Granddad’s teachings – Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle pt1

I haven’t read these things for many moons. They are certainly not my own views but they are fascinating. They kind of connect me to me Granddad who has been dead for fifty odd years.

This is part 1. There are sixteen pages – this is one and a half. I’ll type up the others as soon as I can.

I’d be interested to hear what you make of it.

Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle pt. 1


You must all have wondered at some time in your earthly dwelling the mystery of life.

Have you not marvelled, as you have seen life all around you, how great God must be? Perhaps you have tried to reason if the Great Spirit is really with you and if those teaching of the Holy Book are really true? Many have tried to build a picture as to what life is really for, and why, if we are children of the Great Spirit, he has isolated himself away as it sometimes appears. Maybe you are one of those who wonder why you were born to the earth, forced as you may think to be persecuted; fighting and struggling for existence does not make sense. We have heard so many times the cry of the earth. What is God doing to allow the murder of little children who have no contribution to sin? The maimed, the crippled, the deaf, dumb, the blind? What is God doing to allow it all? Yes, you have no doubt heard your brothers and sisters using thought like this and perhaps you have tried to defend it all?

Then after you have set a stream of thought flowing within yourself, rousing you greater puzzlement. It is to the many questions and gesticulating and the inability of minds to understand that I “White Eagle” try to make a way for you, remembering that there are many things with me also that are beyond understanding. There are still many laws of truth which have still to awaken in me and so open up vaults of knowledge. Yes, like you, I am a child of the Great Spirit. We are all brothers and sisters of one great family; our colours have no bearing against each other. We were all created by the Great Spirit so do his will to the freedom of our own choice and to perfect from the imperfects to his great love. It has often been expressed the mysteries are too great to understand and that you are not meant to understand them. There are many perceptions of the Great Spirit and it is to these that mysteries seem to surround you, and cause entanglement iof the mind. There is no mystery about the Great Spirit; the life within you and in everything you can vibrate brings to you all the reality, he is life, love, light and charity. Life can only be progressed in stages through the imperfections to which you all must pass.

5 thoughts on “Granddad’s teachings – Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle pt1

  1. I have read many channeled works, Opher. Words dictated from someone in Spirit through an incarnate person. Some are nonsense. Others are definitely not. One must learn to discern the difference. I believe your grandfather’s sits with the latter.

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