of this is caused by mankind’s incessant output of CO2 through the burning of fossil fuels. He wants to reopen coal production and up the use of fossil fuels. He is talking of pulling out of all climate agreements. He has packed his cabinet with climate change deniers!

There is more to life than money! To make a fast buck and lose the whole world is a poor deal!

Let us hope that he does not do what he says he will do!! The whole world is at stake!

44 thoughts on “Donald Trump comes in on a wave of hot air!

  1. What about the ‘Sour Milk Sea’ theory, where the sea basically cleanses itself every 21,000 years. Nobody ever discusses this.

    Also, what else they never discuss are all the new island formations that pop-up out from the ocean having been formed by tectonic plates colliding. They only discuss those that are in danger of disappearing (usually populated) and also giving no consideration that many of these these islands are formed by sand bars where such trivial foundations are very easily destroyed by underwater volcano eruptions and earthquakes.

    Basically, there’s too much BS and not enough science.

    1. No Andrew – plenty of science and too many people believing bullshit. All the fake news put out by deniers. The evidence is there. It is irrefutable. I thought you liked facts?
      There is a slow circulation of oceans. It isn’t cleansing itself though. It will be far too late for life on this planet. Most of our productive land is low-lying. a two hundred foot rise in sea-levels would be cataclysmic.
      Yes we have new islands from volcanic activity. So what?
      The low level countries would be the first casualties.

      1. What is my liking or otherwise of facts got to do with it?
        They either exist or they don’t and I’m afraid you will be unable to alter that equation.
        Stick to the point for once and wind your fucking neck in.
        The Fact is Opher, the world is constantly evolving and changes are both subtle and drastic.
        We can determine that going back millions of years.
        We’ve had Ice Ages and large scale floods – what caused them? Chinese pollution? – no, so nature can take its own course.
        We do have the Sour Milk Sea theory and the oceans DO cleanse themselves. So you’re wrong on that.
        I do like facts – I’ve stood on a brand new island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It’s amazing. You won’t have ever had that opportunity.
        The internet is full of crazy claims of 1 kilometer and 200 meter sea level rises, suggesting such sea level increases will happen almost overnight. I doubt it.
        And here’s you offering up a 200 foot sea level rise.
        Looks to me like a pattern of bullshit is forming here with random figures (as long as they sound serious) being pulled out a hat.
        Nobody has really got any idea. It’s all very loose guesswork.

      2. It certainly isn’t guesswork Andrew. They have the pattern and progression mapped out. The rise of sea level would be due to both melting ice and expansion of water. No guesswork – just careful calculation.
        Previous ice-ages were caused by cyclical changes in solar output. We were heading for an ice-age before the industrial revolution. The rise in CO2 levels has created an artificial warming effect. It is the same greenhouse effect that is prevalent on Venus where surface temperatures are presently 460 Celsius. There is no prediction that we would warm to that degree but the precedents are there. In the past sea levels were much higher. Most Neolithic sites are under water. The water shallow seas were home to ammonites and trilobites. Either a virus or climate change put pay to them.
        With current populations and the use of fertile low land for agriculture a rise would be catastrophic. Most of our big cities are coastal ports.
        The turn over of oceans takes hundreds of years. It is not going to be at all helpful with the current rate of global warming.
        It is one thing for nature to take its own course – not much we can do about solar output – but it is quite another to deliberately orchestrate a calamity on that scale. There is no doubt that the combined action of 7+ billion human beings is causing a devastating effect on climate and the natural world. Human being are already creating the greatest wave of extinctions since the last asteroid hit and wiped out 90% of species. We have the capability to control what we do without polluting or creating these outcomes. The blind pursuit of profit in the face of such devastation is stupidity and madness. We are busy cutting our own throats.
        This denial of all scientific knowledge is the new superstition. We are being ruled by the stupid and greedy. Deniers are uneducated lunatics or selfish, greedy bastards who only care about their own self-interest.
        They are not naming this age the Anthropocene for nothing.

      3. I would take it easy on that claim of ‘careful calculation’!
        There’s more or these claims floating about out there than people.
        The thing is, what they are incapable of calculating is the differentials between natural and man-made. It’s no fixed equation and ludicrous to suggest they’ve got it down to a fine detail. Everything is a from-too loose estimate.
        You could not produce one scientist who would tell you otherwise, so please try and refrain from reinventing the story to suit your claims because we all read and hear exactly the same stuff. I read New Scientist just as often as the next person.

        I can’t think of what Venus has to do with it.
        What on earth possessed you to think that this detail was in any way remotely relevant?
        Other than an Atomic explosion, the chances of such surface temperatures are less than zero.

