The Ten Things that are Buggin’ me today!

I am quite a fun-loving individual. I’m not depressive or gloomy. I like a laugh and I like doing things – especially travelling, writing, photographing and listening to music.

But I do get exceedingly angry a lot of the time. I can’t turn off from a lot of the insane things that human beings are doing.

Here are ten things that are buggin’ me today:-

  1. 10% of all the world’s wilderness has been destroyed since 1996 – that is utterly insane. All of the creatures living in that wilderness have been butchered and destroyed. Logging, mining, hunting, poaching, and strip and burn. Coffee, palm oil and farming. We are destroying the planet at an ever increasing rate! Soon there will be nothing left! It makes me mad!!!!!
  2. 1% of Britain’s richest own 25% of all the wealth – these are the greedy fuckers who are responsible for destroying the planet, creating poverty, creating the capitalist mantra of corporate greed and progress, ransacking everything for personal gain and not giving a hoot about the consequences. Inequality is the basis of most of the world’s problems.
  3. Rhinos, Elephants, Gorillas, Tigers, Chimps, Orangutans and all the other wildlife – All being machine gunned, hacked to pieces, used in Chinese medicine, ivory trade and bush-meat. Or else their habitat is being systematically destroyed. Soon there will not be any wildlife left outside of zoos.
  4. Grammar Schools – now the Tories have been taken over by the extreme right-wingers and think they have no opposition they think they can do what they like. Grammar Schools are OK for the ones at the top (who can afford the tutoring in order to get in) but it throws 90% of the rest of us into the shit. Label them as failures and throw them on the scrap-heap – take away aspiration and hope!
  5. The undermining of Democracy – there seems to be a systematic campaign run by the Tory Establishment to ensure that they remain in power for evermore. They have shackled the unions by bringing in legislation to stop them striking, shackled the BBC and taken over the board, run a campaign of lies throughout the media and are proposing to change boundaries so that Labour lose a bunch of MPs. Seems we might have Tories forever running the country on behalf of the wealthy.
  6. Mindless society – the celebrity culture and shallow, cretinous mindset that revolves around trivia, soaps, getting drunk, game-shows, strictly, Simon Cowell and the law of the lowest common denominator – anything to stop people thinking (particularly about the planet, big business, the wealthy and the Tories and their games).
  7. Capitalist Greed – the selfish mentality that puts profit before anything else. They are prepared to destroy the planet in order to have their yachts, penthouses and glamour. They do not care about the poor creatures butchered, the poverty, desperate people, war, inequality or drowned babies – just as long as they get more than their share.
  8. Overpopulation – the thing that is driving it all – now heading for 8 Billion and due to double in the next twenty years. Insanity. But necessary for growth, profit and a cheap workforce to drive the corporate greed – good for business. I see no effort to reduce this stupidity! It will swamp the planet and destroy us all. I hope there’s a virus soon!
  9. Trump – following the same populist, xenophobic, nationalist, right-wing movement verging on fascism, Trump has successfully motivated the desperate, disillusioned and impoverished and sold them the same old lies. They somehow believe a billionaire is on their wave-length and has their interests at heart. He is a lying fraud who is a great danger to everyone with his racist, misogynist, xenophobia. The fear of terrorism and Muslims has been deployed in the same way the Jews were scapegoated by Hitler. He’s a warmonger, an isolationist and a ruthless psychopath. Admittedly the choice isn’t great but it always comes down to the lesser of two evils.
  10. Brexit – the same tactics were used by the Brexiteers as they lied. It is true that the EU is a right-wing institution but it represents a more universal attitude, an outward looking force. I hate the media propaganda being put out about how great everything is. It isn’t. The racists have been given a charter to target Poles and other foreigners. Hate crime is through the roof as they create an atmosphere of British bulldog that I find repulsive. Behind the scenes I am already hearing from friends of firms closing down their operations here to move to Europe. Siemens is cancelling major developments. Already people I know of are being made redundant. Many companies are waiting to see which way we go. If we want in to the market we have to swallow free movement. If we opt out then firms flee. If we lose the bankers and car industry we are in for hard times. Apart from the race and economic impact we have been lumbered with an extreme right-wing government 9With the likes of Davies and Fox) who are already flexing their muscles with Grammar Schools and a host of other elitist policies. I fear for the weak and needy. May has already pulled the promises made – there will be no bonus for the NHS and I bet all the other EU funded schemes will find themselves scuppered. The worst is yet to come. We haven’t even started.
  11. Faith Schools – at a time when we have huge problems created by religious sectarianism and segregation you would think that politicians might have learnt their lesson. We want people living together in harmony – not apart being indoctrinated with sectarian, religious superstition. Indoctrinating children is child abuse!

