Tory heartlessness displayed!

The immigration problem is deep and complex. It is a tale of human tragedy created out of war, gross inequality, toxic religion, colonialism, global warming, corruption and greed.

There are no simple answers.

It has been exacerbated by Brexit.

We obviously have to severely limit the number coming into our small country. We cannot take in all the world’s disadvantaged but………………….

To produce a cruel, heartless, nasty, expensive process that strips people of all their human rights and dignity, that is punitive and dreadful and merely designed to act as a deterrent to others is inhumane and simply WRONG!!

To have a bully of a woman, herself descended from immigrants, to implement such a scheme is typical of Tories. These people see nothing wrong in bullying or nastiness. They are raised to be superior and arrogant and look down on others. It is as if the ‘lower classes’ exist to be exploited, abused and ignored. They deserve all that comes their way. They have no empathy or compassion.

These refugees are a nuisance. They need to be treated harshly. There is an element of revenge. How dare they!!

Mrs Wibble-Wobble not looking Pretty! What about the interests of the country???

What a mess the country is in!

We have to ask ourselves why. The answer is quite clear. It is solely because of the Tories. They continually put party before country. And I’m not talking just about their policies – though that is clearly all about self-interest too – the continually give to the rich and take from the poor – no, I’m talking about the seeking of power over the good of the country.

It all started long long ago. The extreme nationalists, with their pompous xenophobic arrogance, want nothing to do with Johnny Foreigner. They have been agitating since the Boer War. It is boring.

The Tory Party are hopelessly split over Europe and the trolling nationalists would rather pull it apart than not get their way. They caused trouble for Thatcher and created chaos in the Major government. Now they are gleefully ripping the country to bits.

Because of the haplessness of Brown and  because of a torrential campaign of hate from the media vitriolic with dire warnings as the world economy collapsed, there was a hung parliament.

Against the odds the Lib-Dems sold out their principles and went in with the devil to form a coalition with the Tories. For power they would have sold their own granny. And we had years of austerity, public cuts and misery while the wealthy made hay.

At the next election it looked like Labour were going to be the saviours but the vitriolic press took apart a weak looking Miliband.

Cameron was desperate for power and thought there was a chance of another hung parliament if they could appear united.

So Cameron made the nationalists a promise to bring them on side for the election. He promised them a referendum. That promise was putting Party before country. He did it to gain power.

There was no coalition. Miraculously the Tories got in with a small majority and Cameron was forced to honour his promise. He did not have the Lib Dems to blame for not going ahead with the referendum. Again, he was putting party before country.

Again against the odds the referendum voted out of Europe. The silly ploy backfired and the country was plunged into chaos.

Like the self-interested fools they were Cameron and Osborne jumped ship to feather their own nests and put self-interest ahead of the country. They left the rampant extreme nationalists in their wake and thumbed their nose at the public.

In their wake the knives were out and Theresa May squeezed in, weaving her way past the bloody bodies. Despite her believing it was not in the interests of the country she sided with the ecstatic extreme nationalists to consolidate her power – putting party and power before common sense and the country.

Her grip on power was slender. There were ructions in the party.To quell the rancour in the ranks she stupidly pressed the button to trigger Brexit thinking that once the deed was done they would shut up. Again, this was premature and not in the interests of the country; it was party political.

It was a ploy that did not work.

In order to quell the potential revolutions she wanted to cement her leadership and went to the country for, what she hoped was a massive majority – again, putting party before country, and lost her slender majority. For the sake of power she magically found a Billion or two and bought off the DUP. A relationship that was only in the interests of power not the country.

Instead of doing what is in the interests of the country Tory policy has all been for the benefit of the Tory Party.

As Bankers and Firms relocate abroad taking our wealth with them the Tory Party squabbles and fights as we hurtle for the cliff. Not one of them seems at all concerned with the kamikaze madness that is happening around us. All they are concerned with is hanging on to power, positioning for a leadership challenge. What about the interests of the country?

What a selfish bunch of megalomaniacs, xenophobes and greed-ridden fools we have leading us to disaster.

How long can this go on?