        I’m also not quite sure what you’re trying to say with suggestion of the Neolithic age, albeit somewhat more recent than the frankly ludicrous inclusion of a point of reference of Ammonites and Trilobites, both of which died off into extinction how may millions of years ago? Too many.
        What have early species from millions of years ago got to do with your case for global warming causes in 2017?
        What logic is being applied here?

        We know why stuff happened in the distant past with supposed asteroids smashing in. The evidence exists.

        None of these silly names and handles make a blind jot of difference. Anthropocene is merely a suggestion, as opposed to a fixed asset.

        As for your last phrase, obviously written by some tree-huger, ‘denial is …. the new superstition’.
        What logic is being applied here? Did you seriously buy this?
        I’m happy with it though, because mechanically in terms of the English language, it means absolutely nothing at all.
        I think you are repeating it parrot-fashion having given zero consideration as to its intrinsic meaning.

        Basically Opher, given the amount of times that scientific facts have been disproved, removed from history, rewritten, redrawn, rethought, you name it, I remain sceptical.

        The ‘facts’ regarding the sinking of Titanic spring to mind.

      4. Well I’m with you on facts – a la Titanic. All to be taken with some degree of scepticism.
        Obviously the temperature on Venus is relevant – it is an example of a runaway greenhouse effect. It is extremely unlikely to reach such proportions but is not out of the question. Venus might well have been a planet very similar to Earth before the greenhouse effect. Silly to dismiss it.
        The Neolithic seas were very much higher and back with the ammonites they were a lot higher still. That is relevant – examples of what has been happening right where we stand. Complacency is our greatest enemy. It couldn’t happen here.
        We have been oscillating between tropical and ice ages. Neither of which would suit us at all well. The difference here is that we are manufacturing this one ourselves and that is plain stupid if it can be avoided.
        Yes we have this new climate of stupidity where everybody knows better than any expert. It’s the age of non-reason. Scepticism is one thing but basing all judgement on ignorance and luck is certainly not intelligent.

      5. I don’t think there’s much scepticism with that Titanic business, its all down on official reports, journals, sworn statements, diaries from a plethora of sources. It’s just that officialdom decided to ignore all that.

        Seriously? Venus?
        Venus at 460 degrees Celsius!
        For a start its situated at entirely the wrong distance from the Sun. It could not sustain life as we know it, therefore, it would be very easily dismissed as a very silly idea.
        It is only by the slimmest of flukes that planet Earth has the orbit that it inhabits. A few degrees more either way closer or further from the Sun could have blown all chances of any life forms.

        According to my wall chart on all things ancient and long gone:
        Firstly, the Neolithic period came to a close about 8,000 B.C.
        Ammonites were around between 240 – 65 million years ago and Trilobites were 521 – 250 million years ago.
        I’ve a sneaky feeling this was slightly before any Hominins were around.

        The evidence of some forms of global warming speaks for itself. However, what we really do not know is exactly what mankind’s input is and that of the Earth’s constantly evolving cycle of warming and cooling.
        Nobody can as yet equate this.
        Your claims of precise calculations are not accurate.
        I’m sure there are some science boffins out there making what seems to them accurate assumptions, but no sooner do we hear from them, then there’s another claiming the opposite. Something’s wrong with the whole exercise.
        We need some more common sense here and I would refer you back to the class swot who doesn’t possess an once of ‘street smart’.
        We need to get off the cross and stop crying about wasting nails because we need the wood.

        I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the climate Opher.
        These reports are being paid for by industries and governments, either for or against depending on the agenda.
        I cannot accept such corruption.
        I want to see transparency and not anything but transparency.
        I will never buy into anything of this nature that has anything to do with philosophy with an agenda.