I know. That is not ten. I threw in one for good measure!

I could go on. But those are the eleven that make my blood boil. I want to live in a world that respects nature and animals, controls its population and industry, is not obsessed with profit and wealth, practices equality, respect and empathy, and doesn’t indoctrinate our children. I want to do away with nations, religion and corporations. I want a population half its present size. I want freedom and individuality. I want creativity, fun and relationship. I want leaders who are not lying psychopaths, sociopaths and in it for the power and money.

I know – it’s become a tirade! But if we don’t shout it will all be destroyed by those who do not care!

47 thoughts on “The Ten Things that are Buggin’ me today!

  1. I would add one — don’t laugh! I think the mass of adult coloring books out there is a example of the dumbing down of humans! (Let’s see what damage we can do while they’re occupied coloring! said Trump! Not really, but I believe it.)

  2. I hear you Opher, trust me I do.
    However, in the Clinton camp, all is not what it seems.
    Her biggest contributor by a country mile to her financial pot to pay for her campaign, “The Clinton Foundation”, is SAUDI ARABIA! Go figure…
    The Clinton Foundation was founded with Cocaine money in Arkansas back when her dick-sucker husband stood for president.
    She and hubby both lost their right to practice Law in 1994, due to being proven guilty of fraud charges.
    She and others were fined, again for fraud charges, whilst heading up a Health Reforms committee just a few years ago.

    She’s actually, in truth far more “Right Wing” that Trump will ever be.

  3. You really are exaggerating what is going on here in UK regard “racism”, you make it sound like the National Front are running riot in the streets, please stop with all this. From the day you lost the Vote IN/OUT of Europe you have been carrying on like a over spoilt child. We are out of Europe, it is a fact and we have to get on with it. All those complaining they don’t like it won’t accept the democratic vote and the result, well if it is that bad here in the UK and you hate what is going on because that is the impression you give, you can like all the others who do not like the result, Leave the UK. I will make no comment on Trump or that crook Clinton, it is not my Country, the American People will Vote the way they want.

    I care about this Country, I care about what is being done to Nature, I care what is happening to this World. If you had cared that much and want to shout to change things, then why did you never get into Politics and fight your cause that way trying to get elected so you could shout with more power.

    1. Not exaggerating Anna. I have friends who have Italian partners who have been abused in the streets and on the busses. They are frightened. People are being spat at, shouted at and attacked. That Pole was booted to death. The National Front are not needed – the racists and xenophobes are taking the law into their own hands. They think they have been given carte blanche. Look at the official stats for hate crime and most are not being reported. The worst thing is that there has been an attitude change. Intolerance is the new in thing.
      I’m no spoilt child. Open your eyes to it. Brexit was a lie. They lied about the money. They lied about the effect and they used terrorism and fear of immigrants to fuel it. Not the country I want to live in. I dislike little Englanders. I want a thriving cosmopolitan world.
      Brexit will not solve immigration. It will make us a lot poorer and less powerful and it has put power in the hands of the establishment right-wing.
      It is OK to speak out against things you don’t like. We can’t change the vote but we can shout about the horrible things going on. I don’t have to leave the country I love because I don’t agree with the government. I can shout to change it. I don’t like racism, xenophobia or intolerance. I refuse to allow racists to call the shots.
      I went into education to make a difference. I’m too old for politics now. I spent thirty six years educating kids to think. I’m continuing that with my blog. I speak out about things I find repulsive. Brexit is just one. I think it was stupid and we’ll pay a heavy price. The poor and needy will bear the brunt but the attitude of the country is the biggest loser in my opinion.

    2. Sometimes when I respond to a comment I find myself writing an essay. So it was when I began to respond to this.
      Sorry Anna – I’m with Opher all the way. That will cut things short, but here’s a link to a pre-brexit vote post in case you’d like to know where I’m coming from.
      But I will respond to your last sentence. There are both top down and bottom up politics. People can exercise their voice from a grassroots position. That voice is becoming very loud on all the things that Opher is angry about and that voices recognises the urgency of change that top down political institutions do not seem to acknowledge. Revolution is occurring using the many technological means that are now available. There will be a new politics, one that is becoming very powerful, of which I am proud to be a part.

