The Paris Climate Talks – A few random thoughts.


Firstly – well done to Prince Charles! Being an antimonarchist does not stop me from congratulating the man when he uses his power and position to do something good. I believe he does care. He wants to protect rainforest and natural habitat around the world.

Secondly – Is it possible for a bunch of capitalists, with all their vested interests, wish for perpetual growth, lust for power, and greed, to find a way forward? How bad does it have to be for the prospects of the planet before people like this see there is more money to be made out of preserving nature rather than destroying it?

Thirdly – are we in the process of preserving wild-life and jungle merely as a tourist attraction? Is the whole world a theme-park akin to Disneyland? Are the only reasons to preserve gorillas, elephants, rhinos and chimps so that rich westerners will spend money to see them? Surely they are more important than that?

Fourthly – are even the rabid industrialists beginning to realise that global warming will create more problems than they can cope with? Will the cost of warming the world prove too much? Will it be cheaper to stop it warming?

Fifthly – Are they planning to do something about the real cause of all the problems? The problems are being caused by the huge population increases. That is priority number one!

Sixthly – Issues such as deforestation, burning of jungles, pesticides, pollution, trade in wild animals, loss of natural habitat, cruel poaching of wild animals, whaling, and a hundred and one other pressing environmental issues cannot wait. They are too in need of attention to wait. It isn’t a question of money. It is a fact that we are destroying species at an unprecedented rate. We can’t afford to wait. They need protecting now!

50% of the world for humans! 50% for everything else!

The animals and plants deserve to live too!

27 thoughts on “The Paris Climate Talks – A few random thoughts.

  1. The famous Paris CLIMATE Talks and that is all it will be “Talks” nothing will be done. All these people there, the wives shopping. These so called heads of state and the rest flew there in their expensive jets, travel in their expensive cars don’t give a damn what damage they do. This whole business has been a waste of time, the real work to save us all is done by those that really care not this lot of wasters. – they all pontificate. I do not believe anyone will listen to that waste of space, he comes out with what may sound good, all to promote himself. I do not trust, like or believe him – he is a proven liar. Anyone who cuts down trees, does not look after wildlife don’t complain about climate change because you have done your bit, to destroy it.

    1. The trouble is that these people have the power; they are controlling what is going on. Someone has to put a stop to the chopping down of rainforest and slaughter of wildlife. They are so greedy and selfish they do not care.
      Somehow we have to put pressure on them to really do something.

      1. They live a better life I doubt they even feel one ounce guilty stepping into their jets, their high powered cars. We have to keep doing our bit, protecting our own wildlife, preserving trees despite idiots cutting down trees making concrete gardens. You write, you educate us with your views you are making a difference.

      2. And you keep your garden as a nature reserve. It’s the rich buggers who don’t care who infuriate me. They are destroying the planet.

  2. Agree with all of this, of course, though wonder whether the population increase issue is more to do with inequality. Richer nations have falling birth rates as they wish to enjoy their wealth. Poorer nations breed because of premature mortality and the need for young people to look after the insecure old. We seem to have given up thinking about the long term …

    1. Yes – I agree. The inequality fuels population explosions. We need to have greater equality, pensions, health insurance and basic subsistence so people do not depend on their offspring. Then there’s the mortality rate.
      We could do a job of sorting it out. It’s not rocket science!

      1. Very good interview with the President of Kiriburi tonight on Ch4’s 7pm news at about half way in. Such a humble yet intelligent man, wish there were more like him. It’ll be on the re-run on 4+ at 8pm.

  3. Go Opher! I agree with everything. Your third point is one I don’t think anyone thinks about much. It has always bothered me. Like Disneyland. People won’t know anything else.

      1. Creationist’s Theme Parks – with Neanderthal man standing next to a T. Rex Dinosaur !
        That’ll do it …

      2. With genetic engineering that’ll soon be possible – along with design your own dragon. I think I could make a novel out of that!

      3. I think Neanderthal man is still very much with us.
        Masquerading as Daesh and politicians with razor ‘n tie.

      4. Well they think we are part Neanderthal. There was a degree of interbreeding. But I wouldn’t compare them with ISIS. The evidence is that the Neanderthals, with their bigger brains, were probably more intelligent and peaceful. They probably sat around getting into philosophy and the purpose of life and were sneaked up on and stabbed in the back by a bunch of delinquent saps out on the razzle and looking for a laugh – you know – lets go nean bashing.

      5. BBC 4 on Dec 16th at 2am – Horizon: Dinosaurs “meets Dr Mary Schweitzer, who may have found traces of DNA within the fossilised bones of a T. Rex.”

  4. Well I believe he has now got some time on his hands – what with One Direction taking a sabbatical. But will we survive such a void in our musical entertainment?

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