      6. Ha Ha – that’s a twist and a half Andrew. You talk about me going off at a tangent. I never said anything about Venus having life. Though that is not inconceivable that at one point it might have. I said it was an example of a runaway greenhouse effect. That is why it is so hot – not because of any other effect.
        The Golilocks zone that the Earth sits in suits us. But then we’ve evolved in the Goldilocks zone so it would wouldn’t it? No fluke. There will be zillions of planets sitting in Goldilocks zones around other suns. Perhaps life is common? Perhaps it is rare? We have no way of telling just yet.
        If we had been slightly to one side or another it might have worked to create a different form of life evolving in different conditions based around other elements that carbon, hydrogen and oxygen – a different Goldilocks zone!
        I think I am aware that hominids weren’t around with trilobites and ammonites. Once again I merely pointed out that they were denizens of warm, shallow tropical seas and were found pretty much everywhere because pretty much everywhere was under water and hot. Those tropical ages were the opposite to ice ages and would have been worse for us.
        While their are some scientists who postulate on all manner of things (some even think the Earth is flat still) there is a vast consensus. The Earth is warming and CO2 and methane are responsible and that we are the cause of it.
        The term Anthropocene was not thought up by a jerk. It was used by serious scientists after extensive research. People are impacting on the biosphere in a way that has never been seen before.
        Now we can turn a blind eye to it and pretend that it isn’t happening and suffer the consequences – the end of most species on the planet and a climatic disaster which will threaten our own existence and make the wars and migration of the present look like kiddies stuff – or we can do something about it, move on to unpolluting energy sources and protect the creatures that are left so that we have a viable planet to leave to our kids.
        Seeing as you have welded yourself to Trump you now seem in favour of going down with the ship and fuck future generations or the rest of life on the planet.
        Personally I wouldn’t want to take the risk that a small number of maverick scientists know better that the vast majority. But hey – we’re in the age of unreason where we can deny anything. Where we just plough on regardless and take the risk – Brexit, Trump – the planet – who cares. It’ll all work out. There’s always some jerks who’ll say anything is untrue.
        The evidence speaks for itself. Perhaps science isn’t your strong point?

      7. You are funny. What would be the point of so much of mentioning Venus in relation to Earth? Was I immediately expected to hop-to the big temperature test? Like “oh so, you’re not familiar with the Earth vs Venus temperature test?” That’s some really skewered, obscured and oblique acid test lateral thinking. You could pick thousands of other planets and stars with similar environmental conditions.
        Am I supposed to be able to express a level of familiarity with Venus? Am I supposed to already know in an in-the-know manner what it’s like to be sitting on a planet that’s 460 C?
        Yeah right, Opher. Nice one.
        I listen more closely to what today’s leading Astronomer’s have to say. The Earth’s position is complete fluke. Your assumption that there will be zillions of similar assumptions elsewhere is your imagination. It’s a possibility. You can neither prove or disprove such conjecture.
        I’m afraid your personal theory of an alternative life form that hypothetically could have evolved had the Earth been in a different position contradicts the views of these Astronomer’s who are clear in their calculations that any such variation could not promote or sustain life forms.
        Maybe best if you come back to Earth asap and lose any aspirations sooner than later of your extensive Scientific prowess, or at least promote those areas of Science that you hold qualifications in.

        I can’t see the point of making mention of environmental conditions form millions of years ago. We have really no idea what sea levels were so high. Furthermore, in your basic theory you have given absolutely zero consideration towards the movement of tectonic plates pushing massive land masses into new positions, creating mountains, creating more island areas, creating both deeper and shallower oceans. It’s not too difficult to go figure that these factors just might make a difference.

        I could forgive vacuous garbage so empty of definition and substance. But it’s not so easy when it’s important.
        We live in a wonderful country where even those with an obviously retarded understanding of the complete big picture are given a say. I firmly believe in the Democratic process and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s essential that we have a relatively accurate indication of the numbers, albeit in percentage terms or their hundreds of thousands or whatever who need further help with the development of fully understanding these issues.

        What is somewhat worrying is that these same people spend their life bleating on about global warming yet are so blind to even notice that their society all around them is turning to shit. They remain oblivious to it. Yet they wish to be heard and voice an opinion. They wonder why they are never taken seriously.
        These people only receive facts, they never define them.
        They wouldn’t know how to.
        At best all they can do is to take all the elements from a current school of thought or subject matter and make wide sweeping statements with the sincerest of convictions.
        It’s the oldest trick in the book. Guilt tripping is as old a vocation as prostitution. It can’t be scored.

      8. But I told you Andrew. It was perfectly clear. Venus is an example of a similar planet to Earth that has experienced a runaway greenhouse effect.
        Not a fluke. There are zillions of planets that will be exactly the same as Earth in a universe that has such a large number – zillions. They are all too far away for us to be able to find them easily. We’re getting better at it.
        The rise in sea levels was nothing to do with tectonic plates. I am very familiar with the whole tectonic plate theory and Gondwana. But the sea level rise was due to planetary warming, melting of ice-caps and expansion of water. The level of seas is widely understood and not in dispute.
        There is much speculation about life, how it is formed and whether it could be based on other elements such as silica. It is possible. So far we have not found any extraterrestrial life but scientist believe it is there. It is just that the unimaginable distances involved make it impossible to contact or gain evidence. You don’t have to be a SF writer to speculate on that – just a scientist.
        Obviously life needs specific conditions to originate and flourish. With the number of planets possible it is not a fluke when all those conditions conspire – it is an inevitability that will occur zillions of times. Zillions of Earth-like planets are in a Goldilocks zone for carbon life. Whether they have spawned life is presently unknown. It is not difficult to see that when one does the life produced finds it remarkable – the chances being so slim. But given an almost infinite number of planets it is inevitable. That’s science for you.
        The size of the galaxy is beyond human comprehension. The fact that there are more galaxies than grains of sand on every beach gives some slight perspective.

