Mississippi – The Blues Trail

We headed off down Highway 61. We were tracing the old Blues Trail, hunting out the markers, graves and monuments to the incredible Blues singers of yesteryear.

Tracking them down took us off the beaten track to fields, obscure towns and old plantations that we would never otherwise have encountered.

The Clarkesdale Mississippi Blues Museum was a pleasant stop! The murals by the railway track at Tutwiler.

I want to go back!!

The Blues Trail – Mississippi

I started listening to the Blues when I was 14 years old back in 1964. These Blues guys were old black guys who sang about a world that was totally different. They sang about places that sounded so weird and exotic like Tishomingo, Rolling Fork, Tutwiler and Tupelo. It was as if they were on another planet.

Then my daughter moved to Louisiana and I had the chance to spend time travelling through Louisiana and Mississippi to check out the whole Blues Scene.  I could actually visit those places and see where these wonderful musicians played, lived and died.

We followed the Blues Trail around. Signs were put up at significant places; places where they’d played, recorded, lived or died. We hunted out graves, old venues and wonderful little hamlets. It took us out into really obscure places and we got to meet people and see what Mississippi was all about. It brought all those old songs to life and enabled me to imagine their lives.

We were able to travel down the old Blues Highways of the magical Highway 61 and Highway 49, the fabled crossroads, plantations and Juke Joints.

I thought it would be nice to put a few posts out showing some of our adventures.