Where am I now? The alternative life. Zoot Horn Rollo and me. The quiet life.

Opher Pete high

I’m presently reading the book by Zoot Horn Rollo (one of my musical heroes) Lunar Notes which tells of his time with Captain Beefheart recording Trout Mask Replica and others.

I was fortunate enough to see them play at their peak and the memory is seared into my brain. They were extreme to say the least. Zoot was young, wild, with exceedingly long hair and outlandish clothes. They were the epitome of the Sixties Underground – the alternative to straight society.

He says in his book that he’s now a pretty regular guy who keeps in with the neighbours and mows his grass.

That’s like me. The wild days of my youth in the British Underground, loud Rock Music, all night rapping, excited discoveries, explorations and wonder are in the past. I too paint the windows, load the dishwasher and mow the grass.

I raised a family, bought a house, had a successful career, am happily married and lead a fairly tame existence.

But I still have a lot of friends from those good old days, the sensibilities of those dreams of equality and freedom and an alternative to this capitalist nightmare still persist, the rebellion is still alive. I want a better world. I fight for it.

My environmental credentials are intact.

My creative juices still flow. I still like thinking outside the box.

I still go to Rock concerts and enjoy loud music, soft music and great lyrics.

I like to read good books, write good books and appreciate Art, Drama and Nature.

I travel and love the world.

The sixties gave me life and while my life is fairly mundane my mind and aspirations are still in the clouds.

7 thoughts on “Where am I now? The alternative life. Zoot Horn Rollo and me. The quiet life.

    1. There are no rules! You can be what you want! Neil Young was wrong!
      But then again he was spot on. You have to get a job and you can’t all be Rock Stars. But you can still hang on to the things that inspired you and the philosophy that is right – tolerance, equality, freedom, empathy, caring, love, compassion….. the things that build a fairer world.

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