      1. I agree with you about the grassroots voice that is bubbling up. When enough people create the positive zeitgeist things will change. The internet provides a connectivity. We are not alone. Our voices are heard. We can make a difference. Politicians are the will of the people. We need to take the power from them. We need to shout loud and often and make them aware that we are not happy! They cannot lie to us and pull the wool over our eyes. They have to protect the planet as the first priority.

  4. God, I have to laugh you quote “Politicians are the will of the people. We need to take the power from them etc etc” you have one person in America who is trying to take the power from the Politicians and yet the hatred/abuse shown from you and others is beyond belief. You do not acknowlkedge what a crook Hillary Clinton is always has been along woith the Husband, this woman n shiould have been arrested by the FBI but she was niot. Her Husband should have been You have it that racists are running around the streets of England abusing everyone. Some weeks ago a snotty female journalist from one of the pompous news magazines came down to this Town because it was known as Brexit, she dressed herself up in one of these ridiculous muslim swimsuits that should be banned, and went into the Sea waiting to be as you would have it ABUSED, well she got the shock of her life because all she received was people thinking she was in trouble in the Sea and they swam out to assist her – so much for all the racism.

    Take a look at Corbyn, with all these threatening little rich bastards that follow him, Corbyn is now saying those of us that have the right to vote for him, and I am one, if he wins I can then vote his Shadow Cabinet in – what a shit like MacDonald pro IRA to this day. This is no longer Lasbour, I do not want a return of tyhat Bastard Blair’s politics, and now it seems one can’t even rely on on Corbyn. Who doi I turn to, Theresa May? On a personal note re my health issues down here and how appalling the NHS is and how good it is up in your area – there you go its good because the Tories?

  5. I don’t know what happened but typing so fast, Clinton should have been impeached but he was not (yes I know Nixon got away with it). So let’s be fair Trump has not made all his money by being honest, NO ONE does, he is as much a crook as Clinton. I really wanted to stay away from entering into your political blogs but this really annoyed me, I am sorry now I have I am feeling so stressed, this has really not helped me.

    I have reread all I have written and I apologise for all the spelling errors, I always correct before sending don’t quite know what happened there. Typing too fast hitting wrong button.

    1. I think you’ll find Trump is a politician and exactly the kind of person I would want to be banned from office. He’s an exceedingly unpleasant person who has been up to all sorts. It os strange that the shit slides off him but Clinton, who has not had anything proven, is smeared. Trump is a populist fascist.
      That sounds really funny that a woman in one of those stupid costumes has to be rescued. Silly sod.
      I greatly worry for Labour. Though I can’t see how giving people more voting and democracy is a bad thing. I like Corbyn and he’s certainly better than Owen Smith, but he’s not a leader who will provide opposition to this bunch of extreme Tories we’ve got in now.
      No the health service up here is not good because of the Tories, far from it. Their funding is terrible. It’s good because we have a great bunch of local doctors in our surgery. Just luck.

      1. No need to get stressed, Anna. Just say what you think without getting het up about it. If you don’t agree just explain why. That’s OK.
        I don’t like Clinton. In fact I think that anybody who is up for election is part of the whole establishment system. It’s the only way they can get elected. But Clinton is nowhere near as bad as made out and Trump is far worse. You watch how he’ll use the terrorism and play on the xenophobia and fear. It’s his ace. All he wants is power. He’s not interested in people. He treated his employees shittily. Like every fascist he uses fear and plays on it.

      2. Sorry Opher, but Clinton has been done twice for infringements, once, the most recent charge whilst in public office. This was when she got caught out with others for producing false reports so that the government could get off with health reforms, which as you know a great many of US citizens have a serious problem with being able to afford. Technically she should not be able to stand for Presidency, as any convicted felon, regardless of offence, may not do so by virtue of constitutional law. Although she obviously didn’t do jail time, she was fined.
        Upon her first offence she had her license to practice law withdrawn. That was in 1994. That should have been enough to bar her, but she’s US royalty so a different set of rules apply.

        What this does indicate is the utter corruption within US politics at the highest levels. The FBI relaxed with making the most of the charges that other lesser mortals would have been banged up and ruined for. Money and power talks, she paid the fine and it all got brushed under the carpet. All she got was a smearing. She is it would appear, untouchable.