      9. I’m still struggling with your heywire lateral thinking and ridiculous excuse with using Venus as an example.
        I think you’ll be on your own in the belief that there was useful comparison.

        Your claims of zillions of this, zillions of that are laughable.
        You have been reading too many silly fiction comic books.
        I have never heard one proper Astronomer express such loose conjecture. You’re imagination is running riot.

        You’re very wrong if you think tectonic plate movements have nothing to do with sea levels. Tectonic plate shifts disperse water and cause tsunami. Tectonic plate shifts can both expose and immerse land.

        Your contentious claims on extraterrestrial life are somewhat comic book.
        The little green men stories seemingly sank very deeply into the psyche of a lot of people back in the 1950s. Given the total rubbish that you can be accused of churning out, it would therefore come as no surprise that you too are also a victim of such beliefs. At least victim enough to be able to made such spurious claims as if they were matter of fact.
        There’s certainly an element of naive immaturity at work here.

      10. I’m not sure science is your strong suit Andrew. I’m also not at all convinced that you really understand about the number of stars in the universe, tectonic plates or sea levels.
        Thanks for the lateral thinking compliment. I am good at that.
        I won’t bother going over it again. Let’s just say that I am extremely concerned about Trump’s attitude to the environment and the potential for global warming to be catastrophic to both us and nature. That is my main worry. People who ignore all the data and press on regardless are a menace to us all. Trump thinks he knows better than anybody else regarding Russia, the environment, China, ISIS and everything else. He doesn’t need briefing from experts. Someone who thinks like that is a big danger.

      11. I think you’re a bit of a arse with your deluded aspirations of being some kind of Astro-Physics scientist.
        You did Biology, for christ sakes, Opher, you taught this to children in a school, at children’s level.
        You didn’t do Physics. You didn’t work for NASA.
        How could you claim to be an expert? You know no more than the next layman. You have zero qualifications on the subject.
        You’re blowing hot air out your ass here.
        I bet you’ve never so much as owed a telescope! You will never have had the opportunity of observation on a countless number of nights sitting in the equator, where the clarity of observation is incredible.
        Your nothing short of juvenile claims of “zillions of earths” is like something from a Just William book.
        Seriously, you don’t half come across like a petulant child with such hysterical exaggerations.

        You claim that tectonic plate movements do not affect sea levels?! Such a comment confirms that you really don’t know nearly enough about this. That’s actually quite shocking ignorance displayed there Opher.
        I suggest you do a bit of further reading and revise your understanding.

        Don’t kid yourself – the very last thing you’ll ever be good at is any lateral thinking. That just isn’t a feature with you.
        Take your Venus stuff for example. Just because it’s a similar size to Earth, there ends all similarities.

        I think you have somehow misinterpreted something, hence your belief that he “doesn’t need briefing from experts”.
        What he’s not too willing to be readily accepting is information as solely expressed by existing government advisers. He’s looking at a slightly larger scope, hence why loads of new people with no previous ties to government have been brought in.
        Russia isn’t of too much concern at the moment in real terms. It is really struggling economically following Obama’s sanctions penalties of $180 Billion over Crimea.
        Today, Russia’s GDP is only half of that of California.

        FYI, ISIS isn’t called ISIS anymore, the term was deemed inappropriate as it conflicted with ancient Egyptian mythology. It’s now simply known as IS (for Islamic State).

      12. Andrew your arrogance and small-mindedness knows no bounds. You who purports to be an expert on all things. Never mind. The first action of someone with no argument is to attack the arguer. Instead of engaging in discussion you indulge in personal crap. Shame. You’re a climate denier on a similar scale to that of a creationist. All bind faith and hot air.

      13. So that’s exactly why you opened up your previous post with such? You are a hypocritical and duplicitous arse.
        I gave you clear and concise reasons why I didn’t / couldn’t accept you claims. They are unfounded.
        I couldn’t give a continental for what you think I think.
        I think you are slightly simple.
        Your constant hysterical conjecture adds nothing. It does not enforce you argument, but detracts from it. I can’t deal with dumb conjecture from a stupid crying and whining child. At least I don’t want to be.

