Hallucinating anguished anger

In the form of twisted hieroglyphs of hatred

With piercing probing eyes

That splinter X-ray beams of botulistic brooding

Externally cool

Internally seething

Radiating gamma rays

Of rabid radical revolutionary creativity

From churning whirlpools of manic tortured

Washing machine mentality

Smiling fury formed in thunder

From twisted tungsten coated barbs of words

Lone windows to the thoughts

marinating in hormonal juice



And dangerous

Opher April 26th 1995

Something annoyed me. I did not record what it was.

It was probably some cruelty towards animals, deforestation programme or casual act of pollution.

It might have been the mindless act of a fanatic fundamentalist.

Those are the two areas that really get me angry.

I am constantly amazed by the propensity towards stupidity of such intelligent creatures as human beings. I am incredulous at our ability to dispense hatred and violence.

As a species we must learn to control our emotions.I write them out into poems. It’s cathartic.