        None of the above is any secret, it’s all available on-line.
        I’ve said all the above to you at least twice before and I think perhaps it would be best if you actually looked into this for yourself instead of being under the misguidance that Clinton “has never had anything proven”. That’s a heck of a mistake on your part.

        This election is far, far away from the simplicity of believing that we have a nasty bad guy in one corner and an innocent, wrongly maligned nice lady on the other. The more you dive into the inside world of Hilary Clinton and fully understand the cause and effect of her political agenda, what these effects have on social reforms, how quickly she backpedals depending on populist opinion within the US media, the easier it is to understand why Trump is so pissed off with the corrupt double-standards prevalent within US today.

        Their internal security system isn’t working nearly well enough and Trump wants to fix that. That isn’t Fascism. That’s common good sense.
        I don’t know if you watched the news tonight following the arrest today in New Jersey, but seemingly US internal affairs “by mistake” no less, recently released some 850+ other such persons back into the public throngs. If that’s a government figure, in reality it will be at least double that.

      3. Well Andrew from my perspective, as usual, we have a choice between two people, neither of whom I would want. The only people who stand a hope of getting elected are supported by the establishment machine who put the billions in. I’ve never said it is a choice between good and evil with Clinton in the white outfit and Trump in the black. She has been dealt with over those two instances but public scrutiny of other accusations found no basis. Not that there isn’t there. She is not nice. But I suspect all of the bastards operating at that level are similar. You don’t get to the top without being a bastard. But for me it is not about that. It is about the impact they would have on the world in office. It’s a straight choice between two evils.
        When you compare the misdemeanours of both parties – taking into account Trump’s treatment of workers and cavalier approach to the law – I believe he is as bad if not worse. I would put that to one side. It is not the big issue for me.
        The fascism I would ascribe to Trump comes from his rhetoric. He has made populist, racist and misogynistic statements. He is whipping up fear and fury and division in order to win votes. He sounds just like Hitler and Mussolini – promising the answers to complex problems with simplistic answers that are ridiculous. He is stirring up the anti-terrorist and anti-muslim sentiment in order to win votes. He has said crass things about women, Hispanics and blacks. He shows no understanding of democracy and talks of hammering countries. He condones violence and division. He is a tyrant in the Putin style, a nationalist and a jingoistic warmonger. I fear for the world economy, the inequality around the planet, the environment and worst of all I fear that he could drag us into major wars.
        I don’t think Trump is concerned with fixing internal security. I think he’s using that to get elected. The security here and in the US has been pretty good. We have rooted out most plots and have had relatively few instances. They could always do better but in general, so far, they have done well. The number of terrorist deaths is actually at an all-time low I believe.

        Now we all know that the US is fraught with problems that desperately need dealing with. The Hispanic immigration from Mexico, the inherent racism of Black, Hispanic and White. The policing. Poor education. The corporations, banking and multinationals. Environmental issues. Terrorism. Extreme Right Supremacist groups. Extreme Left terrorism. Inner city gangs. Gun control. Police brutality. Corruption. Drugs.
        They are all complex issues that require careful strategy. Nobody has really come up with a means of dealing with them. I don’t think they are that bothered. The establishment represents the establishment and they are always in power (and Trump is very much part of that establishment). As long as they are living well and making a healthy profit. It is the frustration that people have of all these issues that are fuelling Trump. They love it when he says he’ll build a wall all along the Mexican border and bomb the hell out of ISIS. Echoes for me of bombing Vietnam back to the stone-age. It simply does not work and it creates a worse problem. The US tried it with Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan and got their arse kicked every time. Hundreds of thousands dead and a more dangerous world. Muslims did not use to be blood-thirsty terrorists. People like Trump (the Bushes) created that.
        Trump’s violence and simplicity is a scary proposition. In my opinion he is a rabble-rousing nutcase who could create a World War.
        Clinton is a lot safer.

      4. “No the health service up here is not good because of the Tories, far from it. Their funding is terrible. It’s good because we have a great bunch of local doctors in our surgery. Just luck.”

        You may wish to review the multitude of EU health Quango’s that have proved to be most disruptive in this respect.

        Secondly, due to disproportionate immigration numbers of people, particularly from Eastern Europe (& as always the Indian continent), existing facility services have been continuously swamped by demands from an unprecedented quantity of patients seeking services.
        You will find that this contingent of the population bring with them the largest, by far, list of health ailments.
        Quite how any local health service can be expected to cope with such demands and maintain any level of planned service arrangements is a matter for debate.

