White Eagle speaks through my Granddad pt. 4.

This is the next bit of my Granddad’s writing – supposedly from the Native America Chief White Eagle. It’s fascinating for me because it is all I have left of him and I do find it amazing that a water meter reader can come out with this stuff.

Laws are not confined to any one plane of thought but are universal, and can feed their sperm and eggs to any spirit that is able to attract them. Progression is therefore a continual upward advance to new planes of thought. Looking at this spiritual creation of the Great Spirit it resembles very much your material body of which as you realise is only a vehicle of expression to your earth. Your material body can only be a temporary life, to help you to experience lessons as they present themselves upon your planet.

In order that the spirit can express itself in a material planet and take part in its vibrations, a material mind is needed. A mind that will respond to the earthy radiations, a mind that can see, feel, taste, sense and hear and deal with everything pertaining to your earth. Yes, beloved, a material mind is created by the minds of your parents, a seed from each. This mind as it matures is almost a replica of your spiritual mind, as you will gather as I explain it further. First then a mercury body of light, magnetic and relying for its power from the spirit built-up of cells from the planetary influences and Arcanum atoms remaining static. Again, seven bodies of light identical in colour, sequence and density to that of your rainbow each a separate mind or are able to work as a whole. These bodies are built up of millions of particles known as light bodies of which some are ovaries. These ovaries deal with the involuntary working of the physical body, such as the heart, sight, taste, hearing and sense. To every colour body or mind there is a gateway through which power and thought can enter; this is situated in the solar plexus region. These gateways resemble very much the flower of a lily and are specially created with magnetic womb to conceive the light sperm and eggs of laws. Each mind has an outlet like the flower of a clematis through which uncreated thought may pass, and possess vets glands of light that no thought can enter. This earthly mind is known as your astral body and works in connection to your earth through what is known as a field. In order for you to understand more clearly I must pass now to your physical body and describe as briefly as possible. In your earthly book known as your Bible you will find a teaching in which field is described although often misconstrued by the mind of man. St. Matthew 24, verse 39-40. Then shall two be in a field; the one shall be taken and the other left. You will know what it was the Master Christ was trying to convey to you all when he spake these words. Your earthy body is a part of the earth and was created from the mineral sources and is kept alive by those sources. Every little mineral cell that went to the making of a baby’s body carried with it its own cell of magnetism and light. These magnetic cells carried the mineral to formation and took up their positions in shape to the likeness of thought. As soon as the spirit took over the body the magnetic light bodies were thrust out through the colour minds and held in the shape of a globe. For as far as your arms outstretched round and about you and down to your feet that is the size of their position. This is called the field and remains in this position unto your passing to the higher life attracting light bodies sperm and egg. This field is fed continually by the law of gravity which serves your earth and everything connected with it. In the event of your spirit passing to the higher life the field retracts in the physical body and claims the mineral cells, which usually takes three days. The action of the field retracting causes the body to become rigid and this is known as rigor mortis compose. When the action is completed decomposition commences. Once the field starts to move in no spirit can take up the body. This stops any would be spirit from returning to your earth in another vehicle.

7 thoughts on “White Eagle speaks through my Granddad pt. 4.

    1. Raili – I was talking about him with my wife. I remember very little really. It was a long time ago and I was very young. I am toying with typing it all up, writing an introduction and publishing it. It will only be a dozen pages or so. I thought my sisters might like to have it and there would be some record of him – a sort of tribute – a bit of family history if nothing else. It would be a shame if it was lost.

  1. Namaste Opher 🙂

    It is a beautifully eloquent distillation of ancient knowledge.

    Indeed you must publish and share his words. Many will savour it content and perhaps be inspired to pursue their own enquiries accordingly.

    Namaste 🙂


      1. Good to hear Opher. I hope it is appreciated for what it is and widely read.

        I’m still reading, cogitating and digesting this series of posts. There is much to absorb: your grandfather’s text is very detailed.

        Namaste 🙂


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