The Corona Diaries – Day 107.

As the restrictions ease even further there were still 571 new cases reported yesterday. That is not going down. It has plateaued. We’ll see how this progresses. I have no confidence in these clowns.

I’m wondering what spin Johnson is going to put on his world-beating performance! More deaths per million than just about everyone! But not by any fluke – sheer incompetence, bad planning and ideology.

The USA is shooting up with nearly sixty thousand new cases. It’s completely out of control as the whole virus issue has stupidly become political with people refusing to distance, wear masks or take it seriously. There were another thousand deaths and it’s going to get a lot worse.

One can only hope that Bolsonaro gets a bad dose so that he starts taking it seriously. His attitude and poor leadership has killed thousands.

Then India is looking in a mess and I haven’t heard much about Africa or those migrant camps.

The problem with the world is that we are all so interconnected. When something goes wrong in one part of the world it has knock-on effects everywhere else.

What we need is a strong WHO but with Trump pulling out it is looking dire. This guy is a real liability to everybody.

So today I played my Peter Green and moved furniture around for a new carpet to be fitted. I watched some cricket and went for a walk. I saw an amazing stoat and climbed my hill. This lockdown has seen me walking 10K a day (that’s 107 consecutive 10Ks) and I’m much fitter and thirteen pounds lighter. There are good things coming out of all this!

Stay safe!!

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