        Where I live, the health services are simply fantastic. In fact they recently opened 2 major facilities in Glasgow.
        1) a massive brand new build general hospital.
        This allows all the other existing hospitals to become “specialist”, which relieves all pressure on a general admissions hospital.
        2) another massive “specialist” hospital, with adjoining health services conference centre and an hotel – for both conference visitors and the relatives of those having operations. Very sensible planning.
        The reason this works has actually nothing to do with government funding (yet the new hospitals were paid for by the Tories health budget), but a lot to do with the careful planning of services in line with the numbers of population.
        Had we in Glasgow been swamped with massive immigration numbers as has been the case in many areas of England, I simply wouldn’t be able to say this.

        The Tories can not be blamed for the unmitigated and completely out of control numbers of persons swarming in from all over the world to take advantage of our free National Health Service. We are having the mickey taken right out of us here. Our people paid for it, these patients didn’t, yet our people can’t get to use it because of EU migration “rights”.

        There’s another reason why Brexit was indeed a very good idea. Add this to the ever increasing “good idea” list.

      5. From my perspective it appears that the Tories fund the NHS very badly (in comparison of GDP with other countries – such as France). It was funded much better under Labour (as were schools and all the other public services). They certainly have not adequately planned for mass immigration, an ageing population, new treatments etc.
        But I agree, it’s not all about funding. The NHS is poorly managed and has far too many bureaucrats. It needs a big overhaul (But not the one Hunt is planning – one sorted by people in the NHS – not politicians of any hue).
        I differ to you in thinking Brexit might offer any solution. I do not think it will do anything to halt immigration. We’ll see. They either go for the market and free travel or shut the borders and take a big economic blow. May has already clearly stated that the £350 million is not on the table (it never was).
        I don’t see anything good about Brexit at all. I do not like the inward looking attitude. I don’t like the way it has created nastiness towards foreigners. I want a more global look.
        We’ll see what new trade links come and how many firms head into Europe. We won’t know for a few years. But I think we’ll be a lot poorer and that means public service cuts and the NHS suffers most. It’s a big unknown, isn’t it?

  6. You really are blind if you believe Clinton is safer – the difference between Trump and Clinton is Trump is not a professional Politician, Clinton is. As for nothing being proved about her, REALLY!! I wonder what the Family of the Clinton Partner who committed “Suicide”? would still say about her, and the old man. There are people in the USA who are too scared to say that they will vote for Trump because of all the “hatred” stupid people come out with, and threats of violence if they said they were voting Trump. Perhaps Clint Eastwood coming out for Trump may have helped them. Only when people go into the Polling Booths and they make their mark, only then will the truth come out. Either way the President will not be one that is wanted, there or here.
    No one who makes Millions/Billions has clean hands, Trump/Clinton and all the rest of them in the States or here in the UK, Blair for one, no one makes that kind of money without being crooked in some way. Opher you make it that your views are the ones that count, you can disagree as much as you like but that is the impression. When I was referring to feeling stressed it was because of Friday and my Dr. and what I did not want to hear. I really don’t need to be spoken to as a Child at school, (“getting het up”). I just don’t understand how someone can feel so much Hatred for another human being, ie Trump with you, especially when I taken into account all your other views you come out with. Aren’t we all supposed to “love one another”.

    1. I don’t think I’m blind. I do think Clinton is safer. I think Trump is dangerous.
      But not hatred of Trump – detestation of his racism, populism and misogyny. I detest what he stands for. I don’t hate him. There’s a big difference between detesting people’s views and attitudes and hating people. In terms of Trump I do not like him one bit. I think he’s a nasty piece of work who promotes most of what I stand firmly against, but I don’t hate him (and I’m none too keen on Clinton either).
      In terms of violence – I think that is both sides. Check out the rallies where Trump is cheering people on as they kick the shit out of protesters. I’ve never seen anything like it in modern politics.
      I am sorry if I come over as appearing as if my views are the only ones that count. It’s probably what it comes over as in print. I am merely trying to explain what I think and why as candidly as I can.
      Don’t take my comments so personally. I’m not talking to you like a child. I was concerned about your health. You were coming over to me as being stressed about it all.
      I put out 11 things that were bugging me. You probably agreed with 7 or 8 of them. We disagree on Trump and Brexit. That’s fine. I explain why I think what I do and you explain why you think like you do. If it’s rational, logical and fits the philosophy we might change our minds.