        You have absolutely no idea how USA’s new government are going to tackle issues. You have not an iota of a clue.
        Therefore, for you to be ranting and raving about something that you haven’t got a clue about makes you out to be at least something of an idiot. It’s not exactly behavior of someone in full control of their emotions and of a rational and sound mind.

        Perhaps you should take your own advice. Stop attacking the people and tackle the issues. Issues that were not necessarily caused by the people now charged with fixing them.
        That would be helpful to you, I’m sure.

      14. Thanks again for your diatribe and rant.
        I think I can see how Trump is going to operate. I listened to him and then read what he put up on his Whitehouse. He tells us what he is proposing to do. I believe him.
        Perhaps you should put your case coherently instead of reducing your argument to the level of a drunken pub argument with more personal abuse than reason.

      15. You have a problem with memory and information retention.
        I have previously given you full explanations on dozens of occasions.
        But at the time I hadn’t realised that you had the retention powers of a chicken.
        There’s really no point in repeating myself again as you will only have forgotten what was said by either myself or yourself in a matter of a few hours anyway.

      16. I think the problem you have is thinking that everything you come out with is automatically accepted by the people you say it to. I take a lot of what you come out with as merely a personal view with no real basis. When it is accompanied by personal shit I simply ignore it and give it the contempt it deserves. Abuse is the resort of the unintelligent.

      17. Opher, I don’t abuse you, I laugh AT you.
        Your ideas, at least a lot of them are amusing to me. I find them a mixture of plain old fashioned, naive, childish and simply misinformed.
        We’ve seen many misinformed comments from you, where I’ve had to shed some light for you to enable a better understanding towards the bigger picture.
        It’s relentless.
        This is just another on that great long list of loose conjecture statements off the cuff, off the wall and without the remotest of concrete evidence to back it up.

        It’s only until very recently that you actually admitted that you had trusted the TV and media and had believed them all way too much for your own good. You had admitted that you had been as you described it yourself as “gullible”.
        Since I brought all that bullshit to your attention you have changed tactics and are now behaving like the latest recruit for the keyboard warrior brigade.
        That’s great and certainly not before time either.
        But please don’t try to tell me that you invented the wheel on this. I’ve lost count of the numerous times where I’ve had to put you right on a particular matter.
        You still have a huge amount of catching up to do and vast amounts of information sources to source.

      18. Right – I’m glad we cleared that up. You total disrespect and ridicule with personal put-downs is not abuse.
        You have instructed me from your pinnacle of wisdom and I am now clear on a multitude of things! Excellent.

      19. What is clear Opher, is that you were pointed in the direction of other sources that gave you a better and more informed interpretation of events as they stood. I’m sure you will agree that by exposure to such gave you the opportunity of greater understanding.

        I’m not suggesting that you have shown any particular signs for having digested such information as clearly with regards you arguments for both Brexit and Trump, as you are still standing exactly where you were standing a year ago.
        Nothing you have learned about the corruption of the EU has made the slightest impression on you.
        Nothing you have learned about the US Democrats has made the slightest impression either.

        At least you are consistent.

      20. Your assumptions being that I was unaware of any of the shortcomings of the EU and the Democratic Party or Hilary Clinton. I am, despite your churlish claims to the contrary, no unintelligent, uninformed fool whose memory is suspect. I have read nothing in any of your responses or further afield to lead me to change my views. Trump is a complete dangerous narcissistic (Greek) arse who is a major threat to life on this planet while Clinton is more of the same. Both are corrupt but Clinton is the lesser of two evils. Despite your love affair with Trump I see no redeeming features and nothing you’ve come up with has revealed any. You accuse me of naivety but perhaps you should look at the groove you’re stuck in?
        Likewise with Brexit – the more I find out the worse it is – an expensive mistake of mammoth proportions. There is much wrong with the EU and I’ve noted your one-sided exaggerations alongside the detrimental effects of leaving, weighed them up and remain firmly in the Remain camp.
        You are of the opinion that your views are the only ones that carry any weight and that anyone who doesn’t take on board the diatribes you dispense is either an idiot or has a memory problem.
        I for one simply find your arguments not sufficient for me to change my views. Sorry. You need to try harder. There are two sides to the arguments. You gather data to support one side and ignore and ridicule the other. Intelligence dictates a more well-rounded approach.

      21. Now you’re blowing bubbles up your own arse.
        Look at the crap you espoused without knowing the truth!
        You have forgotten some very important aspects.
        At the time of our debate it was discovered that you did in fact not know anything about Clinton being financed by Saudi Arabia! FFS Opher, that was a major FAIL on your part. A magnificently major fail, if ever there was one.
        You did not know anything near enough about her past.
        You knew nothing of the Clinton Foundation’s financial history.
        What more do you need to know here?

