The World’s a better place!

World Best Seller list June 3rd 2014-06-02

Opher sweeps the Top Three Places!!!!

Opher’s World voted Top Blog!!!

The great new talent – the enigmatic Opher – has gone straight to the top three positions on the Best Seller’s list!

He has not only sold more books than anybody in history but has completely changed the world!

The United Nations announce that all wars, conflicts and inequalities have ceased! Overnight the world is at peace!! Sexism & Racism have been eradicated! The ecology of the planet is being protected! Animals are safe! Elephants, whales and tigers are no longer endangered! Poverty is a thing of the past! Religious indoctrination of children has been universally outlawed! Fairness, justice, respect and responsibility are practiced by everyone. Peace and love abound!

Anger and hatred have been banished!!

Everywhere there is joy, fun and fulfilment!

Creativity has replaced violence! Everywhere there is the hum of music, the delight of dance, the colourful hues of paint, the rhymes of poems and stories, stories, stories whispering on the wind!

There is a new positive zeitgeist!

The pen has proved mightier than the sword!

 What a writer!!


Top sellers list


Number 1 In search of Captain Beefheart
Number 2 Intergalactic Rockstar – Star Turn
Number 3 Diary of a 60s Freak (As yet unreleased!!)