  7. Opher, there was really no need for all that. I think most people just might get all that already. In short, we know all about the pros and cons.

    My point was simply to point out to you that you were mistaken in the belief that “Clinton, who has not had anything proven is smeared”.

    Now after a period of reflection on your original comment, you now turn around and say she has been dealt with? Like you’d known all along? Please! Can’t you ever say that you were simply mistaken?

    Then you go on to tell me of other accusations where the public scrutiny found no basis?
    There were none! There have been no other accusations. Where did you get this from. What were they?
    You’ve just made that up, right here, right now! Like I was born last week!

    You also stated that Trump is a professional politician! That’s some claim, considering he only appeared a couple of years ago, yet Clinton has been involved for some 20 years+. She’s the professional here, by a country mile. She’s the candidate with a never ending money supply from Saudi Arabia paying her way. I wonder what they want out of all this?

    You finished off with saying Muslems did not used to be blood-thirsty terrorists.
    OK, one thing is for sure – that for some 900 years, 7th-16th Century, they made tyranny right across Europe.

    Coming up to date a bit…

    Remember India last century?
    When Muslim terrorism got so bad that they had to remove them all from central India, move them all up north and the creation of a new country, Pakistan in 1948.
    These Muslims still reeked tyranny among themselves for several decades and eventually engaged in a major war against each other 1970-71, hence the division of Pakistan into 2 halves, East and West.
    East was eventually re-named Bangla Desh. That was a horrible war and absolutely nothing to do with the west or America.
    Meanwhile in Egypt, much the same thing, with a multitude of different Muslim factions bombing the shit out of each other for decades.

    Your suffering from “White Man Perception”. Because Muslims terrorists weren’t actually bothering the white man directly, therefore, the conclusion is there weren’t any Muslim terrorists.
    That’s a dangerous mindset and similar to the one that got the US into a lot of trouble, simply because they hadn’t done their homework thoroughly enough.

    1. Just explaining myself Andrew. Once I get going I can’t seem to stop.

      Did I get it wrong about Clinton? I thought I’d read somewhere that she been investigated and cleared regarding wrongdoing over using her laptop. Maybe I’m getting muddled. But I thought that was recently.

      No doubt – Clinton is seasoned but Trump is no amateur.

      But I am well aware of the bloody history of Islam. I detest it. But Christianity is not far behind. Job to know which has done the worst damage globally. My point was that a lot of Muslims were becoming secularised back in the 1960s/70s. I remember seeing a channel 4 doc where they went to Islamabad university and showed the students there film of what it was like back in early seventies. All the students were in jeans and western gear – not a headscarf in sight. Now it’s all traditional clothes, veils, scarves and beards – the present students were shocked. I think the Bushes stirred up a hornets nest, unleashed A Qaeda and ISIS and set that whole process back a few generations. Same over here. My Muslim friends back in the 60s were secularised. They didn’t do prayer, mosques and stuff. I bet their kids are though. I’m not saying that there weren’t those extreme fundamentalists around. Just seems to me that we are further away from secularisation now.

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      1. Yes, she did get a slap on the wrists for using a public email service (like hotmail or something) for storing and sending very classified documents. Lucky for her, that wasn’t yet a classified crime (although it was clearly written in black and white within the senate rule book not to use such a service) – I believe the senate have since adjusted this ruling and it now is – by threat of immediate expulsion and imprisonment!

        That’s why Anjem Choudary was put away for 5 1/2 years.
        It should have been 55 imho.
        However, his old adversary, Maajid Nawaz – founder of Quilliam (liberal Muslims), is quite worried about the Muslim community in UK as a whole. He reckons that a third of UK Muslims hold support for a Caliphate regime.
        That’s quite a number of people that would not care less if one their members walked up to either you or I and cut our throats.

      2. That’s a lot of Muslims. I think I’ll nip along to Bradford and put on Black Cloud of Islam. Why aren’t they policing the mosques and shutting up the hate indoctrinators?

  8. I’m the one using the NHS, not for an accident or emergency, but the specialist sectors. I’ve used 5 separate hospitals these last 2 years and never been kept waiting a minute longer than my appointed time.
    My best friends wife is a senior Radiographer. She tells me it’s all about statistics. A hospital geared for 100,000 cannot cope with 125,000. Simple as that.
    No government either Labour or Tory – and we’ve had both – can possibly plan for the numbers swarming in to UK.