        On Brexit you hadn’t realised that the 5 Presidents are not actually elected.
        You hadn’t fully realised the extent of abuses of power.
        You hadn’t fully realised how centric the EU was with regards corrupt influences from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
        You hadn’t fully realised how bad useless immigration had become in UK. You were under the naive understanding that all those coming into UK were here to work and contribute.
        Those that came here to simply claim benefits went completely under your radar.
        It took you months to get to grips with the concept that we are being fucked over with Islamic immigration.
        You had previously given the whole deal the softly-touchy-feely-Liberal approach. It took you ages to latch onto the possibility of any abuses with this.
        You are incredibly slow on the uptake.

        In many instances, too many instances your naivety displayed was nothing short of bloody laughable.
        If I were you, I wouldn’t be too keen on wanting to be reminded of this.

        You never lived in another European country. You never did business in Europe. You are simply a has-been pensioner with a biased opinion. An opinion that has zero foundation as it hasn’t been formed by real-time personal experience. Therefore, it stands not for very much at all.
        I have an informed opinion because I DID live in other European countries, and I DID do business in the EU.
        What amuses me no end is how you can consider yourself to be so informed about a subject that you evidently have so little experience of in the first place.
        I didn’t actually refer to you as quote, “a fool”. That was in fact that of your own doing. But I’ll not argue with you.

      22. Well obviously you are an expert on me. You know me better than I do. You are an authority on what I knew on every subject and according to you its nil and you’ve had to inform me on everything because you’ve been there, done everything and know everything. What arrogant bollocks. I don’t need a list made up out of your imagination about what I did and did not know. Likewise I do not need lecturing about my views. I’m happy to state my views and argue my case.
        What is quite clear is that you have extreme views on many things and like all people with such views are extremely limited in terms of understanding the implications of any of it. You and Steve Bannon would hit it off right away. You cannot understand any shades of grey, emotional responses or intuition. You think everything is black and white and simple. You also have a habit of completely misunderstanding and misrepresenting and no matter how many times I put you right you come out with the same shit.

      23. You see, Opher, this is why you never made a penny in your life doing business.
        Shades of grey and emotional responses would be of no use to you at all. You wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

        What about Stephen Bannon?
        He is only one of many people.

        You have never put me right on anything.
        You’re a hysteric, who all too quickly loses sight of the issue and is swayed by populist conjecture.
        It’s all just stream of deluded consciousness stuff.
        I have a very low tolerance threshold for fantasists and their silly behavior.

        What a fool you are with that black and white and simple comment.
        FFS Opher, it is you who comes across with the most ridiculously narrrow-minded comments, and it is me who has to cajole you into thinking “big picture”.
        How many times have I said to you to look at the “big picture” because you were thinking on very simple terms and had entirely missed so much.
        It was you who knew nothing about “The Project For The New American Century”.
        Really important stuff that you knew fuck all about.
        It was you who had never heard of Clinton picking from the Saudi money tree.
        It was you who claimed that Trump had been “bankrupt” as opposed to just 4 of his hundreds of companies being written off, albeit not all at the same time.
        He’s had less business failures than Marks & Spencer.
        You didn’t know about Obama’s nuclear programme.

        I have persistently and only ever steered you towards the “big picture” stuff.
        But you’re still at the junior level of pointing fingers, with stuff like “that Trump’s a nasty man!”
        A nasty man?! Really? President of USA and he isn’t a guy that you can talk flowers and poetry with over a herbal tea?
        And you are surprised and slightly put out by that?
        You must be one of, if not the most naive people that I’ve ever come across in my life.
        You are the sort of jerk that wears sandals with socks and doesn’t understand the sniggers.

      24. Started better with less of a rant but lost the plot halfway through.
        You are right – I would not have made it in business because I wouldn’t want to. I have a good business head and knowledge but no wish to do something as pointless. I’ve had my opportunities and turned them down. Just working for money is no way to spend a life. I wanted something more and got it.
        You’re also right – Steve Bannon is just one of them – an important one mind – he is a very unpleasant man with repugnant ideas who is pulling Trump’s strings. But they are a pretty piss-poor bunch. Didn’t you watch any of the hearings? Obviously not.
        This big picture of yours is the fascist view of the world is it?
        It is OK for Trump to be a stupid bastard because he’s the President and that’s expected. Well Obama has shown him up. The man has intelligence and decorum and is not uncouth and loutish. Likewise Obama doesn’t have a desire to fuck the planet up for profit. What a toad Trump is!
        Lesser of two evils means precisely that. Right now I think Stalin or Mao might have been the lesser of two evils compared to this vandal.
        I’m OK with sandals and socks. I think I’ll wear them as a new ‘fashion statement’ and more fool you for thinking that it ain’t cool and we should all be victims of this cool attitude. You can snigger all you want. Who gives a shit? Who needs to conform to some ‘cool’ code. Who lays that shit down? You follow the rules if you like. I’ll do what I want. I know which way the fool is.

