My Granddad’s notes – Chief White Eagle’s lessons Pt. 5

All the while I am typing this out I am thinking of the grandfather I knew and wondering how he managed to recite this. It is nothing like the man I remember – but I was only fourteen when I last saw him. He was probably in his sixties – I’ll have to check on that.

All the while the spirit is energising the body the field is kept well inflated and is your means of attraction to material life. In fact it is a most essential factor to life for according to the mineral cells your body holds so the field corresponds in light bodies. For instance if your earthly body has a 1000 cells of chalk or lime then the field will possess a corresponding number of cells to match.


The growth and expansion of your body can only take place through your mind. When you are sick your mind is the healer. If you attract to your mind a thought of dislike to any food or mineral then the body is upset and the stomach is made to vomit. If you like a thing by your mind then your body is in harmony and thrives upon it. Sickness, man’s greatest sin, is always from his mind unable to work with the field because it is choked with colour that does not belong there. If your mind is true and vibrating proper thought then and then only sickness cannot prevail. The spirit, the minds, the body are individually yours and your responsibility in all that they do. Reaching out from its own self to sow its own seed and reap its own harvest; to trespass, to steal another man’s seed can only bring sickness and unhappiness in the long run. How often have we heard the Lord’s Prayer forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us? Every brother and sister trespasses against each other through lack of understanding.


It is only through lessons that you are enabled to unravel the great weaving of life and that which appeared to you a mystery is clearly shown. The Great Spirit is omnipresent, ever waiting to help you and guide you, to comfort you in your every task, but remember you must attune to him and allow the real you to be guided by him for without him we are lost.


Beloved, I have built for you a picture of man according to my awakening, man as I perceive him upon my own consciousness. Each man is different from each other, some are near alike but not identical, even to the prints of his flesh you will see there is a difference. Yet we shall all progress to like one day, for we shall all pass through the same states of evolution to the same thought, the same love and light.

White Eagle speaks through my Granddad pt. 4.

This is the next bit of my Granddad’s writing – supposedly from the Native America Chief White Eagle. It’s fascinating for me because it is all I have left of him and I do find it amazing that a water meter reader can come out with this stuff.

Laws are not confined to any one plane of thought but are universal, and can feed their sperm and eggs to any spirit that is able to attract them. Progression is therefore a continual upward advance to new planes of thought. Looking at this spiritual creation of the Great Spirit it resembles very much your material body of which as you realise is only a vehicle of expression to your earth. Your material body can only be a temporary life, to help you to experience lessons as they present themselves upon your planet.

In order that the spirit can express itself in a material planet and take part in its vibrations, a material mind is needed. A mind that will respond to the earthy radiations, a mind that can see, feel, taste, sense and hear and deal with everything pertaining to your earth. Yes, beloved, a material mind is created by the minds of your parents, a seed from each. This mind as it matures is almost a replica of your spiritual mind, as you will gather as I explain it further. First then a mercury body of light, magnetic and relying for its power from the spirit built-up of cells from the planetary influences and Arcanum atoms remaining static. Again, seven bodies of light identical in colour, sequence and density to that of your rainbow each a separate mind or are able to work as a whole. These bodies are built up of millions of particles known as light bodies of which some are ovaries. These ovaries deal with the involuntary working of the physical body, such as the heart, sight, taste, hearing and sense. To every colour body or mind there is a gateway through which power and thought can enter; this is situated in the solar plexus region. These gateways resemble very much the flower of a lily and are specially created with magnetic womb to conceive the light sperm and eggs of laws. Each mind has an outlet like the flower of a clematis through which uncreated thought may pass, and possess vets glands of light that no thought can enter. This earthly mind is known as your astral body and works in connection to your earth through what is known as a field. In order for you to understand more clearly I must pass now to your physical body and describe as briefly as possible. In your earthly book known as your Bible you will find a teaching in which field is described although often misconstrued by the mind of man. St. Matthew 24, verse 39-40. Then shall two be in a field; the one shall be taken and the other left. You will know what it was the Master Christ was trying to convey to you all when he spake these words. Your earthy body is a part of the earth and was created from the mineral sources and is kept alive by those sources. Every little mineral cell that went to the making of a baby’s body carried with it its own cell of magnetism and light. These magnetic cells carried the mineral to formation and took up their positions in shape to the likeness of thought. As soon as the spirit took over the body the magnetic light bodies were thrust out through the colour minds and held in the shape of a globe. For as far as your arms outstretched round and about you and down to your feet that is the size of their position. This is called the field and remains in this position unto your passing to the higher life attracting light bodies sperm and egg. This field is fed continually by the law of gravity which serves your earth and everything connected with it. In the event of your spirit passing to the higher life the field retracts in the physical body and claims the mineral cells, which usually takes three days. The action of the field retracting causes the body to become rigid and this is known as rigor mortis compose. When the action is completed decomposition commences. Once the field starts to move in no spirit can take up the body. This stops any would be spirit from returning to your earth in another vehicle.

