The Early Greenwich Village Bands of 1964-1965 – an extract from Rock Routes – a book on Rock Music by Opher Goodwin

The Early Greenwich Village Bands of 1964-1965


In the early 1960s there were four main groups that were heavily inter-related. They were the Journeymen, The Big Three, the Halifax Three and the Mugwumps.




Journeymen Big Three Halifax Three Mugwumps
John Philips

Scott McKenzie

Dick Weissman

Cass Elliot

Jim Hendricks

Tim Rose

Denny Doherty

Zalman Yanovsky

Pat Lacroix

Cass Elliot

Jim Hendricks

Denny Doherty

Zalman Yanovsky


There was much movement between the various bands. People came and went and Michelle Gilliam, John Philips wife, joined. After a spell working in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico the Mugwumps headed to LA to join the Folk Rock scene and morphed into the Mamas and Papas. Zalman Yanovsky stayed in New York and joined up with John Sebastian to form the Lovin’ Spoonful. The Lovin’ Spoonful took off in New York and played in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco helping kick the West Coast scene into ignition.


Artist Stand out tracks
Lovin’ Spoonful Younger generation

Nashville cats


Do you believe in magic

You didn’t have to be so nice

Summer in the city

Did you ever have to make up your mind?

Mugwumps Searchin’

You can’t judge a book by its cover

Big Three It makes a long time man feel bad
Halifax Three Bull train

The man who wouldn’t sing along with Mitch


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