    Everyone and their dog knows the £350m figure (although in truth it was the original figure) wasn’t the case.
    We know Thatcher negotiated a discount.
    We know we also received a further rebate, bringing the figure down to circa £165m.
    That’s still £165m of our money unavailable to us.
    That’s £165m going elsewhere to rebuild Eastern European countries for those that don’t chose to live there and chose to live here.
    Where does such economic stupidity end?
    Even the SUN newspaper explained all this.
    What about it?
    It has nothing whatsoever to do with hundreds of thousands of people swarming in every year.

    We simply can’t take them in.
    There’s no homes, there’s no jobs.
    What we do have are thousands of home owners with property portfolios jumping on the “let’s take full advantage of this freebie” bandwagon, knocking a 3-bedroom house into a multiple occupancy zone and charging local councils the earth to house those desperate migrants in desperate need. And because inevitably children are involved, they have no other choice but to do so.
    Where does it end? It cannot keep going on.

    None of this was ever within the original plans of the “Common Market” that we signed up for in 1975. It has been corrupted out of all proportions.
    Because we are one of the top 3 desired countries to live within the entire EU community, we are swamped. It’s not on. It’s simply not sustainable. It’s untenable management.

    And you wonder why a few people get angry and vent their frustrations with a an insult or swing on unsuspecting foreigners?
    That’s the least of our worries.
    The very least.

    1. There is no doubt that this mass migration is bad in many, many ways. I don’t think anyone is disputing that. The people who benefit are the employers who get cheap labour and the economy. But the money coming into the economy is not used to deal with the crisis (NHS, Schools, Facilities, housing etc). It’s a mess and a crisis. But I think the establishment are making a killing and don’t care.
      Where we differ is on how to deal with the crisis. It is in my opinion very complex. It is fuelled by overpopulation, war, inequality and religion. Islam has been a disaster for the middle east. Those underlying problems need addressing.
      I don’t share your radical solutions regarding Islam. I would do away with all religious schools and stop the indoctrination that leads to the mentality. I’d get rid of all who have allegiance to ISIS or the caliphate. We don’t need 7th Century thinking in the 21st century. Same could be said for the equally dangerous creationists and evangelicals though.
      I don’t see Brexit solving the immigration problem. But I do see Europe beginning to wake up to it and just beginning to look for a solution. Education has to be a part of it.

      1. Islam IS the middle east! There isn’t any alternative. There’s no choice. You tell a Muslim that Islam has been a disaster for the middle east and he’ll look at you like you’ve got 3 heads.
        The establishment do care. They’re at the forefront with having to deal with it. But all efforts to dissipate this wanton migration fell on deaf ears within EU parliament. Voted down by the very same representatives of other EU countries whom were only too pleased to see their garbage walk from their country into somewhere else’s. Their unemployment and crime figures drop and ours rise. There’s something well wrong with that equation. Our courts and prisons are now 73% occupied by EU miscreants.
        Of course, education should fix this, right?
        Like fuck it will.

        My course of action would differ from yours. It isn’t complex at all. We vet them, they have to be sponsored with an employer. They can’t come and sit on their ass and beg on the streets.
        You know why you didn’t see one beggar on the streets of Edinburgh last Saturday? Reason being, the whole place is on camera, the second they appear the cop truck pulls up and bundles them off. You wouldn’t know there was a problem. Go to the city outskirts and you’ll enter an entirely different world. Crammed packed like sardines and not a job between them.
        (Some people just think the reason private vehicles were banned from Princess Street was for ecological reasons.
        Stupid people, as a large part of the reason was to reduce the chances of organised gang shop-lifters escaping by motorbike. All these gangs are Eastern European.)
        However, the bigger the city, the bigger the problem and the harder it is to deal with. London is screwed.

        I very much see Brexit as solving the problem for the simple reason that we will not be duty bound/contracted to let them in. WE can decide who gets in and who doesn’t. Not some faceless turd sitting in opulent Strassburg calling our shots.
        I can’t see how you can’t see the simplicity of this very obvious remedy.

        Fine, non-Islamic schools etc. Fine. But what are you going to do with the vast majority that aren’t at school. Are you going to try and educate that in-bred Islam out of them?
        You’re on a total loser there.
        They have to leave. End of story. They can take their hatred back from whence it came. That’s where that shit lives most comfortably. It wears it well there, not here.

