Disillusionment with the establishment. Both sides of the pond are in revolutionary mood.

It seems that most people are coming to believe that the world is being run by a small elite for their own narrow interests.

The world is a mess with inequality, war, the decimation of nature, deforestation, culling of wildlife, over-population, poverty, terrorism, climate change, religious fundamentalism and mass migration.

Nobody seems at all interested in tackling the fundamental problems that lie behind all these problems. They are quite content to allow it to go on so that they can exploit it for their own selfish greed.

People are beginning to realise that the same people who want this chaos and inequality, so that they can profit, are the ones funding the political parties and media.

No matter who you vote for you end up with a government controlled by the same corporate greed. They represent the interests of the rich and powerful over those of the poor and needy.

Democracy has become a sham.

Democracy requires unbiased information. There is none.

There is no free press. There are no unbiased facts. The population is fed propaganda and cynically manipulated. Politicians make promises to tackle corruption and inequality that they have no intention of keeping. The billions it takes to finance political campaigns are put in by the establishment. In return they expect the government to protect their interests. They pull the strings.

Democracy has become a choice between the lesser of two evils. We end up with Trump, Clinton, May and Brexit.

With the rabid establishment media relentlessly pounding away we often end up with the worst of the two choices.

People are getting sick of it. We want a sane world with less inequality and the real issues being dealt with. We do not want the greed of the rich and powerful being placed above that of ordinary people and the good of the planet.

One world – One people.

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