Superior?? I think not!

What we are

Humans are tribal monkeys. Nothing more.

We’ve created Gods, poetry and war!!

Opher 16.10.2022

Religion has created this ridiculous image of ourselves as being special. We’re not. We’re just animals who have evolved on this planet out of apes – crazed, mutated chimps.

We’re not special.

Every creature on the planet is equally amazing.

Setting ourselves apart, as superior, was a major, arrogant mistake.

I often find myself wishing that other species of intelligent apes had survived so that we could not think of ourselves as unique. But, being the most vicious animal on the planet, we probably wiped them all out long ago!

What the Rishi Sunak situation reveals.

As with Partygate the Green Card and Non Dom fiasco demonstrates the underlying Tory attitude. They feel entitled. They are arrogant, superior and don’t care about others. They do not think rules apply to them. They put profit before all other considerations. They think they can get away with anything. They treat us like fools to be exploited. Behind the mask they are selfish and nasty.



Mealy mouthed abusers

Vindictively invading,

Maliciously maligning,

Arrogantly attacking

With their fecal aroma

Of personality decay.

Incapable of intelligent dialogue

Stunted in their world of abuse

They merely deride in mucilaginous

Streams of personal diatribe

Designed to inflict hurt and pain

But hopelessly falling short

In lamentable tirades of utter vomit

That are too extreme to be taken seriously.

In motley disguises,

Assumed names

And cowardly guises,

They carry out

Their reductive dialogue.

Trolls – those who seek to destroy.

Whose hurts, pain and fears

Have poisoned their own psyche

To the extent that they would

Drag others down into the dungeon

Of the sewers they swim in;

With their nightmares and visions.

And their motivation?

To gain perverse pleasure?

To bolster their parchment thin egos?

To vent their hatred?

To give substance to their own fears?

To give credence to their own obnoxious views

Laced with racism and terror.

Trolls – fear-ridden losers,

Damaged and sick,

Pathetic creatures

Whose pain spills out

In the hatred they dispense.

Incapable of presenting a case

Without belittling or demeaning

Without spewing their diseased conceit.

Such weak, sad creatures.

Best consigned to the spam

From whence they cannot crawl

To infect and defile,

Toxify and desecrate

With the crassness and venom

Of their poisonous disgusting minds.


There are a small number of nasty people who go out of their way to cause upset and bully people. I’ve often wonder why anyone would want to do that. I guess they are psychologically twisted that they get pleasure out of upsetting people in the same way that some sick people get pleasure out of baiting animals.

There is a sick twisted element in the psyche of humanity.

I think there is a power element. They are the schoolboy bullies of the internet. They think they can intimidate and belittle.

These people work on personal abuse. rudeness and put-downs, pedantic nitpicking and arrogance.

They are a huge annoyance. The internet is riddled with them. They are a scourge. They need to grow up and get a life, the sad scum.