How can you have democracy with a biased media?

Our views are formed from the information we are provided with.
If we are constantly provided with news that is heavily slanted while claiming to be impartial then we are being manipulated.
How do we know what is true?

10 thoughts on “How can you have democracy with a biased media?

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    True, but then what is the truth, is that just subjective?

    We can only know what is true when we witness our own actions, but then can we believe our own mind, for is our present and future not influenced by our past?

    1. But we always end up with a choice and have to decide. It is always the lesser of two evils – always variations on a theme – always lies – always two tones on the same violin.

  2. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, it seems – on one side, the biased press; on the other, fake news on Facebook where 62% of American adults now get their news!

      1. And what are our representatives doing to seek them out? Shouting across a bear-pit (sorry, bears, no slur on you!) instead of asking the people who really know about things in select committees, etc. Oh no, can’t do that, what do experts know … ?

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