        Quite how – and frankly you leave me fucking frigid cold here – you can equate creationists and evangelicals into the same body of threat is beyond all comprehension. That’s astonishing.
        Find me one single creationist in UK (are there any?) who is marching East London shouting death to Infidels!
        Find me an evangelical who wants to cut your head off!
        You just might wish to retract that statement.

      2. I don’t believe the vast majority of Muslim kids aren’t in school and we have the means to chase them up and force the issue. I don’t believe the majority of Muslims in this country are blood-thirsty terrorists. We need to assimilate them and secularise and put an end to their indoctrination programme. Education is the answer.
        Sooner or later we will have to deal with the Middle East in a different way.
        I still put my faith in education and the power of the internet. Islam is a scourge.
        In the short term, despite my hatred of violence, we destroy ISIS and the caliphate which is fuelling so much of this violence. That takes the focus away.
        The creationists and evangelicals are a totally different and more insidious threat. They attack minds. They are present on the streets. They are opening schools. They are trying to get their hands on our kids.

  9. Why? Good question.
    I think the answer is the number of do-gooder wooly-head liberals we have that refuse to see the woods for the trees and keep shouting “justice” and “free speech”.
    They’d have us blown to smithereens out of our buses and trains before they’d perhaps take a step back and contemplate the reality of this issue.

    We’re in the middle of a catch 22 – can’t win situation.
    On the one hand we’ve got humanitarian concerns for their women and children.
    On the other, we’ve got their husbands and brothers wanting to cut us in half.
    We do one thing and we’re accused of being too soft, we do another and we’re fascist bastards full of hate for all Muslims.

    We talk of education but these people operate on an entirely different level and set of rules.
    Their only education emanates from that 7th century tomb of doom and gloom.
    There’s simply no talking to them. There’s no possibility of meeting them half-way.
    Besides, what would be the result of meeting half-way with persons that wish a return to 7th century standards of living and us of the 21st century?
    It doesn’t bear thinking about. There’s no negotiation.
    They want a Caliphate. Final. Full Stop.

    We as Brits have 2 choices of survival.
    We either remove them – which would have to forcefully – and transport them wherever.
    We blanket ban this religion in its entirety – which would be the easiest of options.

    Either way its a tough call, but one we may have to decide upon sooner than later.

    1. You cannot easily educate the indoctrinated. But you can put a stop to the indoctrination and educate.
      Get religion out of schools. Ban kids from being indoctrinated and forcibly integrate or remove the ISIS supporters.
      There needs to be action but it needs thinking through and carefully worked out.
      The government is heading in the opposite direction with its Free Schools and Religious Schools. Madness.

  10. You’ve gone off-tangent.
    I’m referring to those one-third adults – as per Quilliam’s assumptions. They should know as they’re directly within the community.
    Where are all these creationists and evengelicals on our streets? I haven’t seen any.
    They’re a more insidious threat? I really don’t think they’re anymore insidious (stupid, yes) than your local church minister from the C of E, or RC priest.

    1. I get a share knocking on my door. The insidious part is that they are buying into schools here and in the US and looking to get in the minds of kids.
      I’m not sure what they mean by supporting a caliphate. That’s a lot different to supporting ISIS and what they’re doing, isn’t it?

      1. Usually those knocking on your door are the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
        That’s their modus operandi. For some reason there are a number of them in the north east of England.

        The Creationists – always 2 men, mid-20’s, black suits, black tie, as if they were attending a funeral, tend not to knock on doors and operate at street level.
        But I really can’t remember as it’s been so many years since I last saw any of them around.

        The Evangelicals are usually African. We’ve hardly got any Africans here at all, so I really wouldn’t know about their activities.

        ISIS is the personification of a Caliphate.

      2. We tend to get evangelical Americans – used to try to get into school under various guises. Get Mormons and Jevs knocking.
        ISIS is the violent end!

  11. Hey, at least you’ve therefore got a chance of understanding a single word that they utter.
    Have you ever met a 7th Day Adventist?
    Good feckin’ grief! I thought I was talking to Moses.

  12. Your list is what happens when you go in for this free-thinking lark. Slavish conformity to received opinion is much easier. I’ve taken to starting conversations, ‘I agree with everything you’re about to say’ …

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