      25. Quote = “I have a good business head and knowledge but no wish to do something as pointless.”

        From where did you learn all these skills Opher? The classroom full of teenagers?
        Whatever, you are dreaming like Walter Mitty. You have no business skills and even less understanding.

        Quote = “It is OK for Trump to be a stupid bastard because he’s the President and that’s expected.”

        What kind of logic have you applied here?

        Quote = “Well Obama has shown him up. The man has intelligence and decorum and is not uncouth and loutish.”
        OK really, would this be the same Obama with intelligence and decorum, yet didn’t even know when to drink or not to drink during the playing of the national anthem at a state function?

        Really Opher?
        Have you really no idea as to how badly Obama had performed during his tenure. Are you aware of the increase debt level that he incurred?

        Did you know that Hillary Clinton sold Uranium to Russia during her tenure?

        Quote = “Likewise Obama doesn’t have a desire to fuck the planet up for profit. What a toad Trump is!”

        Really Opher? Obama made no negative impact on the world especially in the name of profit?

        Are you out of your tiny fragile mind?
        I think you just might be with your analogy about Stalin and Mao. How typical loony-left to come out with such unfounded insanity. You really are stupid at times.
        Had Trump lost I doubt if there would have been the backlash that we have seen by the Anti-Trump mob. These people do not believe in Democracy. They want to impose their beliefs and ideals and if you don’t fall in line you are called every ‘ist’ and ‘ic’ that is present in their vocabulary.
        Then the left does what it does best and they throw tantrums otherwise known as riots. Burning cars, breaking windows, defacing buildings’ facades etc. And now we get to hear the leftist talking heads and Hollywood boneheads lecture us on how violent conservatives are.
        What’s interesting now is the blatant bias which we now see in the media and people have woken up to this.
        At least most people.
        You don’t understand that the worst Fascists we ever saw were that of a fundamental Socialist persuasion.
        Fascism has been far more successful (for want of a better word) in the hands of the extreme-left.

        Obviously you never understood why they were sniggering at you in your sandals and socks. If you don’t now, well never mind, it’s all far too late now.

        Every single time you make one of you loony left pronouncements of insanity, I will counter you with a point of fact. A point of fact that you cannot ever dispute.

        Please tell me why you thought that it was a good idea that Obama (for all his intelligence and decorum, in tandem with his Sec of State, Clinton) sell Uranium to Russia.
        I’d be most interested to learn of the evaluation process employed by you on this one.

      26. Pathetic as usual Andrew.
        I have had a rich experience of life. And most of my career in teaching was not spent in the classroom – though there is nothing wrong with that per se. As a Headteacher running a multimillion pound institution you have to be a business man.
        Forget the childish personal slurs, the little examination tests and diatribes. Your gloating arrogance is not impressive.

      27. Opher, you were only a boss for just 5 years. I think perhaps that you have maybe forgotten how many long and drab years you spent teaching in the classroom.
        5 years really isn’t a very long time at all, certainly not in the world of big business. Some projects take longer than 5 years to come to fruition, so that’s a good example of what 5 years is in that perspective.
        What you had in your “business empire” was an expenditure budget. An expenditure budget that has been previously described as being at £3 or £4 million. I couldn’t quote you accurately because of your previous anomalies concerning the actual total.
        Your business skills did not require you to make money.
        Therefore, no actual skills were ever applied.

        However, with this budget of yours, once you’ve accounted for salaries and fixed expenses, then what?
        In terms of suppliers, most of them will all have been previously selected for you, at least this is normal practice, and you will therefore be familiar with the term “nominated supplier”, whereby by nature of an agreement at HQ level, you will have to buy your supplies from that nominated supplier.
        In real terms, you have no actual purchasing powers yourself, except that of any given quantity per order.

        So in short Opher, what you had to play with was actually fairly elementary and basic.
        You didn’t really need “business skills”, all you were required to do was make sure that the cupboards never ran bear of supplies.

        I see you glossed over why Obama had sold Uranium to Russia?
        Was that just too uncomfortable for you to deal with?
        Had you even known about it?

        I suppose therefore, it was much easier to talk about yourself. Again.