Granddad’s teachings – Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle pt1

I haven’t read these things for many moons. They are certainly not my own views but they are fascinating. They kind of connect me to me Granddad who has been dead for fifty odd years.

This is part 1. There are sixteen pages – this is one and a half. I’ll type up the others as soon as I can.

I’d be interested to hear what you make of it.

Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle pt. 1


You must all have wondered at some time in your earthly dwelling the mystery of life.

Have you not marvelled, as you have seen life all around you, how great God must be? Perhaps you have tried to reason if the Great Spirit is really with you and if those teaching of the Holy Book are really true? Many have tried to build a picture as to what life is really for, and why, if we are children of the Great Spirit, he has isolated himself away as it sometimes appears. Maybe you are one of those who wonder why you were born to the earth, forced as you may think to be persecuted; fighting and struggling for existence does not make sense. We have heard so many times the cry of the earth. What is God doing to allow the murder of little children who have no contribution to sin? The maimed, the crippled, the deaf, dumb, the blind? What is God doing to allow it all? Yes, you have no doubt heard your brothers and sisters using thought like this and perhaps you have tried to defend it all?

Then after you have set a stream of thought flowing within yourself, rousing you greater puzzlement. It is to the many questions and gesticulating and the inability of minds to understand that I “White Eagle” try to make a way for you, remembering that there are many things with me also that are beyond understanding. There are still many laws of truth which have still to awaken in me and so open up vaults of knowledge. Yes, like you, I am a child of the Great Spirit. We are all brothers and sisters of one great family; our colours have no bearing against each other. We were all created by the Great Spirit so do his will to the freedom of our own choice and to perfect from the imperfects to his great love. It has often been expressed the mysteries are too great to understand and that you are not meant to understand them. There are many perceptions of the Great Spirit and it is to these that mysteries seem to surround you, and cause entanglement iof the mind. There is no mystery about the Great Spirit; the life within you and in everything you can vibrate brings to you all the reality, he is life, love, light and charity. Life can only be progressed in stages through the imperfections to which you all must pass.

My Grandad – a Spiritualist Healer – Granddad’s Teachings

My Grandad – a Spiritualist Healer – Granddad’s Teachings


My granddad was a spiritualist healer. There is a book written about him.

I last saw him when I was fourteen years old. I never really paid him too much attention. He used to supposedly go into a trance and talk to me in a funny voice – supposedly spirits from the spirit work – White Eagle a Native American Chief, Chan – a Chinese healer and Sparrow who was a chirpy cockney. I just thought it was weird.

I can remember White Eagle telling me that time was different in the spirit world. A year in our world was like a day in his.

Anyway, I just thought it was nuts (and still do) but I sure would like to go back and talk to him now. He supposedly wrote a number of books that were supposed to have been Edgar Wallace dictating them to him. He recited them and they were written down in short-hand and then typed up.

Unfortunately all his books and writings were burnt after his death. I would certainly like to have seen them now.

My Grandfather was an uneducated Navy Cook and Water Board meter reader. Then he became a full-time spiritualist healer.

I said a while ago that I had just one set of his teachings that had survived but I couldn’t find it.

I have since discovered it and will type up the 16 pages of it and present it here for you to read.