Indoctrination Machines.

I love indoctrination machines!

The world is littered with the most brilliant array of indoctrination machines! Some of them are very old. I travel the world to marvel at them.

Indoctrination machines are things of wonder. Man has poured his creative splendour into their production. They are machines that fill you full of awe. Their scale, majesty, power and beauty is designed to stun you!

Standing in Stonehenge, the La Sagrada Familia, Westminster Cathedral, Ankor Wat, the Blue Mosque or Notre Dame you are shocked by the absolute wonder of it. They are so stupendous, so elaborate and so wonderful. They are immense. They took so long to built. They took so much time, energy and skill.

But that is precisely the intent.

They were conceived to take your breath away. You are meant to be shocked.

The intent to make you believe that the religion must be real because nobody in their right mind would put so much into creating such works of genius if it was not true.

The message is – be overawed and believe!

The irony is that despite the fact that the message is undeniably nonsense the works are among the greatest creations of mankind. This goes for the statues, paintings, decoration and architectural embellishments as well.

They are wonderful!

These indoctrination machines are designed to force you to believe. The ridiculous thing is that they work on so many gullible people! People are carried away with their wonder and believe the rubbish!! They do their job!

History is littered with the ruins of previous indoctrination machines from defunct religions. When we have outgrown our present religions the cathedrals, mosques and temples will lie in ruins as testimony to the folly of man and his need to believe in supernatural garbage to bolster his insecure psychology!

As an atheist I can’t wait! Long live the death of religion! Long live the ruins of indoctrination machines!!

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