      28. Andrew I think firstly that it is probably your memory that is shot – or is it just severely selective?
        I was in senior management with major responsibilities for 17 years and Head for 5. How long were you handling major responsibilities? I think your starting role was more flunky than high-powered wasn’t it?
        There was absolutely nothing drab and dreary about being in a classroom with bright intelligent kids. They were a delight and I enjoyed it immensely. You have a very jaundiced view of teaching. It is a great job. Fortunately I was able to retain classroom teaching right up to the end of my career which is unusual for a Head – but I chose to do that because it was fun.
        You also display a complete ignorance of what was involved in running a school with responsibilities for a thousand plus people.
        You just display your arrogance and prejudice.

      29. That was a hell of a long time hanging about waiting for dead man’s shoes, wasn’t it?
        17 fucking years, Opher, as #2 in the same school. The same 4 walls. The same 4 walls that on a rainy Tuesday morning, you relished nothing more than being positioned in that classroom?
        Get real. You’ve just got to be kidding right?

        No, Opher, you are wrong. I was never anybody’s flunky.
        I did my 5 years training and was then afforded the full management benefits. I wanted for nothing. And I mean nothing.
        Unlike yourself, who was so left-wing stupid that he self-imposed his poverty stricken auspices of his politics onto himself, to the extent that – as described by you – was reduced to wearing the dead threads of his dead father-in-law, because he was too fucking poor to clothe himself properly. How pathetic is that?
        Whatever it was, Opher, it would never have been me.

        Yes Opher, I know what a school was. It opened at 8:55 and closed at 4:00. The Janitor was the first in and the last to leave. What about it?
        By the time your day was coming to a close, mine was only just beginning, at least the interesting bit was.
        Did that for 25 years. Loved it. Loved the money even more.
        I did it for me and the money. I never did it for anybody else.

      30. Well Andrew I think you summed it up there. It’s an attitude that persists through all your responses. You did it selfishly for yourself and the money. And the utter stupidity of that is that you have the nerve to think that is more worthwhile than the lowliest teacher on the planet. What you did was a socially pointless job of no worth that was a prostitution for mere money.
        I enjoyed every day of teaching (apart from a few), loved the kids I taught, found it fulfilling, rewarding and highly worthwhile. I certainly didn’t do it for the money even though, at the end, I came out of it OK. And it gave me the means to live my life in an interesting and creative manner.
        I had the offers to prostitute myself for money and told them, unlike you, where to go. I was never, ever, ambitious in that way. There is far more to life in my book than doing some meaningless job for money.
        That same selfish, self-centred attitude is what you keep splurging. And you’re proud of it.

  2. Sorry, but was not aware the President Elect had Irish connections. “Donal Trump”? Enjoy watching the Inauguration tomorrow I am sure you will have plenty of notebooks and pens to the ready, enjoy.

      1. I doubt I will be watching it – far too depressing as he and his cabinet of climate change deniers set about destroying the rest of the wildlife on the planet. Sad days.

      2. Changed it in for petrol Andrew! But if you think for one minute that one car is anything compared to the havoc the Trump maniac could unleash on the environment you have to be joking!
        Diesel was thought to be cleaner and produces less CO2 than petrol. It is only within inner city environments where there is a problem with nitrates and particles. In the countryside, where I live, they are not at all hazardous.

      3. We don’t have to give anyone a chance, Anna. We listen to what they say and see what they do and if we don’t agree we protest as loudly as we can. Why wait for them to do more damage?

      1. Electric is too polluting at the moment Andrew. Until we have a non-polluting way of producing it with enough alternative energy source. The gas and coal power stations are terrible and converting energy from one source to another is wasteful. You lose at each stage.
        When they are producing it from wind, solar and tide it will be less polluting than petrol. Until then i reckon petrol is best environmentally.

  3. Thats ok, we all make mistakes from time to time, some bigger than others. You know we have to give the President Elect a chance, as we had to with the one about to go, as we had to with our own Prime Ministers over the years. People make a choice and if it’s not the one we wanted, we just have to accept the decision and hope all goes well. Kennedy was “The Hero”, when all along he was the shit and not that good a President either, but his death made him a Martyr and all his wrong doings are always played down.

    Hope you are settling into your new Home, it takes a while. After the death of a loved one its the next most stressful thing to go through. I have been through both, don’t think I could do a move, even though I would love to. I trust you and your Wife are keeping well, all the best – Anna.

    1. We have settled in well and met all the neighbours, who seem very nice and friendly. We have lots to do on the house still though and won’t be straight until well into the summer. It is indeed extremely stressful and not helped by political outcomes and price increases but we are both OK. It takes its toll on health.
      I’m taking time out from blogging to get things sorted. When it is all done I think it will be a good move. Thanks for your kind thoughts Anna.

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