Tory heartlessness displayed!

The immigration problem is deep and complex. It is a tale of human tragedy created out of war, gross inequality, toxic religion, colonialism, global warming, corruption and greed.

There are no simple answers.

It has been exacerbated by Brexit.

We obviously have to severely limit the number coming into our small country. We cannot take in all the world’s disadvantaged but………………….

To produce a cruel, heartless, nasty, expensive process that strips people of all their human rights and dignity, that is punitive and dreadful and merely designed to act as a deterrent to others is inhumane and simply WRONG!!

To have a bully of a woman, herself descended from immigrants, to implement such a scheme is typical of Tories. These people see nothing wrong in bullying or nastiness. They are raised to be superior and arrogant and look down on others. It is as if the ‘lower classes’ exist to be exploited, abused and ignored. They deserve all that comes their way. They have no empathy or compassion.

These refugees are a nuisance. They need to be treated harshly. There is an element of revenge. How dare they!!